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Blade and Soul: Dawn of the Lost Continent’s Sights and Storyline

We have mentioned previously that Dawn of the Lost Continent, which is called the “largest update” to Blade and Soul, will land on December 6. Today MmoGah shares with you some previews of this content.



Yesterday, a new dev blog reveals some of the highlights of the storyline, and some of the places you’ll go and gear you’ll get along the way.


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Experience Act VIII of the epic Blade & Soul story as you level to 55

The Twilight’s Edge has been stolen by Mushin and Yura, with potentially world-shattering consequences. Meanwhile, Jinsoyun is still trapped in eternal slumber. But not all is lost, because Dark Vicar revealed  a cure in the lost continent of Solak which is a distant land twisted by Dark Chi. In Solak, the lost Yun city of Valindria will be the only safe harbor and your next destination.




Act VIII: The Edge of Twilight



You will get on the flying ship —The Iron Shadow with Chol Mugo and head over to the west for new adventures. Meet with old acquaintances like Namsoyoo, visit the lands of the wolf-like Volkami, discover the wardens of the Khashabi Tribe, take refuge in the grand Yun city of Valindria, and more.




Your journey will increase your power to level 55. Completing Act VIII will also grant you with some significant rewards, including the Indomitable costume set, Sacred Longgui Soul Shield set, and Solak accessories. Once you realize your inner potential, challenge yourself with Brand new dungeons and raids.




If you need more help on BNS Gold, including the latest Blade and Soul news and guides, make sure to head over to our BNS news page, and we are offering more information of the update in the coming weeks.





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