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  • Best Way to Level Up Crafting in ESO
    By Michel Z2023-01-04 00:00:00

    While adventure and explore in The Elder Scrolls Online, you can find valuable resources to make weapons, armor, food, potions, and accessories via Crafting, which includes seven professions: 


    Alchemy: Making Potions and Poisons

    Blacksmithing: Converting raw materials into ingots, then using ingots to make blades, armor, and other metal-based items.

    Clothing: Converting raw materials to new Light and Medium armor.

    Enchanting: Combining Runes to make Glyphs that are used to enhance armor, weapons, and jewelry.

    Provisioning: Making ingestible Food and Drinks.

    Woodworking: Creating staves, bows, shields, and furniture.

    Jewelry Crafting: Making and improving your Necklaces and Rings (Summerset Chapter required).


    Leveling up Crafting allows you to make and upgrade many items that you can use to improve or further customize your character. Being self-sufficient also saves you a lot of gold coins. Therefore, in this guide, Trickton Gaming shows you where to find endless items to deconstruct and quickly level your Crafting skill lines in ESO.

    Best Way to Find Many Items for Deconstructing

    To level your Crafting skill lines, the best way to get Inspiration (aka. Crafting XP) is by deconstructing items such as Armor and Weapons, which gives more Inspiration than crafting iron daggers.

    ESO Velyn Harbor


    In order to start deconstructing items, you first need to travel to Velyn Harbor in Malabal Tor. Velyn Harbor is a town that is under siege by Warriors and Orcs. There are many weapons and armor placed throughout the city, and you can steal and deconstruct them for Crafting XP.

    Find many items on tables in Velyn Harbor

    Find many items on tables in Velyn Harbor


    Once you get to the Velyn Harbor Wayshrine, continue into the city and clear out the enemies around the tents and Crafting stations. When everything is clear, you will notice a large number of items sitting on tables, ripe for the picking. If you cannot pick up the weapons, go into your “Settings” and turn off the “Prevent Stealing Placed Items” under the Gameplay” tab. You should then be able to steal the items on the racks and tables.


    Once you have cleared out all of the items, log out and then log back in. Doing this will reset all of the surrounding areas, and the racks and tables will be full of more items. Continue taking items until your inventory is full. 


    After you get a full bag of items, travel to the Outlaws Refuge, located behind the Mages Guild in Velyn Harbor. Speak with the fence to launder all stolen items. If you don’t have the ESO gold to launder all the stolen items, you may want to first sell them to the fence for gold. Afterward, go back around the city and fill up your inventory with more items to launder. Continue to do this until your Legerdemain is level 3. 


    Invest a Skill Point into Trafficker

    Once your Legerdemain reaches level 3, you will want to put a Skill Point in Trafficker, which increases the number of fence interactions per day by 120%. This will allow you to launder 110 items each day instead of the original 50. 


    Invest Champion Points Before Deconstructing

    After fencing the stolen items, continue over to the Crafting stations. Before start deconstructing everything, you will want to check two things:


    First, ensure that you have 45 Champion Points in the Inspiration Boost star of the Crafting tree. The star will increase the amount of Inspiration you receive when deconstructing items.


    Second, put 50 points in the Meticulous Disassembly star and slot it into the Champion Bar. This star will increase the chances of getting materials back after you deconstruct items. 


    Deconstruct Items for Inspiration

    After you invest CP into the Crafting tree, start deconstructing items until you hit level 4 on any of your Crafting skill lines. At level 4, you will want to put Skill Points into the Extraction skills, which like Meticulous Disassembly, will increase the chances of getting items back from deconstructing other items. After investing points into those, continue deconstructing. Travel back to Velyn Harbor and continue filling up your bags with items when you run out of things to deconstruct. 


    Unfortunately, once you have reached the limit for your fence interactions for the day, you will need to wait till it resets, as deconstructing stolen items does not give the same amount of XP that normal items do. When the fence has reset, continue filling up your bags and laundering the stolen items. Once the items are laundered, deconstruct them until you hit level 8 on your Legerdemain.


    Invest Another Skill Point into Trafficker

    At level 8, you will want to put another Skill Point in Trafficker, which increases the number of fence interactions per day by 140%, allowing you to launder more items daily. 


    Continue leveling up your Crafting and Legerdemain skill lines until your Crafting skill lines hit level 50. If you want to continue to deconstruct items, you can sell the raw material you get at the Guild Traders for additional gold. 


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