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How to Buy or Sell at Guild Traders in ESO

Michel Z February 22nd, 2023 The Elder Scrolls Online    ESO Gold    ESO Items    ESO Power Leveling    ESO Help   

Guild Traders allow players to buy or sell items in The Elder Scrolls Online. You can make money in ESO by selling what you have earned to other players via these traders. How to use them and where are the best Guild Traders? You will find answers from ESO Tips's guide.


What Is a Guild Trader

Guild Traders are places where you can list your items for sale or use gold coins to buy items other players have listed in The Elder Scrolls Online. You're charged a small listing fee when you list an item on a Guild Trader. After your item is sold, the Guild that owns the trader takes a modest cut off the top, and the remaining gold is mailed to you.


The Guild's cut is then put toward the next week's bid to keep the trader, which can often be upwards of a million gold. In some of the bigger cities like Mournhold and Wayrest, the cost of a Guild Trader can be 20 million gold or more each week.


Where to Find Guild Traders

Guild Traders are easy to find. If you're just looking for a trader to buy something, you can go to any major city and find the icon ESO guild trader logo. Typically, cities will have several traders all clustered in one area. You can also find individual traders in the wilds in any zone. 


If you want to list an item at your Guild's Trader, you can go directly to that trader or any city's Banker. 


How to Price Items

Figuring out what price to use when putting up your item for sale can be a complex topic, but a few tips will simplify your price analysis.


Check the Price on Guild Discord

Check an item’s price using price checker on Discord

Check an item’s price using price checker on Discord

It will be helpful to join a Guild with a price checker embedded in their Discord or Band server. For example, in the DoT (Dynasty of Tamriel) Discord server, you can click on the "price checker" channel, then type forward "/price" to bring up the command, then type in the item's name and hit Enter key.


After that, you will see some information about the item, including a minimum price, median price, maximum price, and average price. This information will be helpful for setting a reasonable price for the item you are going to list at the Guild Trader.

Find item prices on Discord

Find item prices on Discord


Check the Price on Tamriel Trade Center

Search an item on Tamriel Trade Center

Search an item on Tamriel Trade Center

If you don't have access to a price checker on Discord, another option is Tamriel Trade Center. You just choose your region, select the device you play on, then type in your item. It's best to click the suggested text when it comes up to be sure your search goes through correctly.


There aren't many item listings for consoles, and the listings are usually old. Those are the downsides of the Tamriel Trade Center. Sometimes, when you search for items traded fairly often in the game, the listings are few and far between.


You could look at PC prices, which usually give you a ballpark price to use on consoles, but PC prices can often be vastly different from those on Xbox and PlayStation. 


For those reasons, it's highly recommended to join a Guild that uses a pricing bot associated with your chosen game server. While there are a few other online options, the Discord price checker is the easiest and most consistent method. 


If for some reason, you're having trouble with either of the two methods above, there is one other method you can use, although it's not as cut and dry. You can go from trader to trader in a few major cities to see what your item is being listed for by other players, and then you can set a price for your item. 


Once you've figured out the approximate value of your item, there are a few secondary strategies you can use based on how soon you want the item to sell. For example, if you don't need the gold immediately, you could list your item on the higher end of the estimates to get as much for it as possible. On the other hand, if you want to get gold fast, you could undercut the estimates and sell quickly. 


How to Use a Guild Trader

To list an item for sale, you will need to find your Guild Trader or a Banker first. Generally, the Banker is a more convenient option. 

Choose Guild Store at a Banker

Choose Guild Store at a Banker


When using the Banker method, the Banker has to be stationary, as you can't access Guild Traders on portable Bankers. After you talk to the Banker, select the Guild Store option. Before listing your item, make sure you have the right Guild selected. 


Next, switch to the Sell tab. You'll want to try to keep all of your slots filled to maximize your gold-making potential. 

Set a price with a 99 end to save money

Set a price with a 99 end to save money


It is recommended to always end your prices in "99". The reason is that the House Cut and the Listing Fee both go down by one gold when you do this, meaning you'll get one more gold for listing this way. One gold will not break the bank, but over thousands or tens of thousands of transactions, it adds up! 


Which Traders Will Get You the Most Sales

Traders in cities like Mournhold, Wayrest, and Elden Root will get you the most consistent sales, but Guilds that own these traders are almost invariably going to charge weekly dues in exchange for access to them. 

Find Guild Traders near a Wayshrine

Find Guild Traders near a Wayshrine


However, getting plenty of sales without listing items in those locations is still possible. As long as the Guild Trader you're using is in a cluster with at least four or five others and is close to a Wayshrine, you won't have any problem selling.


If you're a Guildmaster reading this guide and you're not sure which trader to bid on, think about it in terms of convenience for your buyers. More people will visit traders conveniently located three or four steps away from where they load in. And the more people who visit your trader, the more sales you will receive. 


That's the guide to Guild Traders in ESO. If you found this video helpful, please leave a like and subscribe to ESO Tips's channel for more future ESO content


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