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Blade and Soul: Upcoming Dungeons and Raid Content

As The Dawn of the Lost Continent update approaching closer, new dungeons and raid is definitely one of the most anticipated things. Today MmoGah shares with you the new Dungeons and Raid you are to challenge when December 6 arrives in Blade and Soul.



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There is a new 12-player raid, two 6-player Heroic dungeons, and one solo Heroic dungeon: 

Snowjade Fortress

This is a 12-player raid, players will square off against Asura once again as he licks his wounds and immerses himself in Dark Chi. You are to stop him once and for all. The raid is for level 55 and Hongmoon Level 10 players.

Notable Rewards:

· Aransu Orb

· Hive Queen’s Wings

· Raven Feather

· Excellent Hongmoon XP Charm


Starstone Mines

This is one of the 6-player Heroic Dungeons (Normal and Hard Mode), where players must stop the werewolf-like Volkami from kidnapping innocent locals to work in their mines.

Recommended for Level 55 – HM 15

Notable Rewards:

· Hellion Earrings (Legendary)

· Raven Feather

· Blackstone

· Void Fragment

· Starstone Gloves (Heroic)


Hollow’s Heart

The other 6-player dungeon is Hollow’s Heart. Hollow’s Heart is the birthplace of the ancient Khashabi Tribe. You are to rescue a Khashabi scouting party and cleanse the corruption from the area. You have to defeat:

· Corrupted Khashabi soldiers

· Brierbane the Executioner

· Gorgana the Spider Queen

· Jurupo the Elder Sage


Recommended for Level 55 – HM 15 

Notable Rewards:

· Quickgrip Gloves (Legendary)

· Wildwood and Wildwood Crown cosmetics

· Khashabi Soul Shield

· Elder Dragon Strongbox (gold)

· Raven Feather

· Blackstone


Outlaw Island


This is a solo Heroic Dungeon. Admiral Hae Mujin has invited you to take part in The Blackram Battle Royal. You are to Defeat Yeoharan as quickly as you can to make the Outlaw Island leaderboard for weekly and seasonal rewards. If you manage to break into the top 30 at the end of this season, you will be rewarded with the Hot Shot costume that can be worn for 60 days. This dungeon is for level 55/Hongmoon 15 players too.

Notable Rewards:

· Mewtineer’s Coin*

· Divine Grace Stone

· Yeoharan Gloves

· Yeoharan Soul Shield

· Bullet Time Set

· Outlaw Cat Set


*Collect Mewtineer’s Coin Pieces to turn into Mewtineer’s Coins and exchange them with the Mushin’s Tower Trader Kangcha for the legendary Sky Vault Bracelet, Divine Grace Stones, Bullet Time set, and the Hot Shot Hat.




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