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  • Blade and Soul: New Hongmoon Ultimate Skills
    By Michel Z2017-11-24 00:00:00

    According to NCsoft, when Blade and Soul's next update - Dawn of the Lost Continent arrives, you'll get access to new and powerful Hongmoon Ultimate Skills once you've achieved level 55. These new ultimate skills allow you not only to devastate your opponents, but also to aid your allies.



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    When you reach level 55, you’ll automatically be granted the Ultimate Hongmoon Skills without any other prerequisites. These ultimate skills are fueled by a new resource called Hongmoon Focus. This is a blue bar which you will see above your character’s health bar in-game. Hongmoon Focus fills up passively over time, but if you use many of the skills you’ve already learned, it can be charged faster.


    You’ll be able to unleash your Hongmoon Ultimate Skill once your Hongmoon Focus is charged to 100%, and all of your Hongmoon Focus will be consumed. Many of the new ultimate abilities need a channel before unleashing, and taking damage will cancel the skill and cost you all of your Hongmoon Focus, so make sure to time it wisely.


    You can find a quick glimpse of the new Hongmoon Ultimate Skills for each class below, along with which key shortcuts activate them:



    Blade Dancer


    Blade Master




    Force Master




    Kung Fu Master


    Soul Fighter






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