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MmoGah: Best Blade and Soul Gold Site for Cheap BNS Gold

By Michel Z2017-12-13

Searching for Blade and Soul Gold shouldn’t include risky, unfriendly and slow delivery websites. Get ahead of your competition by buying from the top BNS Gold site! MmoGah offers legit BnS gold, until now, no customer got banned for buying Blade and Soul gold from us.



Have questions along the way?

MmoGah knows the ins and outs of the virtual currency and service industry. With over 11 years of expertise in countless games, we have served thousands of happy gamers. Let’s take a look at how MmoGah stands out in 3 distinctive ways:

1. Don’t chance your character getting banned by receiving gold from a sketchy low level hacked account. At MmoGah, we only earn BnS gold through hardwork and legitimate methods.


2. We offer secure and safe delivery method. We deliver your gold through Cross-Server Dungeon. We tailor all unique delivery methods for each game to ensure security. Through continuous research and testing, we optimized the shopping experience for gamers who want the best option.



3. Our dedication to customer service. Our representatives are ready to support you 24/7, 365 days  via LiveChat and Email. At MmoGah, we care about our customers and hope to support you through many years of gaming no matter the game you choose. Our reviews speak themselves. MmoGah is one of the best provider for Blade & Soul Gold. What are you waiting for? Thousands of gamers are already back playing with the best gear and loot!


Want to save money? There are 3 sorts of discount you can get from us:

· 2%-10% coupon discount

· 1%-3% member discount

· 2%-5% quantity discount

Most of all, these 3 sorts of discount Can Be Used Together in One Order!

First: Discount Coupon 

Use MMOGAHCOM directly as a coupon code to get a 2% off your order.


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- If you are satisfied with our BNS Gold service, please leave your favorable review on MmoGah or like and comment on our Facebook page. Then you contact our online support, a 5% coupon will be provided for your orders within the next 30 days. (The Coupon can be used up to 3 times)

- If you would like to share your favorable reviews about MmoGah to more social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, we will give you a 6% coupon for your orders in the next 30 days. (The Coupon can be used up to 3 times)

- If you can write an article about your happy shopping experience in our site, you will get an 8% coupon for your orders in the next 30 days. (The Coupon can be used up to 3 times, and your article should be original and no less than 400 words.) 

- If you can upload a video on Youtube to introduce MmoGah to more gamers and tell people about the good service you have received from us, send our online support the link of your Youtube video, we will grant you a 10% coupon code for your orders within the next 30 days. (The Coupon can be used up to 3 times)


Second: Member Discount

Make sure to become a member at MmoGah to get more discount. 

You can buy BNS Gold at MmoGah either as a member or as a guest, but you will get member discount by logging in every time you place an order because:


After you signing in and placing an order, the system will automatically count the money you have spent in our store and give you the corresponding discountThe system counts no matter which game you choose. You can accumulate the Member Discount for buying BNS Gold or any other products at MmoGah.

Below is how it works:

Level 1: The total money you have spent is between 0-1999 USD - You get 1% discount 

Level 2: The total money you have spent is between 2000-3999 USD - You get 2% discount

Level 3: The total money you have spent is larger than 4000 USD - You get 3% discount


As a member, you don’t have to fill the contact information every time when you place an order, so it will make your order be verified faster.


Third: Quantity discount

You can get 2%-5% discount for the quantity of BnS gold you purchase in an order. Hogging the Mouse for You!


For more Blade and Soul Gold information, including the latest BNS news, guides and tutorial, please stay tuned.




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