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ACNH: How to Get Acorns and Pine Cones Fast

In the Autumn Season of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can find and collect Acorns and Pine Cones to craft the seasonal Tree’s Bounty items. Mayor Moris guide includes the most efficient way to get these new seasonal materials and find the corresponding recipes quicker.



How to Get More Acorns and Pine Cones


Acorns and Pine Cones are found in Hardwood trees and Cedar trees, and you can get them by continuously shaking the trees. To craft all of the seasonal recipes once, you need 35 Acorns and 31 Pine Cones, and even more if you want to craft more than one.


Unfortunately, as you may have discovered, Acorns and Pine Cones are relatively rare, and they spawn nowhere near the same rate as the past seasonal materials. Sometimes, you're only finding tree branches. Based on multiple reports and my testing, the drop rates for these crafting materials are between 3% and 9% for most people. Since it is random and there's a luck factor, some players will find more than others.

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The best tip to maximize how many Acorns or Pine Cones you find is to repeatedly shake every tree available until a total of 14 materials have dropped. To do this, you need to keep shaking your tree until eight items drop, then switch sides and continue to shake until the remaining six fall. This method will yield the maximum amount of items from each tree and increase your chances of finding more Acorns or Pine Cones. Make sure you have enough space around each tree.


Unlike the wood we get from inside the trees when you use an axe, there isn’t a limit to how many tree branches or Acorns and Pine Cones that can fall. You can use a single tree repeatedly by picking up all the dropped items and starting over. However, utilizing multiple trees around your island will make things a little less tedious. Plus, we don't know if drop rates differ from tree to tree, so there's no reason not to try this on multiple trees to see if one drops more than another.


You will get 14 items from around 30 shakes from each tree, and up to three of these will either be Acorns or Pine Cones. So, it's a case of shaking until you get bored. It's worth noting Acorns can be found in all hardwood trees, including fruit trees and money trees. They won't drop anything until the fruit or bell bags have been shaken down. Furthermore, if you don't have many trees available, or you have a fully developed island, and they're all blocked off by fences and furniture, you can also head on island tours and shake the trees there to find these crafting materials.



How to Find DIY Recipes Faster


To use crafting materials, you need to find the corresponding seasonal DIY Recipes so you can craft one of these awesome-looking Tree’s Bounty items. In total, there are 11 Tree’s Bounty items. However, only nine of them can be found right now. The Tree’s Bounty Big Tree and the Tree’s Bounty Arch recipes, which are probably the most desirable autumn items, won't begin spawning until the 16th of November. These two recipes require a third crafting material called Maple Leaves that begin spawning around our islands in the middle of November, and until Maple Leaves can be collected, the big tree and arch recipes won't spawn. With that said, there are still nine Tree’s Bounty recipes to find.

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Most of these recipes are found in the Balloons that float across your skies. The best tip to collect as many recipes as you can is to farm the Balloons in a balloon hunt and shoot down every single one. To do this, you have to hang around on your beach, running up and down, and wait. A balloon should spawn into your islands every five minutes. So, if you run along the shore until one floats in, you'll be there ready to shoot it down. If you do a spot of fishing or something like that, you'll collect a bunch of presents in no time, and hopefully, they will contain new recipes.


If, for some reason, a balloon isn't spawning in, there is a trick that allows you to force a new one to spawn by heading into Nook's Cranny and selling something before heading back to the beach, at which point, a new balloon will spawn in on the next available 5-minute slot.


We don't know the exact drop rate of these recipes, but there's a 15% chance each balloon will contain a Seasonal DIY Recipe. If you're lucky enough, you may even find them all over a couple of days. Remember, you need to wait around on the beach’s left edge during the day as Balloons float in from the west. But during the evening and night, they spawn in from the east, so you need to wait around on the right side. A good tip if you need to remember which directions Balloons are coming in from, is to look at the smoke coming from villagers’ chimneys, because whatever way the smoke is blowing is the directions the Balloons will be heading.


Of course, these Seasonal DIY Recipes can also be found in the Message Bottles that wash up on your beaches. So, be sure to find at least one every day. Furthermore, if you happen to have a bunch of spare Miles Tickets, be sure to head on a few island tours, because there's a 50% chance additional bottles can be found on island tours.


Finally, it's worth noting that any other profiles or secondary residents who live on your island can also find their own Balloons and bottles. So, be sure to use them to find any extras, and hopefully, you'll find some seasonal recipes you don't have.


That's everything you should know about this season's limited-time recipes and their crafting materials. I hope this will help some of you find more Acorns and Pine Cones and get Seasonal DIY Recipes a lot faster. If you find this guide helpful, please leave a like on the video and share it with friends.



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