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  • Which Companion to Use for the Endless Archive of ESO
    By Michel Z2023-11-02 13:56:50

    The Elder Scrolls Online's Update 40 introduced an all-new PvE activity called Infinite Archive (previously known as Endless Archive). This rogue-like duo arena allows you to complete it with the help of a Companion. Which Companion is the best for the Infinite Archive? ArzyeL Gaming gives you some advice.


    The Infinite Archive is an all-new PvE activity that challenges you with waves of randomly generated monsters and boss encounters. It is available to solo players, duos, and those with a Companion. Because of the nature of the Infinite Archive, having a mix of offensive and defensive effects is the best way to run it.


    Until 2023, there are 6 Companions in The Elder Scrolls Online, and each Companion offers different buffs and debuffs. However, as DPS, they are not strong enough. So, if you choose to run the Infinite Archive with a Companion, the best way to set them up for the Archive is as a Tank, Healer, or a mix of both roles.


    Although Companions can hold aggro and heal relatively well, they can not deal with complex boss mechanics and group AoE. They will die whenever a complex mechanic is in play or a boss starts placing AoE at their feet. Even like this, they can be a nice help when you are trying to progress in the Archive.


    When running the Archive with a Companion, you can use a solo-focused setup or even wear the Telvanni Efficiency set, which you can buy with gold coins or craft by yourself. When wearing the set, your living Companion's abilities will have reduced cooldowns, and your own skill costs will be reduced when your Companion is down.


    A Companion Tier List for Completing the Infinite Archive

    As mentioned before, each Companion can serve a specific purpose for you. But which should you use? Below is what each ESO Companion can offer you for an Infinite Archive run.


    1. Azandar al-Cybiades

    Azandar is the best choice for the Infinite Archive due to his both offensive and defensive capabilities. He can provide you with Minor Maim, Minor and Major Vulnerability, shields, AoE healing and recovery, Minor Berserk, and even a fear skill for Crowd Control. Azandar is the most versatile Companion who can support any type of gameplay with his diverse set of skills.


    With Azandar by your side, you can expect to receive valuable support in the form of effective heals and shields while also getting a boost in your damage output through the Berserk and Vulnerability effects.


    2. Bastian Hallix

    Bastian is another great option for the Archive, but with a more defense-focused approach. He can offer Off Balance, Shields, heals, and he can increase your damage and Crowd Control enemies with his skills. If you're looking for a support-tank hybrid that can both heal and enhance your damage, Bastian is an excellent option to consider.


    3. Sharp-as-Night

    Sharp also offers a mix of defensive and offensive effects like Azandar, as well as some great heals. With Sharp, you can have Minor Vulnerability, a boost to your defense, strong heals, and Crowd Control.


    Sharp is a great support Companion that offers heals and Crowd Control in the form of frost damage skills. He is a flexible Companion that can boost your defense and increase your damage with the Vulnerability debuff.


    4. Isobel Veloise

    Isobel is another flexible Companion that specializes in healing and defense. She offers Off Balance, strong AoE heals, and a boost to your damage. Isobel is a great option if you prefer a sturdy Companion that can survive against most enemies. Her AoE will help you remain alive, while her attacks can deal significant damage to your foes.


    5. Mirri Elendis and Ember

    Finally, Mirri and Ember provide similar effects. Mirri has the Off Balance skill, good healing abilities, and a fear skill for Crowd Control. On the other hand, Ember has a Shield, good healing abilities, and a Crowd Control ability. Both Mirri and Ember are very similar in terms of gameplay in the Infinite Archive. Their heals are good enough to keep you alive, and they offer a type of Crowd Control.


    Mirri also offers the Off Balance debuff that boosts damage, while Ember can protect you with Shields.

    In conclusion, when embarking on the Infinite Archive with a Companion by your side, it is crucial to choose wisely. Each Companion brings unique strengths to the table, but for optimal performance, Azandar al-Cybiades emerges as the top choice due to his versatile offensive and defensive capabilities. However, Bastian Hallix, Sharp-as-Night, Isobel Veloise, Mirri Elendis, and Ember are also viable options, depending on your playstyle and preferences. With the right Companion at your side, you'll be better equipped to conquer the challenges that await in the Infinite Archive. If you found this guide helpful, please subscribe to ArzyeL Gaming's channel for more future content.


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