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World of Warcraft: How to Make Raid in Legion

Raiding is one of the best and most interesting features in World of Warcraft. It's an end game PvE activity that requires players to take down bosses. There are three difficulty settings of legion raid in World of Warcraft: normal, heroic and mythic. The last one has fixed party size requirement of 20 members while the first two allow groups of 10-25 players. Normal and heroic also have difficulty scaling.


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Social casual guilds are the best places to start raiding. It's not difficult to raid in two ways: with a guild or with a pug group. New players are advised to look for a guild and start their raid experience in an organized and friendly environment. Game chats and server forums are the best two places to look for a guild. Casual guilds can launch raid no more than two or three days a week. There are also guilds with just one weekly raid event. Players should consider how many days a week they are willing to commit to raid before joining.


These guilds are mostly built with community in mind and most of the time they raid just for fun. World of Warcraft normal and heroic modes are not that challenging so it's possible to share a joke and a laugh during a boss fight on farm. Casual guilds are most likely to accept players that are new to World of Warcraft raid. There are never enough tanks or healers so players who want to quickly find a raid guild should consider these two roles. This doesn't mean that damage dealers are not wanted but it may take more time to find a raid guild as DPS.


As you know, new players have little chances of clearing a raid with a pug group. This feature is convenient as it allows players to find a group at any time of the day but pugs attract a certain toxic crowd. New players that have a bad pug experience shouldn't get discouraged and give up raid. There are also decent pug groups, usually those do a semi guild running need a few more members. Players will find a friendly guild by chance while pugging and end up joining it.


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