60 fury warrior whitemane
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Onslaught Girdle

Mask of the Unforgiven

Perdition's Blade

Onyxia Tooth Pendant

Eskhandar's Collar

Will of the Martyr

Truestrike Shoulders

Spaulders of Valor

Mask of the Unforgiven

Cape of the Black Baron

Cadaverous Armor

Battleborn Armbraces

Vambraces of the Sadist

Omokk's Girth Restrainer

Bloodmail Boots

Blackstone Ring

Magni's Will

Blackhand's Breadth

Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge

Mirah's Song

Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian

Satyr's Bow

Flameguard Gauntlets

Don Julio's Band

Quick Strike Ring

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