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  • Wrath of the Lich King Classic Leveling Guide
    By Richard Kayode2022-06-24 00:00:00

    Are you new to World of Warcraft and hoping to start out by leveling your first character? Or maybe you're coming back after taking a break from the game and wondering how to level up fast to meet up with the very much hyped Wrath of the Lich King Classic release? Well, MmoGah shares some useful tips that'll take your character where you want to be.


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    Since Blizzard announced Classic Wrath, we all know that leveling to 80 as fast as possible is what's going to be on everyone's mind. Especially after fresh servers for Wrath Classic have been announced. A lot of current players as well find it more enjoyable to start afresh on those servers and level up their characters or even build Alts in preparation for WotLK classic. These tips will help you prepare for Wrath of the Lich King Classic. One thing to note before we delve in is that every mountain speed-increasing item and riding crop will no longer work when you are level 80. So as you level, you need to make a lot of WotLK Classic gold and speed your way to the max level.


    Leveling 1 - 70

    There's so much to do in World of Warcraft Classic, and not knowing what you need to be doing can be frustrating. But these tips below should help you get to level 70 as fast as possible:


    Start with the Right Class

    Although everyone has their preferences, and each class has its pros and cons, they do have advantages over one another, based on your style. Starting out in WoW Classic, it's the class of your character that determines everything from your skills, talents, and gear you wear to the qualities you work on. Going into Wrath Classic, Blizzard did some mixups with the talents. Some talents are improved, and some classes have visibly new talents that'll help with easy leveling. You can pick from different classes that are some of the easy leveling classes, the best DPS ones, and the best ones for PvE & PvP in WotLK classic. So the choice you make matters.


    Druids happen to be a great class to start with as they have everything and can cover the three crucial roles: heal, tank, and DPS. Not only that, but they also have both ranged DPS spec and melee DPS spec. It's a great class for beginners due to its massive defensive, DPS, and healing capabilities. It's also the most mobile class due to shape-shifting, which makes druids faster when leveling. There are also other easy leveling classes like the Paladin with amazing healing abilities, hunters, and mages due to their high DPS specs. 


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    Obviously, since we are trying to level as fast as possible, it's a no-brainer that speed is pretty high on our list. Since you'll be spending a lot of time on your feet, it only makes sense to move around faster. You need some movement speed increasing items such as the enchant boots, minor run speed that increases your speed by 8%, the cat's swiftness, or the boar's speed.


    Gear Up and Enchant Them

    Getting good gear as fast as possible is also advisable. You want to do as many raids and heroic dungeons as possible to get better gear as you'll level up faster. You also need to enchant your gears to boost your power. You can buy WotLK classic gold and head over to auction to get some decent gears for most specs and classes.


    Use Good Leveling Tactics

    It is best practice to specialize in talents that reduce skill/spell cost and improve damage for faster leveling. This is so you can spend less time killing monsters and bosses, helping you kill more over a longer period of time before you have to take breaks. If you go for a class that heals like the Paladin or priest, for example, you don't have to spend talents in the healing tree even if you plan to be a healer when you hit level 80. Having the healing talent won't help your leveling much when solo questing in the field.


    Note that around level 70, you can switch to a full healing spec (taking in the case of warriors or death knights) if you want to be in a group. So it makes sense to not focus on talents that won't help you kill mob faster hence level quicker.



    While leveling, you will need to prequest to maximize your efficiency. Prequesting is when you accept quests from NPCs, complete them and store them in your quest log so you can turn them in as quickly as possible when the expansion goes live to get a huge burst of experience. Players are limited to storing  25 quests but can complete as many quests as possible. 


    Get the Right Profession

    Leveling and professions go hand-in-hand as in Wrath Classic. There are stat boosts for different professions while you are leveling. However, you need to first decide the profession you want to go for and make sure you get it ready for your main account if you are running an alt. 


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    For new players, it's important to know that engineering is considered to be the most useful profession. Engineers will have access to a lot that'll make them decent for both PvE & PvP. For example, they have an amazing glove enchant that increases your haste rating with a very low cooldown, frag belt, cloak parachute, rocket boots, etc. The fact that they have a lot of useful materials to save a lot of time while leveling are reasons why they are the best. 


    This isn't to say other classes aren't as important. Jewel crafters and miners, for example, are crucial for gold making, i.e., if you don't want to buy WotLK Classic gold. Also, there is going to be a new profession called inscription that allows you to craft glyphs to enhance your gameplay, alter spells, reduce cooldowns, etc., which will increase the demand for herbs. So it is definitely wise to have a character with herbalism as herbalists will be making a lot of gold in the WotLK classic.  


    Leveling 70 - 80

    Questing vs. Dungeon Leveling

    In Northrend, questing is easy and follows a simple, straightforward path. As long as you do what you're told, it's linear. You also get different gear items while leveling up, albeit green items, which are lower quality than dungeons', but by completing every single quest, you'll get a gear replacement in every item slot. In contrast, dungeons only offer a couple of upgrades for a select item slide. 


    Questing will also give you more gold and different reputations with various factions throughout Northrend. With questing, you also get to experience the entirety of the expansion, different zones, and what it has to offer as you complete your quests all around. Questing also allows you to skill up your professions while leveling and make more gold, especially if you have gathering professions such as herbalism or mining. 


    Dungeons, on the other hand, don't follow a linear progression path like questing. You'd want to find a dungeon from 70-73 and keep updating through level brackets as you go. Dungeon leveling can be as easy as running to your dungeon and starting leveling when you enter Northrend, instead of caring about how many people are struggling to complete their quests in the open world. Also not going to take away the fact that dungeon leveling can be fun if you have friends to play with. 


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    It totally depends on you which way you want to go, but it might be faster to do quests initially and then dungeons at higher levels. 


    Unlock Faction Tabards

    A way to prepare early for dungeon leveling is to start acquiring tabards to get reputations inside dungeons. Different reputations are important to different classes and specs. For example, casters want to focus on the Kirin Tor reputation for their head enchant, physical DPS should focus on the Knights of the Ebon Blade for their head enchant, tanks on the Argent Crusade, while healers, Wyrmrest Accord. 


    Wrapping Up

    These are just some useful tips to note in order to make your journey up to Northrend easier and faster. However, there are more comprehensive leveling guides made by WoW Gigabrain in the community that you can follow exactly. Other than buying Classic WotLK gold to rapidly boost your character, it's another way to level faster in no time.