• ACNH: How to Get Nook Miles Fast
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    Nook Miles are a type of currency in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With 2,000 Nook Miles, you can get a Nook Miles Ticket that allows you to visit other deserted islands on mystery tours. AbdallahSmash026's guide shows you the fastest and most efficient way to get your very first 5,000 Nook Miles in the game.


    1. [IslandName] Miles! (500 Nook Miles)

    Click on the Nook Miles within your Nook Phone, and you can get a free amount of 500 Nook Miles by clicking on "[IslandName] Miles!". 


    2. Bulletin-Board Benefit (300 Nook Miles)

    Head on over to the Bulletin-Board that is right next to resident services, and you can type anything there then cash it in for 300 Nook Miles. 


    3. Island Shutterbug (300 Nook Miles)

    Go to the menu on your Nook Phone, and you can snap a picture anywhere you want to get 300 miles. 


    4. Edit Credit (300 Nook Miles)

    Another method is called Edit Credit. Click on your Passport, then you can adjust or edit it. You can add a short comment to your profile or mess around with your passport photo. When you exit out, you can get 300 Nook Miles for that. 


    5. First Custom Design (500 Nook Miles)

    You go to your Custom Designs. Click one of the blank templates, you can type anything or put any design, or you can name it whatever you want. As long as you make yourself a simple pattern, you will get 500 Nook Miles.

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    6. NookPhone Life (300 Nook Miles)

    This happens to show up the more you use the NookPhone, and you can get 300 Nook Miles from this. 


    7. Island Togetherness (300 Nook Miles)

    Now is the part where you are going to have to start walking around. Talk to your two in-game villagers once, and you will get the "Island Togetherness" that will equate to about 300 Nook Miles. 


    8. Seller of Unwanted Stuff (300 Nook Miles)

    Once you are moving around and collecting things on the ground, your inventory will give you a whole bunch of different things that you don't need. Head on over to Timmy inside Resident Services, and you can sell all your unwanted stuff such as seashells, flowers, and any weed on the ground. Once you sell it for the first time, you'll be greeted with "Seller of Unwanted Stuff" for a total of 300 Nook Miles. 


    9. Pick of the Bunch (300 Nook Miles)

    When you have a whole bunch of trees with native fruits on them, you can shake the trees and collect 20 of them on the tree. Sell them over to Timmy and Tommy in the Resident Services, and you'll be able to unlock "Pick of the Bunch", and this will earn you 300 Miles. Selling your fruit can earn you a lot more Animal Crossing Money, especially in another town since they're not native.  


    10. Greedy Weeder (300-500 Nook Miles)

    There are many weeds on the ground, and as you press the button on them, you are going to collect a whole bunch. Each specific weed sells for about ten bells a pop. You can stack 99 weeds in one item slot, and as you sell them, you are going to get almost 1,000 ACNH Bells just for cleaning up the town. Your first achievement is called "Greedy Weeder," and as you do it for the first time, you will sell 50 of them for an easy 300 Miles. 


    You can take it a step further as you are clearing up the different weeds in your town. If you sell him a total of 200 different weeds by merely walking around and pressing the Y button, you'll get 500 Miles. 


    11. Have a Nice DIY! (300 Nook Miles)

    The more you talk to Tom Nook, and the more creatures you give him from fishing or catching bugs, the more DIY recipes you will unlock. This is the way that you're going to get most of your DIY recipes. While you are doing it, you're going to unlock Blathers by donating five things to Tom Nook. He is going to give you recipes for items that you can use to get even more Nook Miles, such as a bug net or axe, and that is how you unlock all the different tools in the game. 


    Once you have unlocked 10 DIY recipes in the game, you'll complete the activity of "Have a Nice DIY!" that is worth 300 Miles. 


    12. Angling for Perfection (300 Nook Miles)

    Now you have access to the essential tools for fishing. Once you collect ten different fish, you'll be able to claim "Angling for Perfection".  


    13. You've Got the Bug (300 Nook Miles)

    Likewise, if you catch ten bugs, you can get the additional 300 Nook Miles. 


    14. Trashed Tools (300 Nook Miles)

    As you are catching bugs and fish, your bug net or fishing rod will break, and the moment it breaks, you can claim an additional 300 Nook Miles. 


    15. Hoard Reward (300 Nook Miles)

    For the home stretch, you are going to your house and put five things there to unlock the next achievement called Hoard Reward. It doesn't matter what you put in the house as long as you put five items there. 


    16. Exterior Decorator (300 Nook Miles)

    Once you have some bugs in your pocket, head on over to the outside of your house and throw them down by going to the menu and clicking on "Place Item". Once you have done that for putting 10 Animal Crossing Items outside, you can cash this one for an additional 300.  


    That is the fastest way to get over 5,000 Nook Miles easily in the game. Once you have all of those Nook Miles, you can redeem the Miles for a Nook Miles Ticket at the Nook Stop. Or, you can head over to Tom Nook, and he is going to take them from you and offer you the ability to upgrade your Tent into a House, and this is going to be the very beginning of Animal Crossing – 98,000 ACNH Bells for making a house. Don't worry. There is a tutorial on how you can earn the most bells within the game. Don't forget to check out if you are searching to buy ACNH Items, including Bells and Miles Ticket.


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