107 Demon Hunter
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Country: Denmark

Game: EU|World of Warcraft?: "Battle for Azeroth?": WoW1 (inactive) LastPlay: 2020/5/3

EU|"World of Warcraft?": WoW2 (Novice demo)

EU|"World of Warcraft?": WoW3 (newbie demo)

EU|"Diablo? III": "Scythe of Soul" (activated)

EU|"Heartstone Legend?" (activated) LastPlay:2019/12/13

EU|"Storm Heroes" (activated)

EU|"StarCraft? II": Legacy of the Void? Play package (activated) LastPlay:2019/7/19

EU|StarCraft?: Remastered version (activated)

Char: EU|Level 65 Human Paladin [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 70 Night Elf Druid [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 70 Draenei Mage [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 66 Dwarf Warlock [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 73 Dwarf Hunter [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 85 Human Death Knight [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 21 Undead Mage [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 15 Worgen Rogue [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 82 Troll Shaman [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 14 Goblin Warrior [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 16 Orc Rogue [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 3 Pandaren Shaman [Doomhammer]

EU|Level 107 Night Elf Demon Hunter [Doomhammer]

EU|Classic|Level 2 Undead Warrior [Mirage Raceway]

Gift: No Gift

Transactions: EU|2020/4/10 €7.50 "World of Warcraft?: Battle for Azeroth" digital dictionary collection upgrade package

EU|2019/12/13 0? "The Hearthstone" gold new hero-Tyrande Whisperwind

EU|2018/5/2 150? "Legend of Hearthstone" Gold Hearthstone: Admission Ticket to Chaos Arena

EU|2018/3/2 150? "Legend of Hearthstone" Gold Hearthstone: Admission Ticket to Chaos Arena

EU|2016/9/12 700? Hearthstone Gold Karazhan Night-Opera House

EU|2016/8/19 700? "The Hearthstone" Gold Karazhan Night-Ballroom