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How to Make Up a Successful Guild in World of Warcraft

By Leo Jiang2017-03-22

Guilds are ways for like-minded players to come together and help each other with quests, pvp, instances, and end game raiding. Being a good guild is one of the most rewarding and fun aspects of World of Warcraft. Running a good guild is like being the captain of a winning sports team - everyone loves you for it and you have a blast. However, running a guild successfully is also fairly difficult.


Most new guilds never get off the ground, and they will always have occasional problem members, activity problems, and other upsets. Keeping a good guild is a lot of work, and causing many guild leaders to give up. You have to have the will, knowledge and patience to run a good guild. If you believe you are up to the task, then do it well and stick to the end.


Before creating a guild, you should ask yourself very seriously whether you can bear the responsibility of running a guild.

Being online often, usually an hour or two every day.

Taking initiative to set up guild events. Appointing officers.

Recruitment and applications.

Website set-up and maintenance.

Resolving conflicts and dealing with difficult people.

Kicking problem members when necessary.

Be able to take a few insults (it's inevitable that someone won't like you).

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Because of these responsibilities, there are many people who would no longer have fun in the game, and that is fine. Certainly running a guild isn't for everyone. You can choose lots of good guilds out there to join, and for many people that is a better choice than making their own. That is your own business.


Don't be a jerk. And don't let your officers be jerks either.

Everyone plays this game to have fun. So remember it's a game, and remember it's supposed to be fun. If a majority of your guild/team isn't having fun, then maybe you need to change your attitude on how you approach things, or plan some fun events to do instead of raiding (especially since Legion is so grandly and people get burnt out/frustrated easily). Do some PvP. Have mog run on old content. These are much appreciated by guild members.


What do you want your guild to be like.

What size of guild do you want to form? Do you want a guild to be very large with players of all different levels or do you want it to be a small guild with only friends? The main types are PvP, PvE, RP, Leveling or laid-back. PvP focuses on the player vs. player aspect of the game, PvE is instances and raiding and leveling is a balance of the two. RP stands for roleplaying, and it is most often found on RP and RPPVP servers. Maybe do an instance run here and there, but you aren't focused on a particular aspect. You don't have to have a type, but it helps bring like-minded people together.


PVP (Player versus Player) - A PvP guild revolves greatly around PvP. They participate in Battlegrounds, Arena, and often time’s world PvP. If you are very knowledgeable in PvP and would like to lead a team to victory in Rated Battlegrounds and arenas, then perhaps you should consider turning your guild into a PvP guild. Just keep in mind that you will have to lead ‘successful’ PvP matches. You will be the leader and will tell people the game plan, if you do this poorly, and your teams fail often, then people will not want to stay in your guild.


A PvE is guild that focuses on raiding and running dungeons. However, we are not only limited to raiding, we level up new characters and run dungeons, we run heroics at higher levels, and help each other with quests. If you plan to run a PvE guild, you need to be prepared to run weekly raids, or at least have someone that you trust to lead raids every week.


Knowing your members.

Talk to people, even just for a few minutes, before you invite them. Ask them what they like to do, how they like to play, and extrapolate what you can get from their answer. If you feel it's very likely to not be a good fit for the kind of group you want to put together, say no thanks - politely.


You need to decide what should be done in public and in private. Nobody likes being humiliated, and it's bound to make you seem unfair even if you've been even-handed in your enforcement. If you know it's a touchy subject, encourage your guild members to do the same. If it's something everyone needs to know, do it out in the open (again, politely).


Setting ground rules.

If you want guild chat to be sworn free, for example, let it be known and enforce it, but be fair in the way you enforce them. Don't let things slide for one person and not another. When the time comes to punish, do it the same way every time - What I find works best is a public suggestion, followed by a private warning, followed by a public warning (if it's a public problem), and followed by a kick. Again, be polite, but stick to your rules.


Finding new and suitable members to join your guild.

Now that you’ve decided what type of guild you are going to be, you should have an idea of what type of people you are looking for. There are many different ways to get people to join your guild, including but not limited to: A macro recruitment ad to spam in trade chat, whispering guildless people, and using the games new guild finder tool.


Finding people with good attitudes (who might have bad numbers) to join your guild, some people have bad attitudes but good numbers. This one will probably be the most important but requires a lot of work as a leader and can lead people to feel frustrated. I am sure that you don't want a toxic environment. Again, this game is supposed to be fun. This does not mean you won't be a "progression" guild/team.


Guild Finder Tool

Recently, World of Warcraft received a new feature called the “Guild finder”. It allows guild less people to search for guilds on their realm that match their needs. If you are the guild leader, you can edit your public note by the info tab in your Guild interface, and clicking on “recruitment”. From this page you can select what your guild is interested in, when you normally do things as a guild, what class roles you are looking for, and a short public note at the bottom for potential members to see.


Do something new

Just doing something every day isn't enough - people will get burned out. Make sure you mix things up occasionally and do something new. This is especially pertinent to raid guilds who have to focus on one raid for many weeks to complete it. At least one day of the week, do something else that is fun, even if it is a different raid.


Don't try to recruit level 90s or 110s

If you start low, it will be easier to find more members, hence your guild will be bigger and people will stay. Every now and then try push the top level boundary in your guild. Or maybe have a system - you can recruit 5 levels higher every 10 people. Unless you want a small guild then just aim small. I suggest to recruit some low levels and help them level up.


You try to start this step if you have plenty of level 110 players

If you get up to this step then you guild should be on the road to victory. Now you might want to start thinking about end-game. You might have a lot of new members now, so arranging new raiding times to suit your newer members, but don't forget about the old members. You will either need ventrilo/teamspeak or an in-game guild voice channel for this for voice communication and you will need some people with raiding experience. Good luck!


Have fun

World of Warcraft is a game, but you should know it’s full of real people, and guilds are the most "real" element of the game in many ways. Your guild members are as real as your friends in the real world. You are all here to have fun, so keep that in mind! People come and people go from guilds. But if you are honest and respectful, it is doubtful that your guild will ever fully dissolve as long as you are putting energy into keeping it going.


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