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Blade and Soul News: Nightfall Sanctuary Raid Part 1

By Michel Z2018-04-25

The first half of Nightfall Sanctuary will be available in the Blade and Soul: Eternal Night update on May 9. Nightfall Sanctuary is a new 12-player raid where you’ll fight merciless clockwork machines: the Peacekeeper and the Shield Bearer who will protect their new master at any cost. Even though this is just the beginning, these first two bosses are not to be taken lightly.


Nightfall Sanctuary Part 1

· 12-Player Raid

· Recommended for Level 55 – HM 15

· Resets every Wednesday at 6 AM server time

· Players will need to have finished The Emperor’s Tomb - Chapter 5: Stealing the Light

· Associated Quest: Clockwork Guardians



Nightfall Sanctuary was once protected by Celestial Emperor’s trusted automatons. Decades later, Chol Mugo awoke Nightfall Sanctuary and its guardians who will protect their new master at all costs.


The Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is the first boss you’ll encounter when exploring Nightfall Sanctuary, located inside the Peaceful Burial Chamber. The Peacekeeper is made up of two deadly machines; the top half of him wielding a scepter/axe, and the beast that he rides atop. These two halves will often act independently, but at times will work in tandem to unleash devastating attacks.






The Shield Bearer

Standing tall and guarding the next area of Nightfall Sanctuary, this guardian is well equipped to handle any foes who dare threaten their new master. His large shield and lance allow him to make quick attacks while defending against incoming damage. You’ll need to coordinate to be victorious—the Shield Bearer will not go down easily.



The guarded treasures are said to be straight from the Emperor’s private vault, and would make any warrior that’s reached them rich and powerful beyond imagination. You’ll be able to pick up new elemental accessories, new Soul Shields, and even costumes and weapon illusions fit for a ruler.

· Grand Celestial Costume

· Grand Celestial Adornment

· Grand Celestial Cowl

· Reign Maker Weapon Illusions

· Grand Celestial Soul Shield Chests 1-4

· Peacekeeper Earring

· Peacekeeper Ring

· Shield Bearer’s Earring

· Shield Bearer’s Ring

· Grand Celestial Ingot

· Grand Celestial Wings

· Blood Pearl 

· Sea Glass





Dark Descent Raid Event

To aid all warriors, there will be a special event running at the start of the Eternal Night update. This offers bonuses for all raids including Nightfall sanctuary. Stay tuned for full details on the event in an upcoming article at MmoGah. If you need any other news and guides related to Blade and Soul Gold, be sure to head over to our BNS news page.




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