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Blade and Soul Guide: The Currency Exchange

By Michel Z2017-12-15

The Currency Exchange was introduced to Blade and Soul in February 2016, it offers a safe and secure way for players to exchange NCoin for in-game gold, and sell gold for Hongmoon Coin.



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To use the Currency Exchanges, you should be at least level 16. The window can be accessed by pressing F9 key.


If you want to sell gold, you click “Sales Registration” tab on the right of the Currency Exchange window. Fill in the amount of gold you want to sell. You will only be able to sell your gold within the minimum and maximum price listed.


Listing gold for sale has the following limitations:

· the max gold per listing is capped at 1,000

· 10 simultaneous listings

· 10 listings per day – 100 for Premium Members


If someone who is looking for gold thinks your offer is fair,  he will purchase your gold using his NCoin, but you will not receive NCoin, the NCoin that was used to purchase your gold will be converted to the equivalent amount of Hongmoon Coin for you to use in the Hongmoon store.

I would like to remind you that there is a 10% transaction fee on the Hongmoon Coin you will receive once a sale is completed. When you put in all your information for your sell order, the profit in Hongmoon Coin will be displayed for you as well as how much transaction fee will be subtracted. 

When the sale is completed, you will receive the Hongmoon Coin immediately with a receipt in your mail.



If you are buying gold, you look at the available offers in the Buy Gold tab to find the one that suits your need, purchase it with your NCoin and then you will receive your gold. There will be no fee for you when purchasing gold on the Currency Exchange, and there is no limitation to the amount of gold you can purchase per day (other than what other players have listed).



How is the rate determined? 

The Currency Exchange determines the Standard Rate by averaging the price of the completed transactions for the past 7 days. This means the rate is determined solely by how players sell and purchase gold using the Currency Exchange.

When you go into the sell tab, you are showed what the minimum and maximum conversion rate the sellers are allowed to use when they are pricing their sell orders. This feature helps keep the market balanced and prevent people from posting ridiculous prices.

You can list your gold within plus or minus 50% of the current Standard Rate, rounded to the nearest whole number. For example, if the Standard Rate is 1:3 (1 gold for 3 NCoin), then you would be able to list your gold anywhere from 1:1 to 1:4. This allows the Standard Rate to move based on the economy. 


For Free to Play players, with the Currency Exchange, they can use the in-game gold they earned to access items in the Hongmoon store they otherwise couldn’t have access to.

For players who often use real money in games, this exchange allows them easily increase their in-game gold to purchase items they may need that are not available in the Hongmoon store.


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