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Blade and Soul News: Fire and Blood Systems Change Preview + Jinsoyun Pet Pouch

The Jinsoyun Pet Pouch is now available on the Hongmoon Store for a limited time, and the March 21 update: Fire and Blood includes a number of changes and adjustments to current systems of Blade and Soul.




Hard Difficulty Dungeons

Blade and Soul team has been looking at the dungeon rewards in Hard difficulty for a while, and they also have received consistent feedback from players feeling they could use a boost to account for the added challenge. So they are making a number of changes in Fire & Blood.


Skill and Stat Changes

The Fire and Blood update brings along a number of skill-related changes, including a skill patch.


Weapon Upgrade Cost Reduction

As the game and content progresses, the team regularly re-align gearing costs to help players catch up, or make adjustments where some of the balance might need some tweaking.



There are also a few dungeon-related changes coming with the update.



There are some item related changes, and all of these are bonuses or improvements to current systems.


You can click to check out more details about the Fire and Blood systems change. MmoGah will provide safe and cheap Blade and Soul Gold for you to upgrade your weapons and head into the Emperor’s Tomb and the Ransacked Treasury where New Treasures await you.


Hongmoon Store Update: Jinsoyun Pet Pouch

From March 7 to April 4, you’ll be able to get Jinsoyun in the newest pet pouch. Don’t let her adorable looks fool you. If you get her, she will forever be plotting your demise while also providing life-saving buffs. If you can turn around fast enough you may catch her scowling at you, watching and waiting for her moment to strike.



You can buy Jinsoyun Pet Pouch in Hongmoon Store for 249 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin (or a discounted 2241 NCoin/Hongmoon Coin for bundles of 10), and it will give you a chance to receive these new and returning pets when opening each one:


Jinsoyun Pet

Ghost Pet

Infernal Pet

Lycan Pet

Panda Pet

Little Grizzly Pet

Fleeso Pet


Jump in-game and grab a Jinsoyun Pet Pouch—it’s only available for a limited time. If you need more information related to BNS Gold, please make sure to head over to our BNS news page. 




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