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  • Fire and Blood: Securing the Emperor’s Tomb in Blade and Soul
    By Michel Z2018-03-08 00:00:00

    Blade and Soul’s next update — Fire and Blood arrives March 21, and will introduce a new experience with the Emperor’s Tomb. MmoGah provides tons of Blade and Soul Gold for you to upgrade your weapons and head into the Emperor’s Tomb and the Ransacked Treasury where New Treasures await you.



    Emperor’s Tomb

    This is a part of the storyline. The Emperor’s Tomb is full of automated sentries and traps, and you are going to disarm the traps and fight with Chol Mugo and his Blackram Marauders to free the Valindrian captives. 




    If you’re successful in claiming the Tomb grounds for your own, you’ll then need to head into the Ransacked Treasury. 


    Ransacked Treasury

    · 6-member Heroic Dungeon

    · Available in Normal and Hard mode

    · Recommended for Level 55 – HM 16

    · Players will need to have finished The Emperor’s Tomb – Chapter 5: Stealing the Light



    New Treasures Await

    Overcome the challenges that lay in wait within the Ransacked Treasury and you’ll discover a potential bounty of riches and extraordinary treasures including:

    · Hellion Necklace

         · Upgrade the Hellion Necklace to Elevation Necklace, the newest legendary accessory in the Summit’s Call set.

    · Imperial Mark

         · Exchange 1 Imperial Mark and 20 Sea Glass for Heptagonal Obsidian at Emperor’s Tomb Merchant Yoola.

    · Innovator costume

    · Innovator Eye Patch adornment

    · Amara Ring (can be upgraded to Awakened Amara Ring)

    · Amara Weapon

    · Amara Soul Shield

    · Hellion Core

    · Silver Scale

    · Blood Pearl

    · Sea Glass



    To Be Continued…

    Your progress through the Emperor’s Tomb has given you the right tools and platform to launch a counter-offensive. Please keep checking back for more Blade and Soul information about the next major update — Fire and Blood




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