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World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 New Rare Pet Is Coming Soon: You Are Not Getting It Easily


A brand new and extremely rare pet is going to be released in Patch 6.1. According to inner wow news revealed that only one World of Warcraft player is allowed to enter for getting the pet each time when portal opens, and wowers will not know where exact the portal is, because it randomly updates in Draenor world. Once the pet is taken, portal won’t be available again in the following several days. It is obvious that how rare the pet is!

Therefore, there are a few interesting predictions:                                                                    

1.         Portal appears in crowded place

Maybe you called a player next to you bro last minute, but you guys might be into PVP mode next second when portal opens in front of you. So the funny result might be that a Rogue uses Vanish skill entering in secretly during other profession players fighting fiercely.


2.         Portal appears in desert place

If portal appears in a desert place that players never go to, and luckily you are just right there. Trust me, you don’t buy any lotters this year, because you’ve used all luck of this year.


3.         Portal just appears in front of you and it is not a desert place, and there’s no one around at all

Uhm…stop day dreaming, it is not gonna happen.


Blackrock Foundry is available now and guess that the new Patch 6.1 will be officially launched in the very near future in 2015. In the meanwhile, our wow gold selling online store, Mmogah, are having some sales promotion activities that if you follow our Facebook, extra 3%-5% discount will be granted. So if you guys would like to stock some wow gold for Blackrock Foundry and the following opening new Patch 6.1, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service representatives via live chat service on our website.


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