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Blade and Soul Guide: How to Get Hongmoon Coins

By Michel Z2018-01-01

Welcome to today’s Blade and Soul guide. This time we are going to talk about how to get Hongmoon coins. Hongmoon coin is an alternative currency of NCoin. When you open the Hongmoon store, you can buy various cosmetic things and some tools by NCoins, but most of the items can also be bought with Hongmoon coins instead. Please click for more information about Youtuber Castle Frost who made this guide, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video.



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As for getting Hongmoon coins, the first thing you need to know is what materials are required in order to craft them. You will need two things: Venture Tokens and Dragonstones. Each of them has their own specific way to obtain them. Venture Tokens can be obtained from daily quest reward chests. In the chests you will get the basic Venture Tokens, Brilliant Venture Tokens and Sparkling Venture Tokens. 





Dragonstone can be obtained from Dragon Express. There you will immediately find the option of buying Dragonstone for 1 silver each. Crafting the Hongmoon coins will require 10 Dragonstones each time.




Now we have both items, what we have to do is rightclick on the Venture Token. This will open up a new window that allows you to turn any kind of Venture Token into Hongmoon coins, you click “Craft” then you got your Hongmoon Coins! Note: If you have premium membership you will receive more coins.



Each type of Venture Token can give you different amount of Hongmoon coins. But they will all require the same amount of 10 Dragonstones. The Venture Tokens usually give you around 80-88 Hongmoon coins each; while the Brilliant Venture Tokens give you 175-185 Hongmoon coins, and the Sparkling Venture Tokens give you about 485-515 Hongmoon coins each time.


The other way to get Hongmoon coin is to sell your Gold, which is on F9. You sell your Gold for NCoins and you will receive the equivalent amount of Hongmoon coins. Please click for the details of how to sell your Gold for Hongmoon Coins.


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