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Top 10 Best OSRS Money Makers

Do you want to make a serious amount of gold in RuneScape 2007? This guide shows you 10 of the best OSRS money making methods that will get you rich in the game. This guide contains some of the most profitable bosses as well as some methods with which you can make decent money with no effort.


Please click Seerz’s video for more details on the top 10 best OSRS money making methods, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video. The main content starts from 02:46.


Note that the gp and kills per hour is estimated, and the gp per kill is averaged. You can make more or less depending on many variables, such as gear, levels, luck, and efficiency. Prices of items change, which means gp per hour will change as well.



No. 10: Dagannoth Kings (2.3M/H)


· 36K gp per kill (minus supplies)

· 75 kills per house

· Notable drops

    · Archers ring (4.9M gp)

    · Berserker ring (2.8M gp)

    · Seers ring (430K gp)

    · Dagannoth bones (8.7K each) 


Dagannoth Kings (aka DKs) are located below Waterbirth Island off the coast of Rellekka. You could kill them at a fairly low level, but I would highly recommend that you get the Fremennik elite diaries done. You’ll need to get to level 77 Runecrafting, which can be a pain. But if you do complete this diary, you will get the noted Dagannoth bones. This will be about 20%-40% more profit than if you just left the Dagannoth bones (8K-9K gp each) on the ground. 


Most players go to Dagannoth Kings for the Berserker ring, Archers ring, Seers ring, and the Warrior ring, the Dragon Axes, and the Pet drop. But the rings are 1/128, if you are killing all three of them, they are extremely common, and every single trip, you are bound to see at least one, not to mention the Dagannoth King pets are some of the coolest. 


The Dagannoth Kings gp/hr is roughly 2.3M, but the rings could drop down or even go up in price, making this even more or worse of a money making method. 




No. 9: Chambers of Xeric (Raid 1) (2.8M/H)


75K gp per 1K points (minus supplies)

· 2 Raids per hour

· Notable drops

    · Twisted bow: 1,026M

    · Dragon hunter crossbow: 114M

    · Kodai insignia: 81M

    · Dragon claws: 61M

    · Dexterous prayer scroll: 59M 


You could go with a group of 5 or 15, or you can also do the whole raid just by yourself. If you are going to get into a serious group of friends or a team, they’ll want you to have some pretty good gear, which could range all the way up to 500M RuneScape money. The best Chambers of Xeric gear is a Twisted bow, which is the best way to kill Great Olm - the dragon boss at the end. 


The whole rewarding system is based on points. It’s about 75K gp per 1K points. Of course, the Raids 1 has the drop of Twisted bow, which is still currently the most expensive item in the entire game. 


You can also get the Ancestral Robes, Dragon Claws, and Dragon Hunter Crossbow. There are quite a bit of items from this Raid, but the most common drops are the Prayer scrolls. The Dexterous prayer scroll is the one for Range, and it is about 60M gp. The Arcane prayer scroll for Magic is about 5M. 




No. 8: Zulrah (2.9M/H)


· 115K gp per kill (minus supplies)

· 27 kills per hour

· Notable drops

    · Tanzanite fang (2.9M)

    · Magic fang (2.9M)

    · Serpentine visage (2.9M)

    · Uncut onyx (2.4M)



Zulrah was one of the first bosses in game with rediculous gp per hour, and it has got nerfed many times since it is so profitable. 





In order to kill this boss, you will have completed the quest of Regicide. Zulrah has 4 different start phases, which is why people think this boss is so hard. In order to kill it properly, you have to memorize each one of those phases, and once one of those phases is over, Zulrah will start another phase from beginning. 


Most of the players that killed Zulrah have a full Magic setup and a full Ranged setup within their inventories. You need to use Range on the blue form and use Magic on the green and the red forms. Most high level players just actually use a Twisted bow with full range, nothing else, and it’s actually a faster way to kill Zulrah, plus it’s cheaper in supplies. The OSRS Zulrah gold per hour is about 2.9M/H. 




No. 7: Corrupted Gauntlet (2.9M gp/H)


· 584K gp per completing (with shards)

· 5 completions per hour

· Notable drops

    · Blade of saeldor (inactive): 104M

    · Crystal armour seed: 3M

    · Crystal shard: 105K-190K each

    · Rune body, Blood rune, Dragon halberd (175K each) 


Killing the Gauntlet requires the Song of the Elves quest, which is a new quest just came out. Probably the best about slaying the boss is you need 0 gear or supply. This is amazing especially if you get cleaned or hacked, you need almost nothing, and every drop you get is pure profit. 


Killing the Gauntlet is probably one of the most challenging one on this whole list. You would want to do the regular gauntlet before you try the corrupted. This is one of the funnest things to do in Old School RuneScape. 


The Corrupted gauntlet drops the new Blade of Saeldor, which is still over 100M gp, and you’ll also get shards. You can make divine potions and earn a lot of gp doing that or even use the shards on the Crystal chest. 


If you do perfect kills and rarely die, killing the Gauntlet can be 2.9M gp per hour. 



No. 6: Demonic Gorilla (3.1M/H)


· 62K gp per kill (minus supplies)

· 60 kills per hour

· Notable drops

    · Zenyte shard: 11M

    · Monkey tail: 500K

    · Dragonfruit tree seed: 355K

    · Magic seed: 266K


In order to kill these gorillas, you’ll have to complete the Monkey Madness II. You can actually get a Black demon task then go kill Demonic Gorillas, and they will count as a Black demon. 


Of course, you would want to have the best gear while killing anything in the game. But, to kill this monster, you only need level 80 stats and some Barrows gear. I highly recommend getting an Arclight, which is definitely the best weapon to use against Demonic creatures in the game. 


By killing these monsters, you can get the Magic seeds, a whole bunch of Rune items, and some other good drops, but the Zenyte shards make up the bulk of the profit as they are pretty common. 




No. 5: Alchemical Hydra (3.2M/H)


· 152K gp per kill (minus supplies)

· 25 kills per hour

· Notable drops

    · Hydra's claw: 69M

    · Hydra leather: 8.9M

    · Brimstone ring: 5.3M

    · Dragon knife: 1.2M-2.3M 


This is one of the newer bosses in RuneScape 2007, this gives amazing profit, but it requires level 95 Slayer and can be only killed on a Hydra Slayer task assigned by Konar, similar to some of the other Slayer bosses such as Cerberus and Kraken, but this boss can be only obtained via Konar. 


The best way to kill this boss is with a Twisted bow. But the Twisted bow is about 1B gp, so if you don’t have that, you can just use a blowpipe. If you are an endgame Ironman, this is definitely a boss you will want to make a stop at.   


The boss has two of the best in slot items. One of those being the Hydra's claw, which you’ll add to the Zamorakian hasta to create the Dragon hunter lance - the Melee version of the Dragon hunter crossbow. 


The boss also has a rare drop of Hydra leather that must be used on the piece of machinery just south-west of the large pool in Lithkren Vault (requiring Dragon Slayer II), along with a hammer, to be made into the Ferocious Gloves, which are the best gloves in slot, and the gloves add 14 Strength. The leather is tradable, but the gloves are untradable. 

 Top 10 Best OSRS Money Makers p101


No. 4: Zalcano (3.2M/H)


· 162K gp per skill (minus supplies)

· (Using shards for divine potions & pickaxe recharge)

· 20 kills per hour

· Notable drops

    · Crystal tool seed: 11.5M

    · Uncut onyx: 2.4M

    · Zalcano shard: 340K

    · Onyx bolt tips: 40K-815K 


This is the newest boss that comes to Old School RuneScape, and you need to do the the Song of Elves quest to get into the city. 


Zalcano is a skilling boss. You are going to use Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting to take down the boss. 


If you want to make some serious 07 gold, I would recommend level 90-95 Mining, even level 99 Mining and buying yourself a Crystal Pickaxe. A Dragon pickaxe works just fine, and you’ll still make quite a lot of gp per hour with it, but using a Crystal pickaxe is going to give you the top tier slot of any people in the room especially when they don’t have a pickaxe, and you’ll receive much more MVP kills, which will increase you gp per hour significantly. 


You can get the Crystal shards and turn them into Divine potions, or, you can also take shards and use them on crystal keys to open the new enhanced Crystal chest. You can make a lot of gp, or get shards back from the chests, or even get the new Dragonstone armor, which is 5M gp per piece. 


Zalcano is the best way for Ironman to get supplies for Smithing. The boss drops gems, ores, and bars. So, it is highly recommended going there if you have an Ironman. 


If you are looking for the unofficial worlds, then World 378 is currently the unofficial world for America, and World 375 is the unofficial world for Europe.




No. 3: Kree'arra (3.4M/H)


· 269K gp per kill (minus supplies)

· 20 kills per hour

· Notable drops

    · Armadyl chestplate: 41M

    · Armadyl chainskirt: 34M

    · Armadyl hilt: 12.7M

    · Armadyl helmet: 5.9M 


There is a much more efficient way to take down this boss. You would want to use the Black Chinchompas and the Blood Barrage. I highly recommend using this method especially if soloing or even in a duo. Although it will increase your supply cost quite significantly, your gp per hour and kills per hour will go up tremendously. 


Black Chinchompas have an AOE (Area of Effect), that means you can hit multiple creatures at one time. The reason of using Black Chinchompas is that you need to kill the minion next to the boss, and you will throw the chinchompas at the minion. The chinchompas will almost always hit it due to their lower Defence, and the AoE will bounce onto Kree'arra as any other NPC indirectly hit by a chinchompa typically receive damage. It is the quickest way to kill Kree'arra. This way is a bit costly but much faster, which means more item drops and more kree'arra pet chances per hour. 


Most of your profit will come from the chainskirt and the chestplate, and you could keep killing the minions if you were to kill off the bosses, you would have the chances of 1/16,000 from getting an item piece off a minion, and this goes for any type of God Wars Dungeon boss as well.




No. 2: Vorkath (3.6M/H)


· 135K gp per kill (minus supplies)

· 30 kills per hour

· Notable drops

    · Skeletal visage (31M)

    · Draconic visage (5.2M)

    · Onyx bolt tips (41M-245M)

    · Superior dragon bones (24K each) 


Vorkath gives a lot of gold but it is locked behind the Dragon Slayer II quest, which is pretty hard. You probably won’t be doing this quest if you are below 100 combat.


Using a Dragon hunter crossbow or a Dragon hunter lance is going to greatly increase you kills per hour. The lance increases both accuracy and damage by 20% towards dragons, and the crossbow increases both accuracy and damage by 30%. 


Each kill takes 2 minutes, but it drops two Superior Dragon Bones at one time, and both are worth 12K gp, so, that’s 25K gp in one kill. 


While killing the boss, you’ll probably come across the poison phase. This is something that is pretty brutal. You have to keep moving, or you’ll get killed so quick. The poison balls hit about 30 every single tick. If you can master the the “Woox walk” that is created by Woox when killing the boss, it is going to increase your kills and profit per hour tremendously.


Vorkath has been compared to Zulrah many times. But, many players, especially the higher level ones think that Vorkath is easier and it gives more RS07 gold. 




No. 1: Theatre of Blood (6.4M/H)


· (No death 4 man team split)

· 3.5M gp per Raid (minus supplies)

· 2 Raids per hour

· Notable drops

    · Scythe of Vitur (860M)

    · Ghrazi rapier (180M)

    · Sanguinesti staff (91M)

    · Avernic defender hilt (75M)


You would need to find a group of friend to teach you Theatre of Blood, or you could spend a few hours watching Theatre of blood video guides or looking up guides, then you would probably know how to do it. 


You can have up to 5 players on your team, but a four-man team is regarded as the most efficient. If you or any of your team members die during the Raids, the gp per hour will be lowered quite a bit. 


In order to complete the Theatre of Blood (aka Raids 2), you are going to need a lot of very expensive gear, and the cost would be at least 500M OSRS gp. You also need very trusted, intelligent teammates, and you guys would definitely want to be on Discord or Teamspeak. 


The Scythe of Vitur is the best you can get from Raids 2. The most common drop is the Avernic defender hilt, which is the upgraded Dragon defender. The price of Avernic defender hilt is very stable, so, it is another good drop. 


The profit per hour has so many variables. It depends on how many times you die, how efficient you are, how good your teammates are, your RNG, and the drop rates etc. But with everything said and done, the Theatre of blood gp/hr would be 6.4M. 




Honorable Mentions



1. Corporeal Beast 

The first mention is doing Corporeal Beast with a team or doing it FFA which means Free-for-All. You can find a clan chat called “Corp FFA 07”. The gp per hour is between 1.5M to over 4M, and it is greatly dependent on your RNG. You could get 3 sigils within 200 KC. 



2. Revenants

The next is killing Revenants in the Wilderness. This can be one of the best money makers in the entire game, but you need to have a lot of skills. You could even kill them blow level 30 Wilderness, so you could use teleport instantly if you see anyone. You might even want to have level 85 Agility with the Summer Pie as well, and then you could hop across the Agility shortcut down south and never die. 


There are many ways of doing this efficiently, but most players don’t go here just because it’s the Wilderness. There are a lot of Skull tricks, and it’s highly contested. So, you need to watch out, and it is not for everyone. 



3. Merchanting

The next is merchanting, either flipping or investing, which is one of the best gp in the game. I’ve made billions of gold doing this while sleeping. Most of the time, I’m killing bosses or doing a farm run while I’m making money in the background. 



4. Risk Fighting

Again, this is not for everyone. You need a lot of PK skills. I have been PKing for a long time but I still get trashed sometimes because people are so good. But you could do like a 500M vs 500M risk fight, and if you are good at this, you could make an insane amount of RuneScape 2007 gold.



5. Join a Barbarian assault team or a Runecraft running team

Next, you can join a Barbarian assault team or a Runecraft running team. They are very hard to find. You might want to look around on Twitter, Reddit, or some forums. But, you need to watch out and make sure you don’t get scammed. 


Doing these gives a good profit. You just run essence for people who are trying to get to level 99 Runecrafting. You will need level 75 Runecrafting for the large pouch. I have seen people pay 2M - 6M gp/H per runner. This is extremely expensive, which means if you are the runner, you can make quite a bit of OSRS coins. 



6. Buying Battlestaves

The last honorable mention is buying Battlestaves with either the elite or the hard Varrock Diaries. 


If you think about it, this takes 10 seconds to teleport to Varrock and go to the staff shop, you profit 148K gp each time leading to 54M gp/H. However, you can only do it once a day. But if you do this everyday for two years, then you are going to rake in some serious cash. 


These are the top 10 best money makers in Old School RuneScape. I hope that with these OSRS money making methods, you can make a ton of OSRS gold in the game. If you choose to PK for gold, then MmoGah will be a good choice to buy a RuneScape account because we are ranked as one of the best RuneScape account sellers.


For RS3 players, there are some of the best items you should invest in to make RS3 gold with little effort from the Double XP Weekend. 


To get more RuneScape money making guides, be sure to bookmark our RS news page on MmoGah.





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