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ESO Gold Making 2023: Best Ways for a Solo Player

By Michel Z2023-01-18

ESO gold, also known as TESO gold or ESO coins, is the most widely used currency in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players trade gold for goods and services such as mounts, houses, armor, weapons, consumables, bank upgrades, and gear crafting or repairing. Since gold plays an essential part, making gold is a main task for everyone in the game.


There are many ways to make gold coins in The Elder Scrolls Online, but some methods are more efficient than others. Furthermore, some expensive loot comes from high-level Veteran Dungeons and Trials. If you are a lone wolf who prefers performing simple activities, this guide can be helpful.

In this article, ArzyeL Gaming’s fast and reliable gold-making methods will help you get enough money in ESO to buy every item you need, upgrade your gear, and perform better in combat.



1. Farming Valuable Overland Sets

Getting Valuable Overland Sets by Defeating Enemies

Farming Overland sets is an easy task that most players can perform by soloing. Some sets, such as Briarheart, Spinner’s Garments, and Mother’s Sorrow, are very useful or popular, which means they sell well at the Guild Traders. You can visit the zones where they drop and farm Dolmens, Delves, Bosses, and Public Dungeons for set pieces. 


Getting Valuable Overland Sets by Opening Treasure Chests

Searching and unlocking Treasure Chests is another way to gain valuable sets. Not only do the chests contain set pieces, but they also grant other items, including gold coins. 

Unlocking a Treasure Chest in ESO

Unlocking a Treasure Chest in ESO


Tamriel is a massive world, so using an addon that reveals chests on the map and a compass will be helpful but not required. Head to the appropriate zones, and travel around opening chests until you get some valuable drops. You can sell the items in the quality they drop. But it is recommended to upgrade them for better profit. 


2. Crafting

Crafting Potions in ESO

Crafting Potions in ESO

Crafting can be lucrative, but it requires time to research Traits before you can craft every item. Once you have the appropriate skills, you can craft powerful armor sets, furniture, potions, and poisons. 


Crafting is an activity that everyone can learn to do in ESO. It may take time to get to the right level with each Crafting profession, but it is worth sticking with it, as the profit from Crafting and selling specific items is insane. 


3. Harvesting Materials

Collecting Materials in ESO

Collecting Materials in ESO

Harvesting and selling Crafting materials is easy and pays very well. This is so easy that every character can do this from day 1. Just head to a zone with plenty of resources and harvest. Carved Hills, Phaer, and The Hollow City are some of the best places for materials in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Alchemy materials (plants, etc.) sell the best. So you will want to focus on harvesting those for money. Also, making a dedicated “harvester” character will help gather more quickly, but it is not required.


4. Stealing

Pickpocketing in ESO

Pickpocketing in ESO

Playing as a Thief is fun and will net you a nice profit. Opening safeboxes, stealing items, and pickpocketing will help you earn a small fortune.


The most considerable profit comes from discovering valuable Motifs while stealing. Visiting newer zones is always better for making gold. To be effective when stealing, a dedicated Thief character is necessary. You will have to invest time and advance a few skill lines, such as the Legerdemain, Thieves Guild, and Vampire skill lines.



5. Converting Other Currencies to Gold

Tel Var Stones, Writ Vouchers, and Alliance Points are also currencies in The Elder Scrolls Online. Although they are not the most common currency in the game, they can be turned into gold in some indirect manners. 


Tel Var Stones

Earning Tel Var Stones is a great way to make gold for PvP players. Other than being received as daily rewards, Tel Var Stones can only be obtained in the Imperial City. They can be used to purchase gear, crafting materials, and other items at the Tel Var Stone Vendors. You can buy those items and sell them for gold. 


Alliance Points (AP)

Spending AP at the Golden Vedor

Spending AP at the Golden Vedor

Collecting Alliance Points from PvP activities is another money-making method for people who enjoy PvP. AP can be earned by killing other players, participating in the capture or defense of Keeps and Resources, recovering Elder Scrolls, and completing certain PvP quests. In Cyrodiil, you can use AP to buy AP-exclusive items at Golden or Town Merchant and sell them to make a profit.


Writ Vouchers

Earning Writ Vouchers is another good reason to focus on Crafting. Writ Vouchers are the currency rewarded by completing Master Writs. You can use Writ Vouchers to purchase various Furnishings, Furnisher Documents, recipes, and motifs from Rolis Hlaalu and Faustina Curio and re-list those items at the Guild Store for gold.


These are the five best ways to make gold in ESO as a solo player. If you like ArzyeL Gaming’s content, please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel.


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