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Path of Exile: Synthesis - Content Update 3.6.0

Path of Exile have just published the full patch notes for PoE: Synthesis! With PoE update 3.6.0, there are Standard, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variations of the Synthesis challenge league available. They have the same core mechanics and items. You can create private league versions of these leagues, with mods that make the game harder.

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The Synthesis Challenge League

• Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy. All of your old characters and items are still present in the Standard and Hardcore leagues, but you're encouraged to join the new leagues, complete challenges and demonstrate your mastery of Path of Exile!

• With 3.6.0, there are Standard, Hardcore and Solo Self-Found variations of the Synthesis challenge league available. They have the same core mechanics and items. You can create private league versions of these leagues, with mods that make the game harder.

• In the Synthesis Challenge League, you will meet Cavas, a lingering spirit who has lost his memories. He needs your help to piece together his past and discover the secrets that have become isolated in his mind.

• Help Cavas by exploring these lost memories and activating the memory stabilisers contained within. But be quick, because memories degrade, and if you linger too long or take the wrong turn you may degrade with them! Successfully stabilising the memory will allow Cavas to store it for use in the Memory Nexus.

• By visiting the Memory Nexus you can use your stored memories to build a path to distant memories. Distant memories contain great challenges and valuable rewards. You may even stumble across Fractured Items, which contain mods that are locked in place and cannot be modified.

• Use Fractured Items in the Synthesiser (found in the Memory Nexus) to craft item base types with powerful new implicit modifiers! Which modifiers you get depend on the mods chosen by the Synthesiser on the items you're sacrificing. What can you create?

• The new challenge leagues include a set of 40 new challenges. When you complete 12 challenges, you will receive the Synthesis Crown and Synthesis Crown Attachment. When you reach 24 challenges, you will receive the Synthesis Pet. At 36 challenge completed you'll receive the Synthesis Wings. These microtransactions are only obtainable in this league.

• From the 19th challenge onwards and for every third challenge after that, you will receive pieces of the Synthesis Totem Pole decoration to display in your hideout. The Totem Pole permanently showcases how many of the Synthesis challenges you completed during the league.



Major New Content and Features

• Added a new Intelligence/Strength Skill Gem - Purifying Flame: A wave of divine fire deals damage in a line, then creates Consecrated Ground and deals damage in an area around the targeted location. A larger shockwave then expands outwards, damaging enemies standing on Consecrated Ground that were not already hit.

• Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem - Soulrend: Release a projectile that moves towards and passes through enemies, dealing chaos damage to enemies it hits and leeching a portion of that damage as Energy Shield. This projectile also applies a short-duration damage over time effect to enemies around its path.

• Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem - Bane: Applies a debuff which deals Chaos damage over time, as well as any linked curses, to enemies in an area. The debuff deals more damage over time and lasts longer for each curse Bane applies.

• Added a new Intelligence/Strength Skill Gem - Wave of Conviction: Sends a rolling wave of energy forward in a widening cone for a duration, dealing physical, fire and lightning damage to enemies it hits, and applying a debuff which lowers enemy resistances to the element of which the most damage was dealt for a longer duration. Casting the skill again while a wave is active will cancel the first wave. You can only ever have one wave.

• Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem - Zealotry: Casts an aura that causes you and your allies to deal more spell damage and grants increased critical strike chance with spells. You and your allies may also create Consecrated Ground when you hit strong enemies.

• Added a new Intelligence/Strength Skill Gem - Divine Ire: Deals physical and lightning damage to nearby enemies and grants stages while channelling, granting additional stages based on nearby enemies you damage. When you stop channelling, unleash a powerful beam of energy in front of you, dealing more damage per stage.

• Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Skill Gem - Malevolence: Casts an aura that grants increased skill duration to you and your allies, and causes you and your allies to deal more damage over time.

• Added a new Intelligence Support Gem - Energy Leech Support: Supported skills leech a portion of the damage they deal on hit back as Energy Shield. Supported skills also deal more damage while you are leeching Energy Shield and while you are on Full Energy Shield.

• Added a new Intelligence Support Gem - Intensify Support: Supported skills have less Area of Effect but deal more Area damage per Intensity. Supported skills gain Intensity when used, and lose Intensity while moving or upon teleporting.

• Added a new Intelligence Support Gem - Unleash Support: Supported spells gain seals over time, and are unsealed when cast, causing their effects to reoccur for each seal lost.

• Added a lot more music to early acts.

• Added 5 new hideouts that can be unlocked through gameplay.

• Added 17 new Unique Items.

• Added 15 new Divination Cards, designed by Supporters.

• Added new item types: Fractured Items and Synthesised Items.

• Path of Exile no longer supports the Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems. It will still support a 32-bit client for users of 32-bit versions of Windows, but PoE strongly encourage users to use the 64-bit client if they can. With no more support for Windows XP and Vista, PoE are also finally retiring support for the DirectX 9 rendering mode, as DirectX 11 is fully supported in recent versions of Windows and is so much faster. By not having to maintain support for two versions of DirectX, PoE are able to simplify a lot of code, making it faster.



Minor New Content and Features

• Zana's model has been updated.

• The unique axe Debeon's Dirge now occasionally plays sounds during combat.

• Added wind physics to a number of skills, including Vaal Blight, Cold Snap, Vaal Cold Snap, and Shock Nova.

• Added some missing Tarkleigh dialogue in Act 6.

• Added enchantments for all the new skills.

• Hitting enemies with holy skills now causes a special holy on-hit effect to display.

• Skills which involve destroying corpses now cause the gibs left by those corpses to disappear after a delay.

• Vaal skills now have their appropriate surge effects.

• Updated the 3D art for the Alternate Art Cloak of Flame.

• Improved performance in a number of boss fights and with a number of player skills.

• Continued to incrementally improve the sound, art, effects and environments.


Character Balance

• Added Energy Shield Leech. This is functionally similar to Life Leech, except it leeches to your Energy Shield and is limited by your maximum Energy Shield Leech Rate. Several passive skill clusters have been added to support this new form of leech.

• Ghost Reaver now causes you to leech Energy Shield instead of Life, and doubles your maximum Energy Shield Leech Rate.

• Added a cap on the amount of any resource you can leech from any individual instance of leech. By default, that cap is 10% of that resource's maximum. In other words, a character with 4000 life will, by default, be able to leech a maximum of 400 life from a single hit.

• Removed the minimum and maximum Critical Strike Chance caps. Previously, characters had a 5% chance to deal a critical strike with attacks and spells, even when the spell specified a lower chance, and could reach a maximum of 95% chance to critically strike. In practice, that cap was ignored by effects which applied to enemies, such as Assassin's Mark. PoE have changed several of these 'external' critical strike sources, and have removed the cap as a result.

• Related to the above change, the Brittle ailment now grants up to +10% chance to critically strike afflicted enemies. This chance is further increased by sources of increased Critical Strike Chance, whereas previously, as the result of a bug, it was not.

• Added a Maximum Resistances Maximum. You can no longer have your Maximum Resistances (and therefore your Resistances) raised above 90% from any source.

• Improved many cases of damage mitigation being applied before an incoming hit was registered, which could cause a character that would otherwise take reduced damage (or no damage at all) to take more damage than expected. In other words, when a monster attacks and you use Immortal Call after attack is used but before it lands, you will now correctly mitigate this damage. This was previously not the case.

• Temporary minions, such as Skeletons and Wolves summoned from The Scourge, now die when the summoning character dies or respawns.

• Consecrated Ground now affects both allies (providing life regeneration) and enemies (causing hits against them to have 100% increased critical strike chance). It is worth noting that effects granted while on Consecrated Ground from sources such as Ascendancies will be granted regardless of whether the Consecrated Ground was created by you/an ally or by an enemy.

• Modifiers which previously affected the Cast Speed and Duration of Curses now instead affect Curse Skills (including the Curses and Bane).



Skill Reworks

Flame Totem/Holy Flame Totem

• Flame Totem has been renamed. It is now Holy Flame Totem.

• Now creates Consecrated Ground at the totem's location. This consecrated ground grants Curse Immunity.

• Now deals Physical Damage, and converts 50% of Physical Damage to Fire Damage.

• Now deals 3 to 5 Physical Damage at gem level 1 (from 1 to 2 Fire Damage), up to 134 to 202 at gem level 20 (from 122 to 183).

• Now costs 11 mana to cast at gem level 1 (from 12) up to 39 mana at gem level 20 (from 42).

• Now has an added damage effectiveness of 30% (from 25%).

• Now fires 2 additional projectiles at all levels (previously gained additional projectiles at gem levels 5 and 9). These projectiles fire in a wider cone than previously.

• Now has 20% more Totem Life.

• Now gains 1% increased Projectile Speed per 1% quality (previously gained 1% increased Totem Life per 1% quality).

• Is now considered 'Channelling', and will be affected by things which modify Channelled skills.

Storm Burst

• No longer fires projectiles.

• Now creates orbs of energy while you channel that repeatedly jump towards the targeted location until their duration expires, dealing damage in small area after each jump. When you stop channelling, all remaining orbs explode, dealing higher damage in a larger area. This explosion deals more damage based on how much duration remains at the point you stop channeling.

• Now has a cast time of 0.25 seconds (from 0.65).

• Mana cost at gem level 1 is now 2 (was 4).

• Mana cost at gem level 20 is now 5 (was 10).

• Now deals Physical Damage, and converts 50% of Physical Damage to Lightning Damage.

• Now requires level 12 (from level 28).

• Now deals 6 to 8 Physical Damage at gem level 1, up to 114 to 174 Physical Damage at gem level 20.

• Now has an added damage effectiveness of 25% (from 40%).

• Now gains additional radius as the gem levels.



Table of Contents

The Synthesis Challenge League

Major New Content and Features

Minor New Content and Features

Character Balance

Skill Reworks

Skill Balance

Vaal Skill Balance

Support Gem Reworks

Support Gem Balance

Passive Tree Balance

Ascendancy Balance

Item Balance

Unique Item Balance

World Changes

Monster Changes

Master Changes

Betrayal Changes

Azurite Mine and Sulphite Changes

Prophecy Changes

Map Changes

Zana League Mods Available During 3.6.0

User Interface Improvements

Quest Rewards

PvP Changes

Bug Fixes

Read more


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