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WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Solo Gearing Up Guide – Up To Ilvl 515

By Penny2024-05-10

In Dragonflight Season 4, there are many options to gear up. Compared to previous seasons or expansions, you can get a much higher item level more easily. Kelani, an amazing gaming content maker, went through some gearing options for solo content focus players and showed us how to get to Item level 515 in Season 4. And if you need some gold for your WoW gearing up journey, come to MmoGah, a professional shop that has served tons of WoWers over the years. Now, let’s dive in.


 WoW Dragonflight Season 4 Solo Gearing Up Guide – Up To Ilvl 515


Awakened Content

Any Awakened World content will reward you with about item level 480 on the veteran track. There are three events per awakened cycle, which are related to the Rotating Awakened Raid feature. If you get them all done, you'll have quite a few chances per week to get some loot. The weekly quest can also reward you with an item level 493 piece of gear, and killing the Awakened World boss every week can get you item level 499 gear.


Almost all the gear you get can be used in the Revival Catalyst to unlock your powerful two-set and four-set bonuses for Season 4. You'll get one charge per week and more as the weeks roll by.


Heroic Dungeon

Hopping into Heroic Dungeon can get you some item-level 476 gear very easily. Although technically, dungeons aren't solo content, all you have to do is queue up, and there's no actual group making or building. It is a very easy source of decent gear, which is infinitely repeatable.


As with every other season, all of the gear is also upgradeable. All of the 480 Veteran gear can be upgraded to 502.


Whelping Crests and Drake Crests

To get to 502, we will need some Whelping Crests and Drake Crests.


Getting Whelping Crests will require you to collect green orbs in Dreamsurge Zone, which can be found in high-up areas or in towers under bridges. Each orb you collect will give you two crests. Another easy way is by running Heroic Dungeons. Each you complete will yield 10 Whelping Crests. Besides, in LFR, you can also get ten Crests after killing one boss.


Getting Drake Crests is much easier because they're rewarded alongside all of the weekly open-world content, like the weekly Last Hurrah quest. So, you can cap your weekly earnings without too much effort.


Spark of Awakening

There is a hefty time gate to get to 515 because you need Spark of Awakening. The only way to get it is to collect Splintered Spark of Awakening from the Last Hurrah weekly quest. By doing the quest, you can get one Spark of Awakening (two Splintered Spark of Awakening combined) every two weeks, which means you can create one new piece of crafted gear every two weeks. If you forget to complete your weekly quest and miss a Splined Spark, you can catch up through other types of content, like LFR. With Spark of Awakening and other crafting materials, you can get item level 502 gear very easily.


Kelani doesn’t recommend crafting any item you can buy from a bullion vendor, so don't craft weapons, rings or trinkets. Also, avoid tier set gear slots, which would be head, shoulder, chest, hands, and legs, until you have your four-tier set fully equipped. So, the best slots to craft first would be your necklace, wrists, boots, and belt.


Antique Bronze Bullion Vendors

In the Parting Glass inn, you can find several vendors who sell 493 raid gear for a special new currency called the Antique Bronze Bullion. You can buy powerful weapons, rings, trinkets, and very rare items from all three Dragonflight raids from them. All of the gear also comes with a special awakened track, allowing you to upgrade 12 or 14 times, depending on the item. With Drake and Wyrm Crest, you can get up to 515 item level.


You can get one Bronze Bullion per week, and that cap is cumulative, so you can always catch up. If you keep up with the Bronze Bullion, you can buy a new piece of gear every two weeks. There is only one way to get your hands on this new currency, which is killing raid bosses. Thankfully, there is an option here that is available to everyone - LFR. As with Heroic Dungeon, LFR is technically not solo content, but you don't have to set up a group and interact with anyone; you just queue it by yourself and wait for the queue time.


Not only the Antique Bronze Bullion currency, but hopping into LFR during season 4 can give you a chance to get 480 loot from each boss, including the rare items in the trinket and tier set gear. Overall, LFR should definitely be on your to-do list.


Wyrm’s Awakened Crests

Wyrm’s Awakened Crests allow you to upgrade your Bullion gear and any higher item-level gear you happen to get your hands on.


Upgrading your normal gear requires you to take it to an upgrade vendor and fork over your Worm’s Awakened Crests and Flight Stones. Worm’s Awakened Crests can get your gear up to lvl 515.


Upgrading your crafted gear requires you to get Enchanted Wyrm’s Awakened Crest, which is made by Enchanters. A Nascent Wyrm’s Awakened Crest that is needed to craft Enchanted Wyrm’s Awakened Crest needs to be purchased from the enchanting supply vendor using 45 Wyrm’s Awakened Crest, which means it will cost you 45 Wyrm’s Awakened Crest to upgrade a piece of crafted gear to item level 515. The rest of the materials needed to craft the Enchanted Wyrm’s Awakened Crest can be bought at the auction house. When you have your Enchanted Wyrm’s Awakened Crest, go back to the crafting order clerk and start another crafting order. Pop your piece of gear in and add the Enchanted Wyrm’s Awakened Crest. If you get it crafted at rank five, that is an easy piece of item level 515 gear.


As you can see, Wyrm’s Awakened Crest is key in this process. How can we get it without doing the Heroic raid and Mythic+ Keystones? The answer is using the Weekly Vault. The Weekly Vault offers you an extra chance to get some gear upgrades. If none of your rewards are an upgrade, you can take the Aspects' Token of Merit. You can get up to six tokens per week by having three rewards unlocked in your Vault. Then take these six tokens to the vendor next to the Vault to buy 45 Wyrm’s Awakened Crest, meaning one piece of upgraded crafter gear or three upgrades for a piece of Champion, Hero, or Awakened gear that needs Wyrm’s Awakened Crest. Using the Weekly Vault for Wyrm’s Awakened Crest is a little slow, but it is also very reliable.


Here are all the easy solo gearing-up options in Dradonflight season 4. If you find it helpful, subscribe to SignsOfKelani for more content.

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