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  • ESO Events 2023: Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event Guide
    By Michel Z2023-10-04 17:20:02

    The Gates of Oblivion Celebration event of The Elder Scrolls Online is a special event that celebrates the release of the Blackwood chapter and the Deadlands DLC. The event features various bonuses and rewards for players who explore the zones and content related to Mehrunes Dagon's invasion of Nirn. In 2023, the event starts on November 16 at 10 AM EST and runs until November 28 at 10 AM EST.  In this guide, Zurga shows how to get rewards and event tickets, what reward boxes contain, what goodies are waiting for you at the event merchants, and other interesting event moments.



    The Introductory Quest

    To start the event, you can pick up the free introductory quest "Burdensome Beasts" in the Crown Store. This event includes four DLCs: Blackwood (Rockgrove trial), Deadlands (Fargrave and The Deadlands), Flames of Ambition (Cauldron and Black Drake Villa dungeons), and Waking Flame (Dread Cellar and Red Petal Bastion dungeons). You can buy a DLC with Crowns or buy it with gold from a reliable player in The Elder Scrolls Online.


    Gates of Oblivion Celebration Event Rewards


    Reward Boxes

    This year, you can get two Glorious boxes (gold-quality) and a whole bunch of purple-quality boxes. The boxes are divided into two categories: zone boxes and dungeon boxes.


    Zone boxes are found by completing daily quests in their respective zones, killing random enemies, Delve and World Bosses, Public Dungeon Bosses, Oblivion Portal Bosses and the final chest, treasure chests, safeboxes, resource nodes, thieves' troves, and pickpocketing NPCS.


    The first zone box each day coming from Delve or World Boss dailies is a gold-quality box. The first final dungeon boss of any of the four dungeons will offer a gold-quality box of its respective type. Therefore, you can earn two gold-quality boxes daily: one from the zone content and one from the dungeon content. Other boxes will be purple-quality.

    Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood outfit style


    Box Content

    •    The reward boxes can contain the following items:

    •    Crafting materials

    •    Saleable treasures

    •    Style items for Gates of Oblivion overland or dungeon zone motifs

    •    Set items from Gates of Oblivion overland or dungeon zones

    •    Companion gear

    •    Furnishing recipes

    •    Treasure Maps or Survey Reports

    •    Motif chapters for Gates of Oblivion overland or dungeon motifs

    •    Pages for the new Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood outfit style


    Event Tickets

    You can get two event tickets for one of the following actions:


    1. Completing a daily Delve or World Boss quest in Blackwood

    2. Completing a daily Delve or World Boss quest in Deadlands

    3. Completing the weekly trial quest for Rockgrove

    4. Killing and looting the final boss of event dungeons


    The Impresario Store

    Hoardhunter Ursauk mount

    the Hoardhunter Ursauk mount

    The Impresario will open her store during the event, and she will offer the following goodies, which you can buy with event tickets:


    •    All fragments for the Passion Dancer Blossom pet

    •    Two fragments for the Hoardhunter Ursauk mount: Blessed Honeycomb and Gilded and Dyed Saddle

    •    Companion Guild Commendations

    •    Bound pages for the Y'ffre's Fallen-Wood outfit style

    •    Gates of Oblivion Grab Bag

    •    Impresario's Group Repair Kit


    The Gates of Oblivion Bag can contain:

    •    Pellucid Swamp Jelly Pet

    •    Seven fragments for the Voriplasm pet

    •    Shadows of Blackwood body and face markings


    Impresario's Assistant

    The Impresario's Assistant will also be found in any Impresario's tent during the event. He sells three fragments for Dragonic Quasigriff mount, Instructions for Aurora Firepot Spider pet, and Hide Shoulders.


    Indrik Vendor

    Crimson Indrik Mount and Pure-Snow Indrik Mount

    The Crimson Indrik Mount (left) and the Pure-Snow Indrik Mount (right)

    During the Gates of Oblivion event, you can find the Indrik Vendor near Belkarth in Craglorn. As usual, she will sell items related to the magical deer-like creatures:


    •    Four feathers for Nascent Indrik Mount

    •    Four berries for Crimson Indrik Mount 

    •    Four berries for Pure-Snow Indrik Mount

    •    Frost Light Indrik Pet

    •    Rosethorn Indrik Pet


    The Gates of Oblivion event of ESO is an excellent opportunity to experience the story of The Elder Scrolls Online as well as earn some exclusive and valuable rewards. If you found this guide helpful, please don't forget to give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to Zurga's channel.


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