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WotLK Classic Class Guide - The Best Class and How to Pick It

By Shirley Huang2022-06-22

Blizzard has announced that "Fresh Start" realms will be coming with the WotLK Classic Pre-patch, so players can level from 1 to 70 in preparation for the new expansion on new realms. 


For at least 90 days, you will not be allowed to boost or transfer a character on Fresh Start realms. Death Knights cannot be created on these realms without a level 55 character on that same realm. After the 90 days, players will still be able to transfer characters and may carry all the WotLK Classic gold over to these fresh realms, so now is the best time to buy cheap TBC Classic gold.


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Of course, we can prepare something before Wrath of the Lich King Classic releases, such as choosing the best profession and class. It isn't easy because there isn't a clear-cut winner in terms of the best healer tank or DPS. Many classes have the same effects on raids, and the same replenishment talents, which restore mana to the raid. They bring the same amount of raid-wide spell damage increases. All this makes picking a class much harder. MmoGah, one of the Classic WotLK gold sellers, would like to share this WotLK Classic class picking guide.


Death Knight

The Death knight is the first hero class in WoW. Available to both factions and starting at level 55. He has multiple extreme damage-dealing options, as his talent trees can be specced to perform exceptionally well with various melee abilities, spells, and damage-over-time dealing diseases. It is a capable tank class, with his Blood and Frost trees providing unique options.

Death Knight fights with a special buff active called a presence (similar to a warrior's stances), providing special bonuses to their roles. Death knights utilize a unique power system, with most spells costing Runes, which are replenished throughout the battle, or Runic Power, which various abilities can generate.



Paladin can fulfill any role within a party and do it exceptionally well in WotLK Classic, using the holy light to smite his foes, mend wounds and protect himself and his allies. Paladin can be one of the best classes in Classic WotLK, with powerful new spells and abilities added to all three specializations.


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This class has been changed a lot in WotLK Classic:

Seals can last 30 minutes and aren't removed when a Judgment is cast. Also, Judgments have been completely reworked.


A tear seal's effect, Judgment of Wisdom, gives each attack a chance to restore 2% of the attacker's base mana. In addition to your seal's judgment effect and Judgment of Justice, preventing NPCs from fleeing and players from moving faster than normal movement speed, this is certainly a buff.


Overall, if you're looking for one of the best classes to play for PvE and also to be a desired healer in PvP, Paladin is one of the best choices for you. If you enjoy playing the fantasy of the holy Warrior who is here to bring forth justice on the evil, then there is no better class than the Paladin.



Druid has a deep spiritual bond with nature and command over the wilds. The land itself obeys the call of the Druid with the ability to shapeshift into different animals. The Druid has access to multiple playstyles Rogue.


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In Classic WotLK, Druid fills a vital role. As a powerful tank healer or DPS, Druid shines like never before in Wrath with new AoE abilities for feral and balance and new powerful tanking talents in pharaoh, making bear tanks a top pick. Druid has also been known as the healer with heels over time, but in Wrath Classic, Druids has a heel called Nourish, which heals for an additional 20% if you have a Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom, or Wild Growth effect active on the target.


Overall, Druids are an amazing pick in WotLK Classic. They can fill any role very well in PvE and also have very strong PvP capabilities, allowing you to play Classic Wrath you want, and there is no other class with the flexibility to play with rage energy and mana like Druid. If you are one with land and enjoy a diverse range of play styles, Druid might be for you.



Warrior is a plate-wearing juggernaut of steel, using only his raw strength and rage to dominate his opponents. No fancy spells are trickery here. Just muscle grit and an indomitable will destroy Warrior smash through his opponents and has long been the best tank in PvE since vanilla. Warrior is a class that received some of the most changes in Lich King WoW Classic, and these changes gear them up to be a complete wrecking ball in PvP and not only a viable DPS in PvE but also one of the strongest end-game DPS classes in the entire game.


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One of the biggest additions to Warrior armaments is the ability to remove Ice Block and Divine Protection, using a new ability called Shattering Throw. Throw your weapon at the enemy, causing damage and reducing the armor on the target by 20% for 10 seconds or removing any invulnerabilities.


If you're looking for a class that uses brute strength to overcome obstacles and believes that any problem can be solved, and hit it hard enough, then the path of the Warrior might be for you.



Master of Beasts is an expert in ranged weaponry. Hunters are the iconic marksmen of the wilderness and live for the hunt. In Wrath of the Lich King Classic, as a damage-dealing class, Hunter has many changes, including many completely reworked pet abilities and extensive changes to each talent tree. Especially the survival tree, which focuses mainly on improving Hunter's survivability in combat PvP, increasing stamina, reducing movement speed slows, and including many powerful new shots regarding marksmanship. This specialization focuses more on increasing raw damage but also has some new PvP additions in Wrath. Beast mastery focuses on improving Hunter's pets, allowing new beasts into the fold. Hunters received many new baseline spells regardless of talent specialization.


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Overall, Hunter is a great pick for WotLK Classic. With loads of changes and powerful new abilities, Hunters are reinvented in Wrath Classic. They can play PvE and PvP well, so there is no content that a Hunter can't access. If you love the fantasy of being at home in the wilderness and having a special affinity for beasts, utilizing ranged weapons and traps, then there is no better class for you than the Hunter.



Shaman is a unique class, using totems to empower themselves and their allies, communing with the elements for power, and using both elementally empowered melee weapons and spells to crush their enemies. Shaman has gotten so many new powerful talents and spells in WoW WotLK Classic, which make him much stronger in PvP than ever before. Each specialization has many changes and complete overhauls, making Shaman feel more powerful than ever.


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Shaman is a class that groups arena teams, raids, and parties. Each Shaman specialization is viable for PvP and PvE, and this class can fill the role of either a healer or a DPS. Now the elemental talent tree focuses primarily on improving your spells like a lightning bolt and chain lightning, making the Shaman a ranged DPS spellcaster class.


On the other hand, enhancement is a specialization that focuses on melee combat, increasing your damage with melee weapons strikes, equipping the Shaman with powerful gap closers, and much more.


Shaman has gotten an insane number of buffs in Classic WotLK, making it a PvP powerhouse. If you like Shaman and TBC, you will love Shaman in WotLK Classic.



Warlock is the master of the shadow flame and summoning demonic creatures from the twisting nether. He is a spellcaster who has gone down the dark path, using evil magic to drain his enemies of life and corrupt and wither away those who would stand against them without mercy. Warlock has always been the desired class for the utility and brings to the group in the form of white prevention, health stones, and demonic buffs, while other spellcasters are mana hungry.


Overall, each specialization is incredibly powerful for different reasons. You can bet a lot of people will want to create a Death Knight Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Still, because of their unique resources of runic power and runes along with disease management, they aren't the easiest class to play correctly, so if you're a pro at Death Knight, you'll stand out.



Priest in Classic WotLK receives many changes. Priest racial many spells were removed entirely, and only a few were made baseline, and one made into a talent besides the Priest racial. This class received much-needed spells, completing his spell book and new ones.


WotLK Classic classes-7


Overall, Priest is a great pick for Wrath Classic. If you love the fantasy of spinning shadow magic and also want to be able to heal, no other class can do both besides Priest. The Priest is the only class that can play both sides of shadow and light. If you love the fantasy of the holy spellcaster who can also turn to the darkness, then perhaps Priest is for you. 



Rogue is the iconic thief class, using daggers to stab, ambush, and disable his opponents before they have a chance to react. Rogue has always been one of the most powerful classes in PvP and even PvE in TBC brought melee unfriendly raids.


Rogue became somewhat unpopular, but in WotLK Classic, with the addition of new abilities and new raids, Rogue rises to the challenge and is incredible once again in both PvE and PvP.


With the new abilities, Rogue rises to the top as one of the strongest choices for Wrath of the Lich King Classic because of his ability. He performs well in both PvP and PvP, having a high skill ceiling for those looking for a class to master and a sinister class fantasy to enjoy. 



Arcane Mage has new powerful spells to add to his spellbook for each of the three schools of magic. He brings powerful utility to any group raid or PvP encounter, reliable cc, and incredible burst. He is a welcome sight to any group and has command over three talent specializations arcane. The class cannon specialization mainly for PvE, dealing great damage at the cost of high mana fire. He receives many new talents, making it one of the strongest PvE specializations in the end game. Frost Mage is a PvP specialization, which focuses on slowing snaring and sea seeing opponents with ice and dealing incredible amounts of a burst with shattering ice combos, but this class also receives many new baseline spells.


If you love the class fantasy of a spellcaster who can command fire, ice, and arcane, then Mage is second to none in the mastery of these schools of magic, which might be for you.


If you want to learn more details, please click Toyhouze's video. Hopefully, you have a better idea of what class you want to play.


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