❎1 hour of PLAYING/COACHING/RATING UP❎ 2x2/3x3 with MGLAD ⚔️1400-1600-1800-2100+⚔️ - WoW US
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1 hour of playing arena with tips about tactic, mistakes, macros, setting up addons, talents. I am a very calm coach who focuses on teaching. I'm trying to analyze your cooldowns, show when it is needed to play defensive, etc.

I only bill the time we spend in queue, playing arena, setting up interface and add-ons (breaks\pauses if need are not billed)

I play right now on Disc Priest and RestoSham.

My experience:
2vs2 - 2450
3vs3 - 2540 (Gladiator SL S2 / BFA S1)
5vs5 - 2340
RBG – 2400

Experience on most of classes at a level of 1800-2500.

Level of english - upper-intermediate.

I am online 8:30 -22:00 by UTC/GMT +2(3)
If you have any questions - feel free to pm me.