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Blade and Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent Patch Notes

The next major update - Blade and Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent goes alive on December 6, bringing a bounty of new content and gameplay upgrades. The biggest addition it will bring to the table is the titular lost continent itself: Solak. Here is an overview of what the update will introduce:



A newly raised level-cap: The level cap for all characters will be raised from 50 to 55.


Hongmoon Ultimate Skills: Supremely powerful class-specific attacks.



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A new story chapter: Act 8 of the Blade & Soul story sends players on a mission to awaken Jinsoyun. They’ll need to enlist some help and a flying pirate ship in order to get their mission started though.


New Heroic Dungeons and a Raid: Players can explore two new six-member heroic dungeons- Hollow’s Heart and Starstone Mines. Those looking for even more challenge can take on Snowjade Fortress, the new 12-member raid.



New Characters and a solo heroic dungeon: Players can take on Outlaw Island and its ruler Yeohoran to see who will reign supreme over all pirate-kind.



With this update, a number of new systems changes are being introduced. Get ready for the new Showroom, time-based play rewards, new Soul Badges, and a lot more.


Read about every single new feature and improvement here.


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