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PoE: Betrayal Guide - The Immortal Syndicate - 2

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This is a guide to the Syndicate Mechanics in Path of Exile's Betrayal League - how the Syndicate Board works, how to manipulate it and how to maximize your rewards from Safe house. Today MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking Top 3 during searching “PoE Currency”, “PoE Items”, “PoE Exalted orb” and “PoE Chaos orb” in Google) will share the second and last part of this Syndicate guide with PoE fans.


Red lines

Let’s go on with the Red Line. The easiest way to get them to be in one of these safe houses is to give them ranks. So anything that will increase their rank will push them up and make them find a location. So if I don't already have a location they're likely to gain one. So Gravicius is here doesn't have anything going on. If we are to execute him, he will gain a rank, the reason for this is because it's an immortal Syndicate. They're be brought back from the dead. For them being executed is like the best possible outcome they hate it, but it gives them a rank up, because of their loyalty they are rewarded with the rank. You'll notice because he doesn't have a current position, if we look at the board is just down here off by himself. It's currently doing nothing. He has some friendships but that's about it. If we execute him he'll gain a rank, but he'll also move to fortification, so he's going to move to one of these places and that seems to be somewhat random. So what we can do is here, take this opportunity to execute him (Gravicius) and give him a rank and then we'll see what rewards he has to offer and this change seems to change each time. It's usually a theme for each person like it's obvious for Rin Yuushu. All of them have stuff to do with sockets, but the rewards do seem to change each time they are kind of have a rank versus other time so you may have encountered them.



Let's go ahead and execute Gravicius here, and here will gain a rank, and then we can see his amassing divination cards. That's a pretty good reward and he's now also kind of in part of fortification as well, so potentially a fortification is getting pretty stacked here. From here on out in terms of my strategy moving forwards for fortification, I'm going to want to try and rank all of these guys up as much as possible but also do need to gain some extra intelligence. So how do we do that? The primary way of gaining intelligence is actually to interrogate someone so that puts them in prison down here. It takes them off the board and out of play for three turns, turns are effectively in encounter so through three encounters. You'll gain intelligence based on their rank, so Elreon being ranked three in the leader of a safe, safe house is going to give me 11 intelligence per ton which is quite a lot, but if I were to interrogate someone like gruff, I'm only going to get like 1 intelligence per ton not much at all.

When you do interrogate them, they'll lose a rank though, so that's like the trade-off there, so typically what I've found to be like a good strategy is to try and get them a couple ranks, see if the reward that you have is what you care about so effectively. If you don't care about someone's reward. Let's find something we don't really care about. Maybe I don't really care about Rin Yuushu. I would be happy to interrogate Rin Yuushu, and just use her rank essentially, and consume her rank just to gain some intelligence, so that's fine. The strategy seems to be like, let's say with a fresh thinking, where we don't have any progress yet, is to get some people in there, gives as many people in there as possible, rank them up as much as possible, so give them like rank two or three, and then start interrogating them. They'll lose their ranks, but you'll start gaining progress bar, and then as you get towards the end. You can start thinking about who you actually want to be there, and who want to be high rank, so you can maximize those rewards when you do raid that particular safe house.

Now, let's just go through my remaining two here. We have Rin Yuushu. Rin Yuushu is chilling here, has rare maps which we don't care so much about that, and we also have Lv on who is rank three of this research center here. Now, taking Elreon out and putting him in prison would remove him, so the leader of this and that would give someone else a chance to take over his position. So since I'm pretty happy with Elreon's reward, I want him to stay there, so I might have to do something that's just going to leave him there. What we can do is we can have him betray someone else here. These situations will be contextual based on who else is around. Typically you can't have them do something that will betray the Syndicate as a whole if there's a witness. You'll have to remove the witnesses first, so these change will change if I do something else, first I don't want to imprison him because he'll lose a rank, even there's a lot of research that intelligence there, I don't want to do that because I don't want to be removed as leader of the headquarters, and I don't want him to be losing a rank. So we're going to leave him there. I could have him betray and give one plus rank to research members minus one rank to fortification members. That's a lot of loss of rank of fortification members and I don't really need the ranks and research because I have many people there. That's a pretty bad option. We can actually change that then by going to Rin Yuushu first. Rin Yuushu's options are to imprison her or have her betray Elreon. She'll gain three ranks, so she'll instantly become max ranks but she will lose all ranks and them from then on Rin Yuushu and Elreon will be rivals. They'll gain a red line like that. That's pretty bad considering Rin Yuushu got red maps. I don't really want that to happen. We don't want our Elreon lose all of his ranks because I'm very happy with him. We're going to just interrogate her. That's our best option here. It might be another option where maybe just executing Rin just to remove her, so that we could then make a better deal with Elreon. But getting rid off Rin will change our options with Elreon, so I'm just going to go ahead.



She's now in prison and she's gone, not a witness. Elreon will be able to make a different deal with us. The bargain here now is, and this is unfortunate, remove Elreon from the model syndicate. The bargain is now we can convince him to lead. This is a little unlucky because we got a particularly awkward situation here. In this case, the best thing for me to do is probably just to take the huge amount of intelligence that I can get from him, really does cycle, very unlucky. Maybe just executing Elreon is my first choice, so that he didn't change. We've been the safest play. If I went all three there, I probably would have had option over here to execute Elreon. It would have had no impact because he's already max rank, but it would have kept him safe and secure in his position. He would have gone back to just being leader of this particular safe house. Unfortunately though we'll take the best option available to us which is just to interrogate him. Hillock has moved up into his location, and Elreon is now giving us 11 intelligence per ton which is quite a bit of intelligence. That's going to mostly fill library search probably almost fully fill it up. What I'm going to be prioritizing from here on out is trying to put some people in research and getting them ranked up.

The other way that you can get people to move around on the board is usually through making bargains with people. Sometimes betrayal will do it as well but mostly making bargains. So if you get someone by yourself, usually you'll get an option to make a bargain and they might say I'm going to swap places with someone or I'm going to convince someone to be my friend and move them over to me, like I might have a bargain with Jorgin. I'll make friend with Aisling, and she'll come join me in transportation. That can be g good way to get them there.



Veiled Items

The other thing to know is that the Syndicate member will opt and drop Veiled items. You might already familiar with this but effectively when you do is talk to Jun whenever you have some of these and take them over in there. Click on Vail and you get three options, selecting one of these options will add it to the item but also unlock it for crafting. If you already have it unlocked for crafting, it'll gain experience towards a level where it'll get stronger, so I can push this up towards level 4 and this life manner model will become more powerful. I'll take the Dodge and get a little bit experience for it. This experience seems to be based on kind of like the level of the zone for this. This is a little bit of low level zone. I didn't get much experience there.


Here's one of the interesting little thing that I've noticed is that these guys(Guff "Tiny" Grenn、Aisling) who don't currently have anything going on well sometimes appear randomly. I think that is a mechanic to make sure that they get some chance to be seen, because otherwise they're not going to appear anywhere .In this case, I did a trench I've found a transportation wagon led by Jorgin, and Jorgin's direct friends with Guff. I believe that's just because he doesn't have anything going on right now, so give him a chance to be interacted with, so that you can start doing stuff with him. Then he just randomly happened to appear here and that will happen sometimes but others I mentioned the thing that will make them appear at these particular events is if they have a friendship connection with someone they're more likely to appear alongside of them.



Fortification Intelligence

I mentioned that one of the ways of gain intelligence while the main way of gaining intelligence was actually imprisoning them, but sometimes you can make bargains and often they'll make bargains to give you intelligence for other people. For example, your gun might make a bargain to give you some intelligence about fortification and that'll sometimes happens if they're a guest as well. If something is almost full and you don't really want to do anything. That's going to influence their ranks like they're all perfect. Then you might be able to get at last a little bit of intelligence that you need by making a bargain with someone else, but that's pretty random. So sometimes you might instead have to sacrifice someone's rank lessening your awards a little bit to get that final little push of intelligence, just kind of a little bit of a strategy thing you have to make play around with.

Let's have a look what we have here. You are going to Guff. I probably want the chance for your Guff to be added to transportation, because I only have one person here so far, so executing him will give him a rank and add him to transportation since this was a transportation encounter. I can imprison him for very little intelligence not really worth doing the other option is Jorgin imprisoned for a bit more intelligence or just rank him up here. Probably what I want to do is get a few people here (Jorgin、Janus、Vagan、Guff、Aisling),and giving these people jobs, putting them in good locations is better than them just sitting on the board doing nothing. So we want to take our opportunity here to execute Guff, and he's now added to fortification. You can see he's gained an item. He gets poison on hit now, and he's wagering on item worth which is potentially a pretty good one. I think that might be the crafting one. The Jorgin's deal will change now, because he doesn't have a witness he can be bait to do a bargain. You're getting very to become trusted so they become friends, and you'll gain some fortification terms.

This is the example of what I was talking about we can gain a little bit of fortification intelligence here. We don't want in to lose a rank, so this is actually a pretty good bargain for us. We're getting a little bit of free intelligence over here, and it will create a new relationship that could work to our advantage in the future. It's a shame about Elreon, but we'll recover from that. It's fine. What we're encounter here is that if you've got a reward that you like, then you want to preserve that. In this case, he's only Haku's rank 1.He's got stealing strong box scarabs seems very good adding extra strong box to maps could be very nice. Imprisoning him here although give me some intervention intelligence would make him lose that rank and he'll lose that reward. Next time he gains a reward it could be something different. That's at least been the way that it's worked for me. In this case, I probably don't really want to be doing this, because I want him to stay there, and I don't want you to lose that rank. I wanted to become a plebeian over here. Probably at least rank him up once more.


Research Intelligence

If we do choose to interrogate him later, he will at least still be rank 1 and you'll maintain that reward. And then we can build him up again later on. Haku and Hillock become trusted for research intelligence. We'll do that building your relationship again a little bit of free research intelligence. You'll notice that now I've done a few encounters the people that I imprisoned that on getting gaining intelligence from all of their turns have expired I've gained all the intelligence from it and then now left the prison. Elreon was ranked 3 and is the leader of research. He remained in research, but he's now ranked 2. He's now the underling of Hillock, and I love that. Hillock is the lead of research which is just hilarious.

I'll maybe have another opportunity to still rank up Elreon and do research and still have him be ranked 3 and appear in the research. So I'll still be able to get his reward. I think the leaders that reward the actual person in there has the extra bonus blood to it. It might not be as good as it was. Unfortunately he's going to get a glass blowing stuff up, like Hillock whatever. What we might do it though, next time we encounter Hillock, I might be able to interrogate him removing him from there gaining a bunch more information but then giving someone else a chance to move back up in there possibly Elreon. I do believe that it was based on who was just underneath them would take that position and we saw that happened with Hillock. But sometimes it also seems to have been a little random someone exactly sure the direct mechanics as to who will take over from someone when they are removed.


Safe House

The other thing to know is that when you actually run the safe house you'll notice we have a safe house run here available now. When you actually run the safe house, all the people in there will have all their ranks stripped from them after you complete it, and they'll all be removed from it. They'll all become problems down here, and some new person will move in and take over and you'll build it up again, and the cycle continues. In this case here, I have an option to run the safe house for fortification, but don't necessarily need to so it straight away. I'm not sure what happens if you leave this for a while someone has said that you might lose some progress on it might go down to like 80% or something. I'm not 100% sure I can't verify. If that happens that's not a big deal because we can either just take a little bit of intelligence from here and get pretty bad rewards because these guys are all only rank 1. The real ones won't be that good. So I might leave this and gain a few more ranks on these people next time I encounter them and then run the safe house once I'm able to again. You'll have an option there if you want to delay it and try and improve the rewards or just run it straight away and build up more information towards the actual headquarters the option the choice is yours there effectively.


There's overall a really interesting system. Hopefully that gave you guys some insights into how it works and how some of the specific mechanics word and some of the things you can do. And what each person's rewards are available. I hope you guys enjoy and I hope you guys found this helpful.



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