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Blade and Soul News: Tropical Treasure Trove Arriving June 20

By Michel Z2018-06-14

It’s time to buy Blade and Soul gold for the Tropical Treasure Trove! The Tropical Treasure Trove event will be available from June 20 to July 11, and inside you’ll discover a variety of new upgrade materials and new cosmetics—including an outfit from one of the most sinister people in the Earthen Realm. Read on for details on how it all works.



During the event period, characters that are 36 and above can open the Treasure Trove once per day for free, which will give you the opportunity to buy any of the items you see with Blade and Soul gold, but you can only buy one item per Treasure Trove Key used!



Treasure Trove keys and Treasure Trove Expansions can be purchased from the Hongmoon Store. Treasure Trove Expansions is used for opening six additional Treasure Trove slots which will increase your chances of seeing a valuable item, so it’s a good idea to unlock them early. If you want to buy several keys or expansions at once, be sure to check out the bundles below.

You will also have the ability to speed up the process by opening five trove at once! It works exactly like opening one Trove, just five times more fun. You can buy five keys and obtain the respective amount of progress toward the Guaranteed Rewards.

Guaranteed Rewards

You’ll find the Guaranteed Rewards counter bar at the top of the Treasure Trove interface. Each Treasure Trove Key used increases the bar by 1-3 points, and five Troves unlocked increases the bar by 5-15 points, provided the key was bought from the Hongmoon Store (free daily keys don’t count). Once the bar reaches 40 points, your next purchased Treasure Trove Key used will guarantee higher-tier rewards. 



The Treasure Trove Key and Expansion bundles will be available during the event period. The more you buy, the more bundle discounts you’ll get! 

Above items will be available until the July 11 maintenance.



During the event period, several new pets will be ready to join your beach party (even an old favorite), and many new cosmetics and new illusion weapons will also be included in the Tropical Treasure Trove. If living on the dark side is your thing, the highly sought after Jinsoyun-inspired costume set is ready for you...if you’re brave enough to wear the clothing of the Dark Emissary herself.

Gilded Triangular Gems, Obsidians, Prisms, and loads of valuable upgrade materials are just some of what you’ll find hidden inside.


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