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  • WoW Battle for Azeroth Preview: Class Changes
    By Shirley Huang2018-05-29 00:00:00

    Generally speaking, a new WoW expansion will make every class feel at least refreshed and rejuvenated in the game. In Battle for Azeroth, the upcoming WoW expansion following Legion, all playable classes have received significant updates. Many abilities removed from Legion as well as past expansions are coming back! In guide, we'll share the biggest changes to each class with wow fans.

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    Some notable overall changes as below

    Individual buttons for Druid travel forms.

    Arcane Torrent and Every Man for Himself changed.

    Mobility and some defensive abilities have also been put on the GCD.

    Most offensive cooldowns have been put on the GCD.

    Many melee abilities scale with Attack Power instead of Weapon Damage.

    Bleed and Poison ticks now scale with Haste.

    Hunter pets have set specializations, which offer different types of utility, and several pet families have changed specs.

    Battle for Azeroth has a huge stat and ilvl squish.


    The biggest changes to each class can be found as below

    1. Death Knights have two new abilities: Death’s Advance and Thoughtsieze. The Death’s Advance makes you immune to slow and resists movement effects; The Thoughtsieze steals a beneficial magic effect from a target, which can be applied to yourself or a friendly target.

    2. Demon Hunters have many talents are new, revamped or removed. New talents include Cycle of Hatred - when using Chaos Strike, it refunds Fury, and Immolation Aura that causes fire damage to enemies within eight yards.

    3. Druids have access to Hibernate and Sooth once more, while Frenzied Regeneration has an increased recharge time. Tiger Dash requires level 30 and has a reduced cool down. 

    4. Hunters can use Tranquilizing Shot once again. All three specializations have been huge revamped: many new talents, changes or removals. 

    5. Monk specialization Windwalker has several new talents, while the Brewmaster’s Stagger talent has its effectiveness reduced by half. 

    6. Mages’ Arcane Intellect will come back, a talent that will increase an ally’s intellect by 5% for one hour. 

    7. Paladins will increase cool downs for both Divine Steed and Blessing of Freedom

    8. Priests will regain the Power Word: Fortitude as a returning ability and many talents have swapped tiers. Most importantly, Surrender to Madness is no longer fatal. Instead you take damage equal to your max health’s 90%, and can no longer generate Insanity for 30 seconds. 

    9. Rogues have many new talents including Poison Bomb returning as a talent and  Cloak of Shadows and  Feint were slightly nerfed.

    10. Shamans can use Tremor Totem once again. 

    11. Warlocks have many new talents, and Life Tap has been changed to grant a Soul Shard, but has a cool down. 

    12. Warriors will have a talent change, including new skills, such as Deep Wounds, which causes Mortal Strike and Execute to inflict Deep Wounds that cause bleed damage over three seconds. 


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