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How to Choose the Best Class in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Event

By Penny2024-05-23

The WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Event started on May 16th. Then, which class or race to play in this event to get the most out of it? Kelani shared some tips on YouTube to help us choose our class. Let’s dive in.


 How to Choose the Best Class in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Event


Level a class that hasn’t reached its maximum level yet

This event serves as a chance to play something new, and one of the highlights of the event is leveling quickly and becoming super overpowered, so pick a class you don't already have at max level.


Level what you want to play in the War Within

It's important to highlight the fact that we will be able to play any event characters after the event ends, meaning the event characters can be played in the War Within expansion. So, you can pick the classes that you would also be interested in playing in the new expansion.


The next expansion in WoW is coming. As we stand on the brink of this new chapter, let us ready our gear, sharpen our skills, and prepare to dive into the depths of Azeroth's rich history and its untold future. To thrive in The War Within, one must be strategic and resourceful, especially when it comes to acquiring gold. Click the button and accumulate your wealth right now!

Try something new

If you've never tried tanking or healing, or if you've never played melee or raged, this event is a chance to try something new. And there is nothing to be worried about, as the various skill gems and abilities you can unlock and use throughout this event are insanely powerful. Let the gems fill in the gaps.


Classes in high demand

Unlike any other leveling process we've had in the game so far, dungeons in this event are available to queue into at level 10, so you don't even really have to do any questing. In fact, it’s much easier and faster just to do dungeons to level up. So, dungeon spamming was very popular when this event was being tested on the PTR.


Tanks and healers are in demand throughout the leveling portion of this event, even the endgame content. They have faster queues, so playing one of those roles will help you level faster to start your Antique Bronze Bullion farming early.


Thanks to the skills and abilities from gems, tanking and healing are much easier during this event. There are so many gems to augment your healing capabilities. For tanking, there are also various gems to increase your AoE, cleave damage, and some options to increase your tankiness.


Classes for Soloing

If you're not too interested in group content, here are the classes for soloing. Classes with strong defensive skills and self-sustain would be perfect, like Blood Death Knight and Vengeance Demon Hunter. They are tanky and can heal themselves and dish out extra damage, which is overpowered.


The other two standouts would be the Hunter and Warlock, as having a pet that can take the brunt of the damage while you focus on killing has always been very valuable in solo content. So, if you don't want to roll as a tank but you still want a strong solo character, they can be good options.


Important things to notice


Don’t forget about Heritage Armor Sets

Allied races leveled up through this event will unlock their Heritage Armor Sets. This event could be the best chance to level them up quickly and get the armor sets.

Level your alts

After you level one character up to level 70 in this event, then leveling any alt after that should be incredibly quick. So, if you want to relevel your characters to change the server they're on or change their faction or race, this is a great chance to do that without having to pay any real cash for the actual transfer or change. Think of this event as a chance to get your alt army set up regardless of what you have already leveled up.

After reaching the max level

What if you are done with leveling? Well, the Mists of Pandaria Event offers a different experience. There are so many rewards you can pick up, like transmogs, mounts, toys, or pets. This event lets you get these goodies much easier and with no RNG. Actually, it's even worth taking part in the event just for the rewards.

You can unlock any transmog

Another thing to notice is that you can unlock any transmog from the vendors, meaning if you want the plate sets, you don’t need a plate character to buy it. You can buy it at any time.

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