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A New Class – Arcanist Is Coming to ESO with Necrom Chapter

Michel Z February 01st, 2023 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

A new class has been the most requested feature from players since Elsweyr's Necromancer. In June 2023, the Arcanist, a new playable class, will launch along with The Elder Scrolls Online's new Chapter, Necrom. What is the Arcanist, and how to play this class? Find the latest news about the Arcanist at MmoGah.

Arcanist Is Coming to ESO with Necrom Chapter p3

What Is the Arcanist

Arcanist is the seventh Class of The Elder Scrolls Online. The Arcanists channel the power of Apocrypha to create ancient runes of power. This weird knowledge lets them do some fantastic things: destroying their enemies with Rune Magic, summoning tentacles from the Abyss, healing their allies, and even protecting themselves from the worst the Daedric plains have to offer.

Arcanist Is Coming to ESO with Necrom Chapter p2

Brand New Combat Mechanic

The Arcanist will also feature a new class-unique combat mechanic: Crux. Using certain Arcanist class abilities generates Crux, which you can accumulate and spend to empower other abilities. How you utilize the Crux generating and spending abilities in your combat rotations can greatly impact your effectiveness.


Three Unique Skill Lines of Arcanist

As an Arcanist, you will be wielding new abilities and creating new ways to play via three unique skill lines. Each skill line focuses on a different aspect of the game: Offense, Defense, and Support.



Herald of the Tome

Herald of the Tome has a focus on offensive abilities. When wielding the destructive magics of this skill line, you manipulate arcane energies to bombard your foes with damaging blasts, beams, and more. For example, Runeblades is a skill from the Herald of the Tome skill line. It launches lethal projectiles at your foes and generates Crux.


Apocryphal Soldier

Apocryphal Soldier focuses on a more balanced playstyle. With this skill line, you can dominate your foes' attentions and buff yourself and your group's defensive capabilities. Runespite Ward is a skill from the Apocryphal Soldier. When activated, it creates an explosive damage shield. In a word, Apocryphal Soldier helps you to play defensively and protect your allies.


 Curative Runeforms

ESO Arcanist Skill – Apocryphal Gate

ESO Arcanist Skill – Apocryphal Gate

Curative Runeforms will be a good option if you want to be the group's healer. When wielding this skill line, you can use the Apocryphal Gate to summon a pair of temporary portals that you can jump between for extra in-fight mobility. You can also use these portals for creative exploration.


Abyssal Impact is another Arcanist skill that was briefly shown during the Global Reveal. It has you infuse your arm with unstable magic, transforming it into a tentacular weapon as you thrust forward, damaging your enemies.

ESO Arcanist Skill – Abyssal Impact

ESO Arcanist Skill – Abyssal Impact


That is all we know about the Arcanist class. The Arcanist will come to ESO in this year's Necrom Chapter, due to release on June 5th for PC/Mac and June 20th for PS and Xbox. For more news related to the upcoming content of TESO, please stay tuned.


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