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OSRS: 1-99 Magic Guide

Magic is one of the most important skills in RuneScape 2007. This 1-99 Magic guide is showing you the way I prefer to use when training Magic. I’m going to talk about the quests, different Spellbooks, Staves, Splashing, and leveling methods. There are also some alt methods and even some money making methods to get the skill cape. Please click TheEdB0ys’s video for more details on how to reach level 99 Magic in OSRS, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:





Magic is pretty fast, so the early quests are extremely important. Here is a list of quests you can do to get a head start on your Magic training.


- Witch’s Potion

- Imp Catcher

- The Grand Tree

- Watchtower



The Witch’s Potion and the Imp Catcher are 0 requirement beginner quests that will take you to level 10 Magic. The other quests have a few more requirements, but you can still get some good Magic XP from them. If you want a full list of quests, this is the link.






There are 4 different spellbooks in Old School RuneScape.


Standard spellbook: it is unlocked the moment you start your RuneScape account.


Ancient Magicks spellbook: this is heavily focused on Combat spells, it requires completion of the Desert Treasure quest to use.


Lunar spellbook: it is more focused on skilling. It requires completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest to use. More Lunar spells can be unlocked after completing Dream Mentor.


Arceuus spellbook: it is focused on Ensouled heads for Prayer training. If you plan on getting any Prayer training in, you should do it before Magic. You will get Magic XP from doing Ensouled heads, but the Magic XP rates from just doing Ensoulded heads are not good.





All Magic attacks require runes to cast. For Magic spells, you can bring all the runes you’ll need with you. You can also equip an elemental staff which is going to count as an unlimited amount of whatever rune the staff works for. So, to high alch, you will need 5 Fire Runes and 1 Nature Rune. But when you wield a Staff of Fire, you’ll only need 1 Nature Rune per alch.


There are combination staves just like Combination Runes. So, a Mud Battlestaff could count as an unlimited source of Mud Runes (which is equivalent to unlimited Earth and Water Runes). Most staves don’t save a ton of money in the long run, but eventually, you do have spells require like ten of certain types of runes, so, it is nice to have.





Splashing is a method of Magic skill training in Old School RuneScape. Splashing means auto-attacking a weak enemy with spells that constantly fail, or ‘splash’. The player character will gain XP on every spell cast, even if the spell itself fails to land, while the enemy will never actually die. This is a popular training method because it requires minimal user input.


Generally, you’ll get more XP when you land the hit, but splashing can still be beneficial. For Magic training, you’re just trying to constantly use spells, so, if you kill a monster, you have to wait for it to respawn, which will slow you down a little bit. Or, if you are lowing a monster’s defence level, it can only go so low, so, once you lower that defence enough, you have to wait for the monster’s stats to regen before you can use the spell again. If you are splashing instead, you can use those spells over and over again without having to stop.


Splashing depends on your Magic bonus. Higher Magic bonus gives you a lower chance to splash, but if you get your Magic bonus as low as -65 Magic attack, then you are guaranteed to splash every attack.


Here is the setup that I use to get -65 Magic attack bonus: 


Bronze gear gets you almost all the way there, but I add a Cursed Goblin Staff to finish the job. You can buy the staff from Diango for 45 OSRS coins in Draynor Village. If you are trying to use a different staff for your runes, you can use Green dragonhide vambraces which require level 40 Range to wear.


A lot of players splash on Rats outside the Lumbridge castle or the demon on the Wizards' Tower in Draynor Village. I like to use the monk that is caged on the ground floor of Varrock Palace.




1-99 Magic Leveling Guide



Levels 1-7: Wind Strike

Splashing recommended

Spellbook: Standard

Staff recommended: Air

Runes: 1 Air Rune + 1 Mind Rune

~120 casts needed

5.5K XP/H


At level 1 Magic, you can only use Wind Strike which takes 1 Air Rune and 1 Mind Rune per cast. It only takes about 120 casts and you should be splashing for this one. There are more unlocks before level 7 Magic, but the difference in XP rates is very minimal since it only takes a few minutes to get these levels.




Levels 7-19: Level 1 Enchant


Spellbook: Standard

Staff recommended: Water

Runes: 1 Water Rune + 1 Cosmic Rune

~190 casts needed

30K -32K XP/H


From level 7 to 19, you should start enchanting Sapphire Rings into Rings of Recoil. Level 1 enchant requires 1 Water Rune and 1 Cosmic Rune, and you still need to use standard spellbook.


These tend to profit fairly well for how low level requirement they are, but it’s a little bit more click intensive since you have to use the spell on each piece of jewelry. There are a lot of sapphire jewelry or opal jewelry that you can do this with, but, I find that the Rings of Recoil tend to have better gp and XP rates. Here is a gp/xp calculator so that you can get an idea on how much OSRS gp you might be spending or making for any section of this guide. You need to enchant 190 rings for this section.



Levels 19-27: Curse


Splashing Recommended

Spellbook: Standard

Staff Recommended: Earth

Runes: 1 Body Rune + 3 Earth Runes + 2 Water Runes

199 casts needed

34K-35K XP/H


Levels 19 to 27, you can move back to Splashing. This time, you are using the Curse spell. This is more click intensive than the Wind Strike splashing since you can’ use auto-cast. But you only need 199 spells to get through this section.




Levels 27-43: Level 2 Enchant


Spellbook: Standard

Staff Recommended: Air

Runes: 1 Cosmic Rune + 3 Air Runes

1,098 casts needed

60K-65K XP/H


Levels 27 to 43, you are going back to Enchanting. This time, you are doing Rings of Dueling. Each of these spells only requires 1 Cosmic Rune and 3 Air Runes. This doesn’t profit as much as Rings of Recoil, but it still tends to profit or it will be at least one of the cheapest methods you do.




Levels 43-49: Superheat Item


Spellbook: Standard

Staff Recommended: Fire

Runes: 1 Nature Rune + 4 Fire Runes

781 casts needed

60K-63K XP/H


You are going to use Superheat items on Gold Ore. This is a lot pricier than Emerald Rings, and it’s not really a huge XP boost, but it gives some Smithing XP. You’ll need level 40 Smithing to smelt Gold Ore into Bars. Each spell requires 1 Nature Rune and 4 Fire Runes and you only need 781 spells.

Levels 49-55: Level 3 Enchant


Spellbook: Standard

Staff Recommended: Fire

Runes: 1 Cosmic Rune + 5 Fire Runes

1,270 casts needed

95K-105K XP/H


Level 49 to level 55 Magic, you can start using level 3 enchant. Of course, it’s still on the Standard Spellbook, and it only requires 1 Cosmic Rune and 5 Fire Runes to cast. I choose to make Amulets of Strength out of Ruby amulets for this spell. They tend to break even, and they are pretty solid XP rates.    


Ruby Amulets are not sold a whole lot on the GE, but you don’t need to buy many of them.




Levels 55-76: High Alch


Spellbook: Standard

Staff Recommended: Fire

Runes: 1 Nature Rune + 5 Fire Runes

17,998 alchs needed

70K-75K XP/H


Levels 55 to 76, you are getting into High alch. This is a little slower than level 3 enchants, but it’s a little less crappy on the wrists.


I usually stick to Longbows since they tend to break even. Here is a site that will give you some recent numbers on the item’s alch price compared to the GE price.


You can leave the noted items on the right spot in your inventory so that you don’t need to move your mouse. Alching is a very straight forward training method and can even be done while you are training Agility or doing other activities. It’s not the fastest method around this level, but it’s my preferred method.




Levels 76-80: Spin Flax


Spellbook: Lunar

Staff Recommended: Air

Runes: 2 Nature Runes + 1 Astral Rune + 5 Air Runes

8,662 casts needed (43,410 flax)

80K-85K XP/H (80K-85K Crafting XP/H)


Levels 76 to 80, you are spinning Flax which is on the Lunar spellbook. Each cast of this spell turns 5 flax into a bow string, and using this method tends to break even in terms of cost. This is a little faster Magic XP than alching but also gives solid Crafting XP which is why I choose to use it.




Levels 80-94: String Jewellery


Spellbook: Lunar

Staff Recommended: Mud Staff

Runes: 2 Astral Runes + 10 Earth Runes + 5 Water Runes

71,790 casts needed

150K XP/H (7.5K Crafting XP/H)


Levels 80 to 94, you are going to start using the String Jewellery spell. This is also a good method to use until level 99. To string jewelry, you are going to turn unstrung amulets into regular amulets without the need of a Ball of Wool. It is one of the more AFK methods. Each spell requires 2 Astral Runes, 10 Earth Runes, 5 Water Runes, and an unstrung amulet.


I stick with the Gold Amulets because this method is not only much more AFK than other methods but also much faster too. But this method is costing you a lot of RS 2007 gold for the full section. So, if you need coins to level faster, we can offer 5% off the price when you buy OSRS gold with Bitcoin.  




Levels 94-99: Maniacal Monkeys


Spellbook: Ancients

Spell: Ice Barrage (Burst spells will do the job)

300K XP/H

Levels 94 to 99, you can barrage Maniacal Monkeys. You need partially complete Monkey Madness II to unlock the Agility tunnel that they are located in, and since the Barrage spells are on the Ancient spellbook, you also need to do the Desert Treasure quest.

They are very straight forward to kill. You’ll just want to bring your best Mage gear and some Prayer bonus stuff like Proselyte to barrage them and make sure you’re always praying Melee.

You don’t have to use Ice Barrage since it is more expensive, but it is the fastest XP you can get here. Your XP can be different depending on your gear and what Mage level you are currently at. If you bring a Bone Crusher with you, this can also give over 20K Prayer XP per hour, and you could potentially use the Dragonbone Necklace or the Bonecrusher Necklace to help with Prayer points, but it’s not really needed since you do have those 1 dose Prayer potion drops, and it’s not a good idea to take off your Occult necklace.

This is an expensive but fast way to get your Mage to level 99, but it’s not unreasonable to just String amulets all the way to level 99.




Alt Methods


Let’s talk about some alt methods if you don’t like the ones we have mentioned already. I will start with Teleports because they have lower level requirements.



Varrock - 25 Magic - 45K-50K XP/H

Lumbridge - 31 Magic - 55-60K XP/H

Falador - 37 Magic - 65K-70K XP/H

Camelot - 45 Magic - 75K-80K XP/H


These tend to be very expensive for low level training, but you’ll only have to click in 1 spot, similar to Alching. So, it is preferred if you don’t want the method to be quite click intensive.


Also, you only need to do this for lower levels if you do them. So, even if they are pricier, you don’t go through a lot of XP, so you don’t need to spend a lot of 07 Gold.



Level 80: Stun Alch


Spellbook: Standard

Staff Recommended: Mud Staff

Alch Runes: 1 Nature Rune + 5 Fire Runes

Stun Runes: 1 Soul Rune + 12 Water Runes + 12 Earth Runes

175K-185K XP/H


At level 80 Magic, you can start using Stun which is similar to Curse. You can just splash on the spell to the caged Monk. But, unlike Curse, your level is high enough at this point that you can use High Alchemy to do this. This is a very click-intensive method, but this is pretty good XP rates without being extremely expensive. I am not a huge fan of Stun Alch, but it is a viable method for Magic training.




Level 86: Plank Make


Spellbook: Lunar

Dream Mentor Required

Staff Recommended: Earth Staff

Runes: 1 Nature Rune + 2 Astral Runes + 15 Earth Runes

165K-170K XP/H


At level 86 Magic, you can use Plank Make. This is a speedy way to get level 99 Magic without being ridiculously expensive, but it is pretty click-intensive, similar to Enchanting Jewellery. The spell is on the Lunar spellbook, but you have to do the Dream Mentor to use it.

You still need to spend some OSRS coins for each Plank, similar to how you need to spend coins when you’re making Planks at the Sawmill. But it is fewer coins per Plank than a normal Sawmill.

You’ll get the same amount of Magic XP per Plank, and currently, the higher tier Planks tend to end up costing you less money. Here is a WiKi page on Plank Make which has a nice table comparing the current cost per spell for each Plank.




Mage Training Arena


For medium levels, Mage Training Arena is not a bad place to get some Magic XP. You need to unlock Bones to Peaches for a diary requirement. For Ironmen, this is the only place to get Infinity armor, Master Wand, and Mage's book.


A lot of players don’t really like the Mage Training Arena, but it’s not a bad place for getting to the middle levels like 60-80 Magic.



Level 77 Magic - Superglass Make

Spellbook: Lunar

Staff Recommended: Smoke Staff

Runes: 2 Astral Runes + 6 Fire Runes + 10 Air Runes

45K XP/H (75K Crafting XP/H)

There are some more enjoyable money makers from Magic. At level 77 Magic, you can use the Superglass Make spell which gives not only decent Magic XP rates but also pretty good XP rates in Crafting.


This method can also profit a few hundred thousand coins per hour depending on the current prices.


You could take out an even number of Sand buckets and regular Seaweed per inventory. But I do suggest using Giant Seaweed for better profit. If you take out 2 Giant Seaweed and 12 buckets per inventory, you’ll get better XP rates, but if you take 3 Giant Seaweed and 18 buckets instead, you’ll get more molten glass per cast. It’s going to slow your XP down since you have to pick some of the glass up from the ground. But, if you are here more specifically for the money maker, then this is a faster way.




Level 78 Magic - Tan Leather

Spellbook: Lunar

Fremennik Hard Diaries Required

Staff Recommended: Fire Staff

Runes: 1 Nature Rune + + 2 Astral Runes + 5 Fire Runes

125K-130K XP/H



At level 78, you can use the Tan Leather spell. Each cast turns 5 hides (Cowhide/Dragonhide) into leather. Most dragonhides hover around the same profit per hour, so, it doesn’t make a huge difference which hide you choose, but I tend to stick to the green ones.


The spell is on the Lunar spellbook, and it also requires all the easy, medium, and hard tasks of Fremennik Diaries to do.

It is some of the better Magic XP you can get while profiting, and it’s not very difficult. So, this gets a thumbs up from me.




Level 89 Magic - Recharge Dragonstone


Spellbook: Lunar

Staff Recommended: Water Staff

Runes: 1 Soul Rune + + 1 Astral Rune + 4 Water Runes

80K-90K XP/H


At 89 Magic, you can use Recharge Dragonstone which recharges all enchanted dragonstone jewelry in your inventory to (4) charges.


You can do over 20,000 Amulets of Glory an hour since you can do 27 per spell, but 20,000+ Amulets of Glory cost over 200M RuneScape gold at a time, and it is going to take a lot of time to buy. So, even though this method could make 6M-8M an hour, getting a full hour’s worth is pretty unreasonable, but this is a unique money maker.



Level 63 Magic - Fire Orbs

Spellbook: Standard

Staff Recommended: Fire

Runes: 3 Cosmic Runes + 30 Fire Runes

35K-40K XP/H


I can end with a money maker that you can actually do for multiple hours in a row. Fire Orbs are not fast Mage XP, but doing this gives +500K gp per hour which is pretty solid for fairly AFK skilling. It is highly suggested to have level 80 Agility for Fire Orbs to use the high level Agility shortcut in the Taverley Dungeon, and you need level 63 Magic to use this spell, making this a mid to high level requirement money maker.


I don’t suggest using Fire Orbs to get to 99 Magic, but using them for a little AFK time here and there is not a bad idea to add up some extra Magic XP.


That’s all the information about how to reach level 99 Magic in RuneScape 2007. If you learned something new today, then give this video or this article a like and share it with a friend. Please keep checking back for more RuneScape money making and leveling methods on MmoGah. We have 10 best OSRS money makers and a guide to kill Zulrah - one of the most profitable bosses in RS07. We also provide cheap Magic 66 and Magic 80 accounts with no email registered to. For players who don't have time go grind, buying OSRS accounts from MmoGah is a good choice.


Also, for RuneScape 3 players, there is a 1-99 Crafting guide, which teaches you how to reach 99 Crafting and save or earn some RuneScape 3 gold while training.





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