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How to Farm Bronze in WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria – After the Nerf

By Penny2024-06-05

Mists of Pandaria event provides an accelerated leveling experience for WoW players, allowing us to prepare some characters and purchase cosmetics and collectibles ahead of the War Within expansion. But to purchase these, instead of World of Warcraft gold, you need a currency called Bronze, which you can get from everywhere, like slaying rares, looting Treasures, or completing quests. But some of these have been nerfed by Blizzard over the last few weeks. So, Dalaran went through the rest of the farming ways on his YouTube channel. If you are interested, let’s find out.


Farming Spot in the Isle of Thunder

Let’s go over some of the farm spots that you can take advantage of. The first is the Zandalari Trolls docks in the Isle of Thunder. You first need to do a short quest line to unlock the Isle of Thunder, which starts out in Townlong Steppes. Then there's a location right by the docks where you'll find a ton of Zandalari spawning. To maximize your Bronze gains, you need to delegate four stations where these trolls hang out and have a group of four players take up every single spot.




This is apparently not the most efficient one, but after the nerf, this is one of the better ones that can still work out. It is worth mentioning that this location also has two rare spawns, which can either appear on the bridge or up in the Watchtower right next to the docks. You can get Bronze, potentially weapons and cosmetics from them.


Alliance Only Farm

Another good spot is in the Krasarang Wilds, near the Lion's Landing.


 Alliance Only Farm Spot


On the beach near Lion's Landing, you will see a bunch of Horde Warriors and Shamans surrounding a Horde boat. If you're an Alliance player, you can take advantage of this spot and farm all the Horde enemies. With this spot awarding you a guaranteed 20K Bronze minimum every hour, it becomes one of the most efficient spots in the open world. However, it does have a big limitation because if you're Hoard, you can't attack these mobs at all.


Timeless Isle Farm

With the way that rares function in Mists of Pandaria, you don't have a daily or a weekly lockout on these rares, meaning you can keep farming them endlessly and get the same amount of loot every single time. Timeless Isle in Mists of Pandaria expansion was initially a spot that was filled with rares and events that happened globally out in the zone. With WoW Remix, you can now farm these rares endlessly, which is what a lot of players started to do recently.


What you need to do is find Three-Breeze Terrace, which is a little bit north of the Celestial Court. There, you'll find a stone where you can use the Scroll of Challenge to summon an elite rare. The scroll can be easily acquired if you have Emperor Shaohao rep, or you can buy the scroll for 500 timeless coins. The stone spawns roughly 6 to 10 minutes, so check out that area regularly to make sure you get your kill on the rare.


You should also explore the rest of the island because various activities are going to trigger constantly, every few minutes. Just roam the island, do all these events, slay different rares. With enough luck, if you get enough events while doing your circuits around the Timeless Isle, this method of farming Bronze could actually be a fairly viable one compared to what we’ve mentioned so far.


Dungeon Farm

Another simple way of getting Bronze is to run dungeons, specifically Heroic dungeons. As we know, many of the open-world farms have been slashed one after another by Blizzard, adding more incentive for players to do less open-world content, like dungeons. So, ideally, if you can run a Heroic dungeon rather quickly, you could potentially gain quite a bit of Bronze for every single dungeon run. But this is difficult to achieve even as a max-level character unless you're fully geared with an amazing cloak.


However, you can use a trial account to run through dungeons rather quickly and get some easy Bronze. Trial characters are capped out at level 20 to give players an opportunity to test out the new WoW Remix mode, but as a trial character, you can't level beyond level 20 to obtain any of the other unique rewards. So, make a trial character as either a Guardian Druid or Holy Priest (as they can be fast in the dungeon queues and have powerful gems to shorten the time spent inside of the dungeons). Then, run two instances, one on the trial character and the other on your main, and have your main character follow around after your trial. Just remember to tab out to the other character to loot all of the rewards.


Hope the methods above are helpful. Happy Bronze farming!

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