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Top 6 Overpowered Items in WoW Classic WotLK

By Shirley Huang2022-07-26

Big news! Blizzard has confirmed that Wrath of the Lich King Classic will come on Sep 26. A lot of players are particularly excited, and can't wait to jump into the game.


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Once it launches, TBC players can't continue playing on TBC-era servers as all servers will progress to WotLK. TBC Classic servers also will shut down at that time. There will be some powerful items that players should take advantage of. Today is going to be talking about the top six overpowered items in Wrath of the Lich King.


Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter

Now, this weapon is really far too underrated, based on how little I see people talking about it online. This weapon did far more DPS than any other weapon with equivalent item level, it could very nearly guarantee you getting gladiator in PvP since it was so overpowered and completely broken.


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This weapon is insane, and it receives powerful nerfs. It is a two-handed axe and most importantly it has a chance to steal 2412 to 2664 life from the target enemy with no internal cooldown.


Now the exact proc chance was approximately 15% and another the sane is the lifesteal, scaled with any percent damage increase that affected spell damage, such as avenging Wrath, cursive elements blood presence, and so on, so this could really do a ton of damage and it procs a whole lot. Speaking of procs, it could literally proc off of any weapon attack, even Death Knight disease application. Paladin seal of vengeance tick, even the application of the seal of vengeance, but this was kind of buggy right. If you want these procs, you had to be facing the target and within melee range, for those dots to actually cause the proc. If a Death Knight attacked with a scourge strike, which does physical and shadow damage, it could proc twice from a single ability.


Deathbringer's Will

This trinket goes down in Wrath history as one of the most iconic amazing trinkets. It transforms your character into one of the races of Northrend, granting you increased stats depending on your class for 30 seconds. People prefer to get transformed into taunka. I don't know if people like it, but here's a list of step bonuses on the screen if you want to read through them. For example, if you're a Death Knight, you're going to get 600 strength, 600 haste, and 600 crit rating for 30 seconds insane stats. Of course, it's different for whatever class you're playing on, but absolutely insane amounts of stats.


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I mean it's just completely broken, so it is a very good trinket. This is definitely going to be something that people will go after. If it's good in GDKP, it's going to get an absolutely ridiculous amount of WotLK Classic gold. I mean the item also provides 167 armor penetration, just on equip which is the best stat for physical damage dealing classes in Wrath, so this trinket is going to be in super high demand in Wrath Classic. It is just so powerful, thankfully the item does have a great drop chance at over 20% from the chest that drops after slaying Deathbringer Saurfang in Icecrown Citadel on 25-man normal or heroic.


Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings


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This legendary item is an iconic awe-inspiring symbol in WoW WotLK Classic. When you see a healer wielding this mace, you know those good things are to follow. This weapon is the first legendary healer mace ever added to World of Warcraft minus the one in Tempest Keep, which is called Cosmic Infuser that is not permanent. It's just for the Kel'Thuzad (KT) fight. This weapon not only has really good stats but also has an amazing proc. All healing spells have a chance to shield the target for 15% of the amount healed. This mace is amazing for all healers except disciplined Priests, which mainly use shields for damage mitigation instead of healing. Now in order to obtain this amazing legendary, you need to collect 30 fragments of volunteer, which have a chance to drop from every single boss in Uldar heroic mode and a 100% chance to drop off Yogg-Saron on heroic. Once you have 30 fragments, then you can start this quest chain, which requires you to throw the mace into the mouth of Yogg-Saron during phase 3. If done successfully, you can complete the quest and you're awarded one of the most iconic healing weapons in Wrath and an absolutely amazing healing weapon.


Solace of the Fallen

If you're horde, they have different names it's the same item this ridiculous trinket changes the way you play the game, it literally will change the way you play the game, it grants 168 spell power, but also each time you cast a spell, you gain 18 mp5 stacking up to eight times, 18 times eight is 144 and that is in addition to any other mp5 you might have from the blessing of wisdom or man of spring totem, as a healer you go from watching your mana to only watching your raids.


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Health bars your mana issues are done they are gone and it is definitely needed heroic lich king 25 man is a very long fight and without this trinket, you would have problems now there are a few items on this list that change the way you play the game. because of that this is very high on the list I mean it procs off of any spell by the way so like even if placing your totems as a shaman or astral recalling them or just recalling your totems it's just super easy to keep the 144 mp5 up at all times, and as you can imagine, with an item that this that is this good in PvE, you better bet people are going to bring that over to PvP and it's going to be super broken there, I mean imagine in an arena not being able to run out of mana easily, best in slot for healers if you're running a comp that can survive some serious burst damage, you're going to out live any other team that doesn't have this trinket, it's just so good this drops off of Lord Jaraxxus in the trial of the crusader but the drop chance is pretty low unfortunately all right.


Charred Twilight Scale

These are a series of trinkets that drop from Halion in the ruby sanctum - the final raid in the Wrath of the Lich King. These trinkets remind me of those obscenely powerful trinkets in Sunwell Plateau, like the splinters from the narrow or whatever it's the last raid, so keep in mind that Blizzard has some super mega overpowered trinkets.


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Let's see here we got sharpened twilight scale 184 armor penetration on equip and a chance when you deal damage to gain 1472 attack power for 15 seconds, charred twilight scale increases haste by 184 on equip and damaging spells have a chance to grant 861 spell power for 15 seconds amazing, you've also got the tanking scale and the petrified twilight scale melee attacks, which reduce you below 35% health cause. You gain 18 dodges, and 18 chances to dodge for 10 seconds. That is amazing since some tanking abilities scale off of dodge.


The army of the dead reduces damage taken equal to dodge plus Parry chance, so this prox and a Death Knight will immediately use an army of the dead, and then they will gain 20% damage reduction.


There I spelled it out that's what you got to do if you're a Death Knight tank, then there's also the glowing twilight scale, which gives 215 spell power and an on-use effect that causes your direct healing spells to have your target, heal themselves and all allies within 10 yards for 402 each second for six seconds. It's on a two minute cooldown, a very nice raid, and a healing trinket, so if you like these amazing trinkets, try to get these when the Ruby Sanctum comes out super powerful.




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This beast has insane stats, three red sockets over a hundred armor penetration, over a hundred crit rating, and all attacks, give you a chance to gain 30 strength, stacking up to 10 times 30 times is 300. When reaching 10 stacks, you're also going to deal 2000 shadow damage split between all enemies within 15 yards and also gain 270 additional strength for 10 seconds. Absolutely the best weapon in Wrath, because it will scale with your character, but it is better than any other weapon. To be honest, it's not super easy to get. There's a pretty lengthy quest chain involved.


I'm not going to go through at all to get you started, though you have to be friendly with the ashen verdict and you get to find Light's Vengeance. It's in Dragonblight and the following quest chain once you find it is both epics in terms of lore and difficulty.


If you want to learn more details, you can watch Toyhouze's video.





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