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WoW WotLK Classic Pre-Patch Gold Making Guide

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Do you want to farm gold in WotLK but have no idea where to start from? Our WotLK Classic Pre-Patch gold farming guide is here to help you choose the most profitable methods.


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Wrath of the Lich King is a popular expansion of World of Warcraft that was released in 2008. It is a massive online multiplayer role-playing game that came up with a variety of new content, including Northrend continent. This is where you will meet the Lich king named Arthas. The story starts when the undead launches an assault on all the villages and cities of Azeroth. Thrall deploys a full force to deal with the upcoming assault. The army of the war chief joins hands with the previously missing king named Varian Wrynn. Together, they start to push back the army of the undead. You need a lot of gold to survive in Azeroth, and these methods help you earn a good amount of gold per hour. Moreover, you can also buy a lot of WoW WotLK Classic gold to avoid grinding. This guide also features some of the best gold farming spots on the game map.


Benefits of Gold in WotLK

WotLK Classic comes up with a lot of new mounts, pets, and other items which can be bought from the market with gold. This is why everyone is talking about gold. The price of an item depends on its rarity. Below are the prices of rare items in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.


Ring of the Kirin Tor – Buy it from Jewel crafters in Dalaran for the right thousand gold coins

Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth – Buy it with twenty thousand gold coins

Cold Weather Flying and Epic Flying – But it with around five thousand gold coins (Price depends on the reputation)

 Pets and Toys – Available at the new toy vendor for two thousand coins

Consumables and elixirs to make raids easy

This list features only a tiny bit of gears and items that you can purchase with gold. Now that you know how important gold is in WotLK, it is time to start your journey.


Gold Farming Tips

Instead of bombarding you with some next-level information, here are some tips to give you a good start on your gold-making adventure. With these tips, you can move in the right direction and remember some important details.


Professions matter a lot so choose your profession wisely. For gold farming, some professions work the best while other makes the matter worse. If you choose the right profession, you will be able to deal with grinding, questing, and resource farming single-handedly while leveling at a good pace. If you have time, learn everything about macros.


Questing is very profitable in terms of both gold as well as experience points. You will also find some rare materials to craft items.


Get familiar with the auction house to make gold. The auction house is the official market in WOTLK, and you can sell your extra resources such as potions and weapons, etc. However, takes some time to learn everything about the auction house in detail, and it's worth the effort and time.  


Don't miss on getting a bag with sufficient storage. You can store items in the bag and hold on to them until you can sell them at the auction house. If your bag runs out of storage, you have to dispose of items that aren't profitable at all.


You may think that fighting high-level mobs is good, but fighting with mobs between level one to level four is better. The rewards of successfully defeating a mob depend on how much you take to defeat it.

If you can, get a mount early on to quickly travel to your destination on the game. This way, you can complete more quests in less time and hence make more gold.


Level up to level ten as soon as possible because the real earning starts after level ten.


Best Gold Farming Spots

You will be grinding and grinding a lot for gold, so why not do it at a place where it is more beneficial? While keeping in mind this idea, here are the five highest gold-yielding spots on the WOTLK map.


1. Sholazar Basin

Sholazar Basin is regarded as a gold mine as it is filled with some of the best mobs in the entire game, such as Shutterstock calf, Shutterstock Mammoth, and Shutterstock bull. When you defeat any of these mobs, you will get Chunk o' Mammoth, which is used in many cooking recipes. You can also sell them at the auction house for gold coins. No matter which profession you choose, there will always be something for you here. For skinners, animal skills are available, where miners can gather from Saronite nodes. For level eighty players, dealing with these mobs isn't difficult at all. You can buy fast WotLK Classic boost to level up your WLK class. Some other noteworthy items from Sholazar Basin are greens, crystallized Fire, crystallized water, chilled meat, vendor trash, etc.


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2. Borean Tundra

 If you are a meat lover, Borean Tundra is a treat for you as you can get Rhino meat from here. It features animals like a wooly rhino calf, wooly rhino matriarch, and wooly rhino bull. They roam on the game map in groups of five or six animals, so each raid will be more rewarding. With the right gear and profession, you can collect more than four hundred rhino meat from Borean Tundra in an hour. The rhino meat is in high demand at the auction so hold on to it until the price goes up.


3. Wintergrasp

Wintergrasp is a player-vs-player battle zone in WOTLK where you can farm crystallized life from living lashers as well as the mature to earn gold. You can skin mobs after defeating them for extra life and herbs. By collecting the right items, you can earn more than five hundred gold coins from Wintergrasp in an hour.

Air – Tempest Revenant

Earth – Earthbound Revenant

Fire – Flame Revenant

Life – Mature Lasher

Water – Water Revenant

Shadow – Shadow Revenant


4. Storm Peaks

Storm Peaks have mobs named wailing winds which respawn shortly after you defeat them, meaning less wait time. At the right pace, you can get a hefty amount of eternal Fire from this small cave. Some other notable items from this small cave are green items and grey items, while you can earn more than four hundred gold coins within one hour.


5. Hellfire Peninsula

Although the Fel iron ore is native to TBC, Hellfire Peninsula still made it to this list because of how quickly you can mine it from here. You can quickly sell the mined ore at the auction house, and it is always in demand. Players need it to upgrade engineering, jewel crafting, and blacksmithing professions in WOTLK. You will need an epic flyer so get your hands on it first.


Fel Iron Ore can be sold for one hundred and sixty gold coins each

Primal Earth can be sold for one gold coin each

Primal Fire can be sold for twenty-eight gold coins each


Best Professions for Gold Farming

Professions lets you make a good amount of gold in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Here are some of the best gold farming professions that you can equip for your adventure.



If you want to earn gold in a short time, skinning is your best option, and you only need a knife to go for it. First, kill a beast mob on the game map and then skin all the dead enemies for leathers with the help of the knife. You can also loot all the other items from the dead enemies. Arctic fur is one of the most profitable skinning items, as you can purchase leatherworkers' recipes in the later stages of the game. With these recipes, you can then craft components. Arctic furs can be sold at a good price at the auction house if you have too many of them in the bag.  



As the name of this profession suggests, Herbalism is all about dealing with herbs in WotLK. Herbalism is a good money-making profession. As a beginner, make inks for glyphs by grinding herbs to earn gold. Make flasks and alchemy elixirs to use in raiding in the end game. There are a large number of Herbalism gold farming opportunities throughout the WOTLK classic map. You can grind hard to get eternal life which is an expensive item and can be sold at the auction house or saved as it is required by every profession in the game.  




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Mining lets you get raw ores and sell them for gold at the auction house or save it for later use. For high-level players, raw ores are of great use as they can craft end-game gear with them. These ores are also required in leather working, engineering, blacksmithing, and jewel crafting. It is a solid profession for gold farming as the demand for raw ores is always high while the supply is low.


Now that you know all the best gold farming spots and professions in WOTLK, it is time to discuss the second option to meet your gold requirements. You can buy gold and enjoy the game without even doing anything at all. You can get ahead of other players and defeat hard bosses single-handedly with an investment of a few bucks.




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