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  • What You Can Do with Your Gold in ESO
    By Michel Z2023-11-09 17:03:28

    In the game of The Elder Scrolls Online, gold serves as a valuable currency that players can utilize to buy a wide range of items and services. The way you choose to spend your gold in the game depends on your individual playstyle and goals. To help you make the most of your gold, Arttea shares some suggestions on what you can spend your gold on in the game.



    It's crucial to wear reliable gear to thrive in both PvE and PvP. Your gear will not only help you stay alive but also enable you to perform effectively, whether you're running dungeons with your guildmates, taking down a world boss with a stranger, or healing allies in Cyrodiil.


    A lot of gear can be obtained for free in various ways, including killing Overland bosses, completing dungeons and trials, and using PvP currencies such as Alliance Points or Telvar Stones. Crafting your own gear is also an option. You can even ask another player to craft it for you. Best of all, a lot of gear can be obtained for free.


    To embark on your adventures in ESO, you require equipment. However, sometimes, certain gear is out of reach. For instance, a new player might not be able to obtain the latest meta gear, which is untradeable and obtained from trials – an endgame activity. But that should not be a concern, as non-trial gear will suffice for a majority of the game's content.


    If you are unable to engage in dungeons and trials or PvP, you can always buy tradable gear from the Guild Store. Alternatively, you can pay other players with ESO gold or materials to create gear for you. Even if you become more skilled over time, you may still choose to purchase tradable gear from other players to save yourself some valuable time.


    If you are a sweaty player, you might need to buy new gear often to stay updated with the latest trends and changes that come with each patch, especially if you are an avid PvP player. This is even more true if you like to PvP on multiple classes.


    If you plan on using ESO's Companions, it's important to equip them with gear to increase their chances of survival. However, Companion gear can be quite expensive, especially if you want the ideal Traits.



    Wearing gear is a necessity, and so is using consumables, such as food and potions. Consuming food can enhance your maximum stats and improve your ability to sustain yourself. Though players can craft food, this may not be an option for new players. In such cases, it is possible to purchase food from other players. Even veteran players who haven't developed their character's Crafting skills may choose to buy food from other players.

    The same can be said for potions. Potions provide valuable buffs to your recovery or damage, among other things. Additionally, using potions frequently can improve your ability to perform well in all sorts of content in the game.


    Materials or Upgrades

    Once you have acquired the necessary gear, food, and potions, you can use your gold to upgrade items that are important to you. You may need to upgrade the quality of your gear to Gold, enhance your damage or healing abilities, or increase your survivability. For instance, you may require more expensive food items that provide slightly better stats rather than opting for more affordable alternatives. If crafting is your niche, you may need to spend a significant sum of gold on materials to create all sorts of items relevant to the categories mentioned above.


    If you don't want to buy gear and consumables, you can craft them yourself. However, you need to learn the respective recipes or have researched the required amount of Traits. Additionally, you must obtain the necessary materials to create them.


    Housing and Fashion

    You may find yourself needing materials for ESO's true endgame: Housing and Fashion.


    The term " housing or fashion is endgame" is derived from many endgame activities rewarding you with housing or fashion related items like dungeon and trial motifs and exclusive achievement furnishings from PvE and PvP activities. This phrase also highlights the fact that once you become an endgame player, your focus shifts to decorating your characters and homes.


    If you're you're interested in housing or fashion, there are many items you can buy with your gold. Spending gold on motifs and style pages will help you make your characters look great. Similarly, you can use gold to buy furnishings, furnishing materials, furnishing plans, and houses to create a beautiful home.


    Some items in this category are very expensive, such as the Baron-Zaudrus mask style page or rare furnishing drops from public dungeons.

    the Baron-Zaudrus mask style

    the Baron-Zaudrus mask


    Giving Back to the Community

    As the game introduces new content, many players may find themselves in need of additional materials to craft new items or to run more content for new gear. However, there are also players who have already attained their desired gear, supplies, housing and fashion and continue to accumulate significant amounts of gold. These players may choose to spend their accumulated gold in the following ways:


    Purchase Items for Others

    Some players choose to give back to the community by donating their funds in various ways. They may opt to pay for the gear-crating materials for newer players so that those players don't have to worry about any costs. They could also donate gold or items to the trading guilds that helped them earn their wealth and afford whatever they needed.


    Secure a Guild Trader

    Every week, to help secure a trader for their communities, many trading guild masters use a portion of their personal earnings to place a bid on a specific guild trader.


    Crown Store Items

    The Crown Store is The Elder Scrolls Online'sOnline's premium currency shop. In the store, players can purchase items using Crowns, which are obtained by paying real money. However, there is a way for players to get Crown Store items without spending real money. This can be done through a Crown Exchange service where players can trade an agreed amount of gold with a Crown seller. The Crown seller will then gift the item to the buyer from the Crown Store. This practice is considered acceptable as per the Terms of Service.


    Tips: If you want to use gold to purchase Crown Store items, TCE's Crown Exchange service provides a scam-free trade.


    Crown exchange services allow players to acquire numerous items from the Crown Store, including old chapters, DLCs, character and outfit slots, Alliance change tokens, mounts, cosmetics, and more. Many players consider the Crown Store to have some of the coolest cosmetics, which explains why so many are eager to accumulate large amounts of gold in order to afford and showcase these items.



    Those are some items or content you can spend your gold on. Whether you're newer to ESO or a veteran player, hopefully, you have a better idea of what you can purchase with your gold. If you're interested in making gold, then it's highly recommended to visit Arttea's channel, as she shares a lot of content related to money-making in ESO. 


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