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The Next Major Update to Blade and Soul — Fire and Blood Launches on March 21

By Michel Z2018-03-02

Blade and Soul is getting a brand new update which is coming out on 21st of March, and it's called "Fire and Blood". New Raid, Dungeon, and Class are arriving in the game. MmoGah will provide you with tons of Blade and Soul Gold for you to survive the inferno and chase down a former ally who is seeking the power to decimate an entire empire!


Koldrak’s Lair and Emperor’s Tomb

Koldrak’s Lair is a new 12 player Raid, and you can also choose to face the treacherous Chol Mugo in the Emperor’s Tomb.



Ransacked Treasury

Ransacked Treasury is an additional Dungeon which would be very exciting to play through.



Lyn Gunslinger

But those are not the only new features that will be added with the new update. In fact, one of the highlights is that the Gunslinger class is finally going to be available for the race of Lyn due to the popular demand. “The Lyn have long shown that size isn’t everything, and these dual-wielding pistol packers are arriving with guns blazing,” NCsoft said.



Legend Mode

What’s more, a legend mode arena will give players even more to fight if they’re feeling lethargic and listless.



Above is a summary of the new press release from Blade and Soul on the upcoming patch for March! Please keep checking back for more information about BNS Gold at MmoGah.




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