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WoW Classic WotLK Boss Guide - Hardest Bosses and How to Defeat Them

By Danikhan2022-07-08

Wrath of the Lich King Classic will soon arrive later this year. People loved the original Wrath of the Lich King; for some, it is looked upon as the apex of World of Warcraft's history. WotLK Classic wouldn't be much different from the original pack, and minimal changes would be made to preserve the game's standards.


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Back in the day, this expansion had the reputation of being relatively easy. However, it also had some bosses that remained undefeated for the longest time. Blizzard has implemented heroic and hard modes for most of the bosses, and so this has made the game much more challenging. Completing all of the content on the hardest difficulty isn't a piece of cake and raiding all the way through is genuinely a tough grind.


Here MmoGah summarizes the hardest bosses and tells you how to defeat them in Classic Wrath of the Lich King.



Mimiron is a four-phase battle of survival and easily one of the game's most complicated and complex encounters. The sheer complexity of this fight is what earns it a spot on our list. Mimiron is a healing-intensive fight against a giant, robotic gnome who controls a fancy-looking tank that, with each phase, is upgraded and becomes bigger than the last. Even if you don't play on the hard mode, the fight can get confusing due to the minor details and the core mechanics that, if not focused on, can easily catch you vulnerable.


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In the first stage, Mimiron enters the Leviathan MKII. In this stage, random Proximity Mines pop up all over the room, which, if stood on, deal damage, and only two of the mines alone are enough to kill a player. Some mechanics also combine with others, adding to the complexity, such as when the melee has to move out of melee range on shock blast, there is a big chance that they would step on a mine, so it is crucial to move around carefully to avoid this. The Napalm Shell is also shot at a player randomly that deals 8000 damage on impact and an additional 32000 over the next eight seconds. Hence, healing through this is crucial.


In the second stage, an additional component has to be dealt with, the VX-001, which is essentially an anti-personnel assault cannon, which shoots random abilities around the room, and to avoid this, you'll have to run around dodging it. The third stage sports the Aerial Command Unit. In this phase, players would have to deal with their helicopter and robot. The Aerial Command Units shoot Plasma Balls at the player with the highest threat, dealing close to 15,000 damage. Next are the Bomb Bots that acquire random targets and explode, dealing 26,000 AoE damage. The Assault Boys, on the other hand, need to be killed to loot a magnetic core, and that core is used to bring the Aerial Command Unit to the ground so that you can DPS it into the next phase. The last and final form is the V-07-TR-ON. Here, he retains his phase 1 abilities but also has a Laser Barrage that shoots 20,000 damage in a short period in random directions. Also, parts of the tank that are destroyed will repair themselves, so it is essential to destroy each piece in a small interval of time. The attacks are hard to synchronize as everyone's DPS is unpredictable and unique.


Players can activate the hard mode by pressing a big red button at the end of the room. This increases the damage to and health of the boss. With the hard mode, new mechanics come into play. The first addition is the flames that come up around the room; to avoid them; you have to last long enough for the Flame Suppressant to go out, which douses all the flames. In the second stage, you have to dodge the frost bombs, and in the third, the Emergency Fireboats spawn, which need to be killed instantly as they also deal a considerable amount of damage.


If you are stuck at beating Mimiron and are unable to continue, remember you always have the option to top up your WoW Classic WotLK gold and buy yourself some of that top-of-the-shelf weapons and armor.


Professor Putricide

In number four, we have 25-man Professor Putricide on heroic difficulty. This fight makes our list as it requires immense focus and awareness. This is because in this fight, everyone is taking in damage in one way or another, and one needs to be mindful of his surroundings to ensure that he doesn't overtax his healers.


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This fight requires three tanks, one of which takes control of a mutated abomination. During the encounter, slime pools spawn randomly, and it is his job to eat up the Oozes that fall on the floor. It is essential; otherwise, the room would be filled with Slime Pools with very little space to move around. This is something you don't want, as in this encounter, you would need a lot of room to survive through. In addition, if the Gas Clouds get into the melee range of a player, they will explode instantaneously and expunge all of the gas from the target. The slime, Volatile Ooze, will bond to the target, and when it gets into melee range, it will explode, sharing damage of 170,000 between nearby targets. If the oozes aren't dealt with fast enough, the healers won't be able to cope with the immense AoE damage.


In phase two, Professor drops Choking Gas Bombs randomly, which, after 20 seconds, kills all players within 10 yards. This restricts where a player can move in the boss' room. Furthermore, he casts malleable goo that bounces off a target dealing 15,000 damage and slows the attack and cast speed of the target by 200% for 15 seconds. In the last phase, the Abomination disappears, and you now have to avoid slime pools. The boss can heal himself in the last phase, which is why this phase should be as short as possible, around 90 to 120 seconds.


In heroic mode, the boss infects a random player with the Unbound Plague that inflicts damage every second. To avoid this damage, you will need to pass on this disease to another player. Be careful here, as if you pass it onto someone who already has the plague, they will die, and so, this is where coordination and focus are required. Dealing with the ads also becomes difficult in each phase. The Professor spawns both kinds of oozes, so you can't focus all your DPS on one or the other.


Defeating this boss requires high levels of damage absorption, which is only if your squad consists of decent tanks. To learn more on that, you can check out our guide on the best tanks in WotLK Classic, as it gives you an idea of which characters to prioritize within your squad.


Lich King

This encounter is one of the longest in the game, which pushes every player to their absolute limits.


The Lich has a whopping 100 million health, and the battle of survival is not only lengthy but complicated too. It, too, has many mechanics that need to be understood well. One of the mechanics is the Necrotic Plague. It affects a target dealing 50,000 damage every five seconds. If the target dies of this, the plague will jump onto a nearby unit, increasing Lich King's power. Hence, you will need a class that can remove diseases. Another mechanic, Infest, when it comes into play, deals 7,000 damage and, with each passing second, deals increasing Shadow damage. It's removed when the player's health is over 90%. Lots of AoE healing is used. Otherwise, the damage stacks up and eventually wipes the whole raid out.


In heroic mode, void zones spawn randomly that knock you out of the platform if you don't move out of them fast enough. In the tanking phase, the Lich King stands in the middle of the platform and deals AoE frost damage to everyone in a range of 45 yards. Players, to dodge this, need to move at the end of the platform, and when this phase ends, the platform breaks, so you should be vigilant here as if you don't move fast enough, you will drop. In the third phase, the entire raid is sucked into the Frostmourne, where players must dodge shadow bombs. These are enough to kill a player. At the same time, the Spirit Warden must be destroyed within 60 seconds, or the whole raid dies. In the Frostmourne, if any player dies, Lich King is buffed, which leads to a possibility of a raid wipe.


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If the Lich King is becoming too much for you or your squad, causing all of you to rage, then there is a chance your character level isn't high enough for you to dethrone the king. If that is the case, you have two options, you can get back to grinding, or you can simply level up your character through WotLK Classic power leveling. It is a paid service that helps you level up your character with ease.



Yogg-Saron was the ultimate boss of Ulduar and the only raid monster that was more difficult to beat than the Lich King himself. In this fight, you fight Yogg with four keepers of Ulduar. Even with these keepers, the battle was so complex that it took the third-longest time to kill off all the bosses in the game since its' release.


This fight consists of three phases, and each phase has mechanics and abilities that players need to be fully aware of. The game has four achievements for this raid, depending on the number of keepers used. If the attack is made solo, the achievement is named "Alone in the Darkness ."Without keepers, this fight is tricky because Yogg Saron spawns immortal guardians every ten seconds, which deal about 25,000 shadow damage to all targets. They deal less damage the lower their health is. However, they are called immortal here because the keeper, Thorim, can only kill these guardians, so without any keepers, they will need to be tanked for the whole phase.


Moreover, another reason this fight is really hard is the mechanic, Sanity. Players start with 100 buff stacks called Sanity. This is reduced over time due to the spells cast by Yogg-Saron, and upon reaching 0 stacks, you go insane for sixty seconds, and Yogg takes control of you and increases your damage by 100% and health by 300%. However, at the end of the timer, you die instantly and can't be resurrected. The only way Sanity can be regained through a keeper, Freya, who conjures Sanity wells. Players regain Sanity by standing in them. Without keepers, you can't recover your Sanity, and your only option is not to let the fight go on for too long, or your entire raid will fall apart.


These were just some of the hardest bosses you can encounter in the game right now. And as a result, if you wish to beat them, you'll grind your way to incredible loot or take the other approach where you can buy your way to the top. To do that, you might need to get your hand on enough WotLK Classic gold, which you can easily and reliably buy from MmoGah. Regardless of which approach you take, there is no doubt the bosses on this list will push you to your limits. Plus, you can also get your hands on some WoW Classic TBC gold if that is what you want.

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