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RS3 Guide: How to Get Back into RuneScape 3

Today MmoGah is sharing a guide for current and returning players: How to get back into RuneScape 3. This guide aims to bring back some lapsed players who are facing the daunting task of trying to work their way back into the game. In this guide, goals are classified into 3 categories: Skilling, Achievements, and PvM. It's really difficult to come back from a large break as the game changes all the time. It is advised you pick something that you like doing and slowly pick up on what has changed while you were away.






If Skilling is your favorite thing, then you have plenty of ways to go about it. Here are some of the things you could focus on while you train the skills.



Milestone Capes

Milestone Capes are created as a way to fill up the gap between maxing, and they're the most successful piece of content if you are interested in skilling. Milestone capes are unlocked each time all of a member's skill levels reach a multiple of 10, and the design and color of the capes improve as you get closer to 90 in all stats. These are 9 short-term goals to go after if you want a well - rounded account.





Capes of Accomplishment

Most people undoubtedly have at least one 99 by now. If you don’t, the various capes you can unlock will be a nice short-term goal to go after. Many people try to go after interesting capes for their first 99 so they can keepsake the untrimmed cape to show off as they level up their account.


If you don’t want to take the time to read the entire article, please click Youtuber Taki Maki’s video for more information and details on how to get back into RuneScape 3, and all the content of this article is quoted from his video:




Expert capes of Accomplishment

They serve as a nice goal post on your way to Maxing an account. If you’ve got a few 99s under your belt, it might be worth to go after the other 99s that you need to unlock the cape. There are 4 capes to choose from: Artisan's cape, Combatant's cape, Gatherer's cape, and Support cape.



Max Cape

With several expert capes under your belt, you’ll be at the point where you can start setting your sights on maxing. When you are trying to attain all skills to 99 and get the cape, it is advised that you take it slow and do what brings you enjoyment in case you get burnt out when you finish the goal.



Master Capes of Accomplishment

If you’ve got your eyes set on things after max, Master Capes are very nice cosmetic items to go after. If you really enjoy a skill on your way to 99, consider making a 120 in that skill a long-term goal. Many of the 120 capes are easy to get if you AFK, and some of these capes are still considered highly prestigious.



Max Experience

You could go after Max experience if you want, although this is not the biggest accomplishment as it once was. To date, there are 370 people with 5.4 billion XP in RuneScape 3.




Skilling Pets

If that doesn’t interest you, you can always go after Skilling pets which are very nice cosmetic to go after to flaunt your XP in a given skill.






If you enjoy a long grind in unlocking almost everything in the game, you have a few options to go for. The Completionist and Trimmed Completionist capes are gear toward those that have already maxed but want to continue to pursue higher goals. These will take a considerable amount of time investment, so you have to judge if it’s worth it for you personally. Aside from this, you also have the Master Quest cape and regular Quest cape to get in the game.




There are a variety of Minigames inside RuneScape 3 that you could go after if you enjoy achievements. For example, you can do Player owned port or Dominion tower to unlock some PvM related gear.




There are also a variety of Achievements tied to specific zones in the game that can take some effort to completely finish. In no particular order, we have New Varrock, Prifddinas, The Arc, and Menaphos.




Tasks Set

There are 12 item sets inside the task system that you can work toward. Daemonheim, Ardougne, and Seers' Village are regions for benefits, and you can start working toward some of the lower level regions like Lumbridge and Falador to get your feet wet with the content. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Tasks_set



Collection logs

If you really want to get stuck into a piece of content, collection logs will give you hundreds of hours’ worth of things to do. There are 2 main Collection log systems in RuneScape 3 to suit your need:


1. Treasure trail collection log

Treasure trail logs that were introduced recently to track your unique items from all of the tiers of treasure trails. Completing this log will take a great deal of dedication on your part.



2. Boss collection log

The same could be said for Bossing logs. It tracks all the unique Boss drops from each Boss in the game, including their Pet drops.




The final achievement that I want to talk about is the various Titles you can unlock. Some of these Titles are easier to get than others, but there are many that require a ton of dedication to unlock and flaunt. These are a great cosmetic achievement to go after. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Titles






PvM is one of the biggest selling points of the game once you have the levels required to take part in the content. Let’s break down some things that you could go after if you are interested in PvM.




Slayer is one of the newest 120 skills in RuneScape. If you are interested in training Slayer, there is a line of quests you can start completing to unlock access to a variety of Slayer monsters.



Quest Upgrades

There are also a variety of quests that unlock additional abilities, upgrades, and utilities in the game. There are some important quests that you should complete to unlock access to things that will improve your PvM abilities.




Here are some of the Miscellaneous upgrades available outside of quest rewards.



Boss Logs/Pets

Boss collection logs are a massive piece of content to go for if you enjoy PvM. These logs are the nice status symbol to showcase your effort and dedication towards killing a variety of bosses in RuneScape 3. You can receive Boss pets from Boss drops, and these pets showcase your current KC on a given boss.



Speed Kills

If you are really into competitive PvM, the Speed Killing community is the thing for you. There are numerous videos and posts showing the amazing speed at which people are able to kill bosses in RuneScape 3. Here is a document which contains Speed killed records, and you can also submit your own kill times for bosses.




There are various Feats you can complete for bosses in RuneScape 3. Feats are a list of things you can complete from killing a boss, and these typically range from simple things like killing a boss a certain amount of times to specific requirements like killing an Araxxi with bronze weapons and armour. 

These are interesting things to go after if you are already pursuing bossing for another goal that I’ve already discussed. http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Feats_achievements



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