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How to Convert Your Writ Vouchers to Gold in ESO

Michel Z February 09th, 2023 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

In The Elder Scrolls Online, Master Writs are top-tier writs that reward a valuable currency – Writ Vouchers, which can be converted into many goods that are worth a decent amount of gold coins. What are the best ways to make gold with your hard-earned Writ Vouchers? Please don't miss this guide.


What Is Writ Voucher

Writ Vouchers are the currency earned when crafting Master Writs, which are special writs granted to a player after completing a normal top-tier writ.


Daily Writs

Daily writs are repeatable quests, each of which will have a player complete a simple piece of gear, food, potions, or enchantment. Once the item is turned in, the player will earn XP, crafting inspiration, and various things such as recipes, materials, and Master Writs. 


Master Writs

Much like the normal Daily Writs, Master Writs can be consumed to receive quests that need people to craft something. But Master Writs are more difficult to complete, as they require the ability to create more complex gear with improved quality and specific styles and Traits.


When completed, Master Writs grant Writ Vouchers. As a currency in ESO, Writ Vouchers can be used to purchase an array of items, such as Masterwork Furnishing plans, attunable Crafting Stations, rare materials, and Target Dummies. Therefore, Master Writs is a task people can do every day to get money in The Elder Scrolls Online.


In this video guide, Arttea shows you some good ways you can make gold by completing Master Writs in ESO.



For newer players, doing Master Writs is more challenging as it requires people to have all their Traits researched, many Motifs learned, or upgrading passives leveled up. However, new players are still able to complete some simple Writs that require a default Race style or some other cheap Motif styles. If the Master Writs are Alchemy writs, it will also be easy because most people that play ESO will have their main characters' Alchemy skill line maxed out for the important Potion Passive – Medicinal Use. 


How to Make Gold with Master Writs 


Be Mindful of Your Crafting Costs

If you plan to make money from Master Writs, it's worthwhile to do some quick mental math and get an estimate of how much completing a particular writ will cost you in materials. After that, you can compare that number to the amount of Writ Vouchers you receive for doing so. 


*Remember that don't be too reliant on add-on data instead of being ahead of market trends.


Which Master Writs Are Worth Completing

Often, on PC NA, the Legendary-quality (Gold) Woodworking and Blacksmithing writs are the ones that give you the most bang for your buck. The Epic-quality (Purple) Clothing and Blacksmithing writs are pretty good means to earn vouchers as well, although only a few at a time.


Some expensive style materials, such as Hackwing Plumage, Shimmering Sand, Culanda Lacquer, Tempered Brass, and Arkthzand Sprocket, are used to craft furnishings. So it's important to take the style materials into account when deciding if a Master Writ is worth doing.


Best Ways to Convert Your Writ Vouchers into Gold


Which Master Writs Are Worth Doing

When choosing the items you will spend Writ Vouchers on, there are three factors to consider.


1. How Quickly Will the Item Sell?

The faster the sale, the better. That way, you can get your coins and free up a Guild Store slot and list more items to make more money.


2. How Much Coins Will I Get for This Item?

The more coins you can get, the better.


3. Is There Any Randomness (RNG) Involved?

How reliably you can get a good item is also very important. Some items in the Master Writ vendor's inventory, such as a crafting station or a material, are static items. That means when you spend your Writ Vouchers on those items, you get what you paid for. 


But other items like the Master Furnisher's Documents from the various DLC zones yield random furnishing plans. You don't exactly know what you will get. Some of these plans are valuable, while others are not. Therefore, the less chance of spending Writ Vouchers and getting worthless items, the better.


Note: Don't confuse "Furnishing Folios" (static plans) with "Furnisher's Documents" (random plans).


For people who plan to sell the items purchased with Writ Vouchers, the general rule of thumb is to receive at least 1,000 gold for each Writ Voucher (on PC NA server). 


Sell DLC Furnishing Plans for Gold

Every year, Faustina Curio offers a new DLC zone Master Furnisher's Document, which means, with each passing year, there are more and more of these folios to choose from when looking to gamble with a bit of Writ Vouchers.


On PC NA, the Morrowind furnishing plans, in particular, are the most scarce, while the furnishing plans of the newest DLC are the most abundant on the ESO market. This would suggest that the older the DLC, the more scarce the plans for that DLC zone are. 


Older DLC furnishing plans are rarer because people are more likely to play in newer zones. The more people that run content in a zone, the more likely they will get a furnishing plan. That means the market for a particular genre of plans would be more saturated, and more saturation means more competition.


Therefore, selling items that are scarce on the market is recommended because it allows you to be less restricted by competition when assigning a value to an item, allowing you to list those items on any Trader and get a sale.


Sell Attunable Crafting Stations for Gold

Another common method is purchasing attunable crafting stations with Writs Vouchers and then selling them for gold. This is a very reliable way as there's no chance involved, so you will get what you pay for. Also, what you are paying for tends to sell much faster than a furnishing plan would. But to get a quick sale, you need to list these items at more popular Traders.


Players need these attunable crafting stations, and these items fly off the shelves every time a new DLC with new craftable sets comes out. That's when they experience the highest demand.


Sell Research Scrolls for Gold

Selling Research Scrolls is not as profitable as the ways mentioned before, but it is still good for people who don't have a ton of Writ Vouchers but are still interested in converting some for gold. Like the attunable stations, Research Scrolls also sell fast, as many players use those scrolls to speed up their Trait researching process.


Those are some of the best ways to convert your hard-earned Writ Vouchers into gold in the ESO PC NA server. What is your preferred conversion method? Please write your comments below the video. If you like Arttea's content, please don't forget to subscribe to her channel.



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