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Top Priority 10 Recommended Bosses in World of Warcraft

Leo Jiang November 25th, 2016 World of Warcraft    WoW Gold US/Oce    WoW Gold EU    WoW Power Leveling    WoW Help   

Players met some bosses that were just a pain in the ass from the start of Vanilla WoW. People thought it was impossible to beat them as some of them were just so insane. Here is a World of Warcraft blast from the past for the top 10 bosses who just won’t die. Without further delay here are the top 10 bosses from World of Warcraft that would be recommended for a long time.


Lich King

The entire raid needed to have quick responses to different spells from the boss. A single mistake from a team member would result in an entire team wipe, and players get a lot of opportunities to do that as well. And let’s not forget about the bat who would take one player away from the raid so even though if Lich King gets defeated that unlucky guy would not get the honor and achievement anyways. So who does not remember the boss of Icecrown Citadel ‘The Lich King’? One of the reasons why WotLK became the best expansion from WoW ever, Lich King’s battle was just too good to be true. A raid where all the classes had to give their best ever they think they have a chance against the Frost Mourne bearer.



Blackhand from the Blackrock Foundry is Number two. Along with being the final boss for T17 Blackhand was the final boss for the raid of Blackrock Foundry. Throughout the final raid instance players had to go through a 3 phase encounter in which players had to face the boss along with many different environmental tests and of course before the Blackhand could be put to rest.


Lady Vashj

The final boss of the Serpent shrine Cavern was Lady Vashj in Coilfang Reservoir. Until it all comes down to a DPS Race to kill the Lady the raid is adventurous till the final phase.



Since the start of World of Warcraft WoW players that have been a hardcore fan know who the hell Ragnaros is. The molten core boss was just a wall that would not go down.



Kael’thas gave a very interesting time to the raid. In Tempest the lord of Blood Elves and the final boss keep of The Eye. Covering a total of five phases, Kael’thas was a mage at best. Too many Kael’thas was one of the most enjoyable yet challenging bosses in World of Warcraft. With the starting phases being a bit of a DPS race, Kael’thas turned into a nightmare in the later phases.


Operator Thogar

Even though Thogar himself did not bring something new to the table, the environment played a huge role in crushing the raid members with trains coming from nowhere. The raid was all about prioritization and insane agility. The raid was strategically very tough. It was tough enough that an addon was released for this boss attempt to make sure which way the train was coming. In the Blackrock Foundry instance the train operator was also a boss but in the Iron Assembly Wing.



With the main work for the DPS, no raid has ever survived M’uru without a Protection Paladin on their side. M’uru provided a very hard DPS battle to the raid. The entire DPS team had to be divided into groups so that equal amount of damage could be bursted upon. For many players M’uru was just a boss who would not die. And neither did him, until Devs finally had to make some changes in order to make M’uru killable. Even so after the changes, guilds had a really tough time in bringing the unnamed boss to the ground. Furthermore, the role of Warlocks was also important as they had the main job to kill the spawns and sentinels.


Imperator Mar’gok

The final boss for Highmaul Raid was the two headed ogre. The entire raid consisted of a 4 phase encounter along with 2 transition phases. We have the Imperator Mar’gok. Even though Mar’gok used the same sort of abilities and spells with slight modifications, it took people very long to understand who the boss could be brought down.


Illidan Stormrage

When it comes to World of Warcraft Bosses Illidan is just a legend. Illidan Stormrage’s raid had a total of five phases and he is just a monster if he turns into a demon. If you are a places at the right time Illidan Stormrage was the final boss of the Black Temple who could only be down.



For a very long time, Wow C’thun was considered one of the most difficult bosses to come across by players. It was the final boss in the temple of AhnQiraj and the ugliest eye ever. For many, the boss was unbeatable until some fixes were done to C’thun making the boss much controllable in the final phase of the raid.


The above are top 10 bosses we came across in World of Warcraft. With the current gear and level our characters have, the bosses won’t even take one hit to die. A time when even though it took hours for a raid to complete, the excitement and enthusiasm was at the top whenever a boss came in front of a raid.


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