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  • Best Ways to Get Bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    By Michel Z2020-05-14 00:00:00

    In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will need a lot of Bells to buy clothes and furniture, decorate your house, and build up your island. Youtuber Crossing Channel shares with you the best methods to make a bunch of ACNH bells.




    1. Hit Rocks 

    Each day, one of the rocks on your island will be a money rock, dig two holes behind yourself so that you can get a steady position and hit the rock quickly in succession. It's not a whole ton of money, but it's a nice little bonus that you can make use of every single day on the island.



    2. Grow Money Tree 

    Another bonus you can make use of each day is the Glowing Spot. Dig this up, and you'll get 1,000 Bells. But plant it, you can grow Money Tree. If you plant the 1,000 Bells, you can make about 3,000 Bells from the tree in a few days. If plant something like 30,000 Bells, you could make 90,000 from a tree. It requires some investment, and you need to wait, but it's worthwhile.



    3. Make Hot Items

    Every day, Nook's Cranny will buy a hot item, and these items are usually pretty easy to craft, which means you can craft a whole ton of these and sell them back for profit. You'd get a lot of money doing this than just selling materials like weeds and woods, etc. However, this method is very tedious, and it takes quite a long time. So, maybe only do this if you are struggling for money.



    4. Fishing 

    Fishing is a fantastic way of making money. Red Snapper and Sharks (if you live in the Southern Hemisphere) will get you a lot of money, but selling them to C.J. is much profitable than selling them to Nook's Cranny. Sometimes, you can find him wandering around your island, and he will buy those fish for a lot more money than Timmy and Tommy ever could.



    5. Catch Tarantulas 

    The best way to make bells in the game for the Northern Hemisphere players is the Tarantula. You might be terrified of this guy, but he can earn you a lot of Bells. You've probably heard about the fabled Tarantula island. Head to a Nook Mile island with a flat enough surface, and you can transform it into your own Tarantula island by removing everything. Tarantulas like open empty spaces. So, this is the best way to farm them and get a lot of them to appear. If you can sell them back to Flick, who can sometimes be found wandering around your island, you can make a whole ton of money. So, be sure to take a trip to the island if he is visiting.



    6. Sell Bells Vouchers 

    If you have a ton of Nook Miles to spare, you can exchange them for Bell Vouchers. You can get 3,000 bells by selling each voucher. So, it's a pretty decent profit, but I think Nook Miles is much more valuable on their own.



    7. Sell Fruit to Another Island 

    Selling fruit is now one of those classic Animal Crossing money making methods. If you sell your Fruit to Nook's Cranny on your island, you are not going to make much profit. But visit someone else's island and sell it, you can make a much larger profit. Fruit that isn't native to your island will always sell for more bells.



    8. Sell Fossils 

    If you have some spare Fossils left over, sell them. These are useful Animal Crossing items to make money, and as time goes by, you will find yourself getting even more and more duplicate Fossils. So, be sure to sell them on.


    9. Shake Trees 

    It's not much, but you can shake trees to get bells. If you shake every tree on the island, it's bound to add up, and you can get some other resources while you're doing it too. So, it's worth your while.



    10. Pop Balloons

    Sometimes, the elusive balloons can contain bells. The Balloon is rare, but it's always an exciting way to get some extra money in the game, and I've seen people get a pretty decent amount from it as well.



    11. Buy and Sell Turnips

    Buying and Selling Turnips is one of the best ways to make money in ACNH. It works like the stock market in real life where you need to buy low and sell high. It is a good way to make bells, and the more friends you have to support each other, the easier it becomes.



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