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Path of Exile 3.5 Builds: 5 New PoE Betrayal Builds

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We are now about a few weeks into Path of Exile: Betrayal and build guides featuring the new or changed skills have started to pop up. Today, MmoGah (a Golden Brand seller in the game market, ranking Top 3 during searching “PoE Currency”, “PoE Items”, “PoE Exalted orb” and “PoE Chaos orb” in Google) will share five of such builds for you to check out and to get inspired by.


1.Winter Orb Elementalist

No. 1 on the list is a build of Winter Orb Elementalist. Winter Orb is one of the new skills added with the Betrayal expansion and it has been received very well by the community so far. Winter Orb is a channeling skill and it draws big parallels between itself and blade vortex.

The main difference is that Winter Orb is considered a channeling skill and instead of having knife circling around the character dealing physical damage. Winter Orb instantly shoots frost projectiles towards nearby enemies besides that both skills share the similarities of being a spell which scales of AoE (Area of effect) and they both benefit from having increased duration modifiers not to mentions can speed.

Both skills can reach 10 charges or stages and the high of the better. For Winter Orb this translates higher frequency of projectile shut and added base duration for the skill. Gases build utilize the acrobatics keystones for defense and the Elementalist ascendancy leading into mastermind of discord in beacon of ruin to not only apply a ton of damage but also to reduce the mana reserve of the herald abilities and to increase the damage effectiveness of shock.

Amongst others the belt features items such as the winds of change gloves anti Dying Sun flask primarily due to the way that they interact with the projectiles.



2.Winter Orb Cwc Ice Spear

No. 2 on the list is a build of Winter Orb Cwc (Cast while Channelling Support) Ice Spear. It is another Elementalist also using Winter Orb but this version incorporates the cast mount channeling gem and Ice Spear. So unlike gases setup which alone relies on Winter Orbs deal the damage, this setup also use Ice Spear. The way it works is to pair winter or pretty cast while channeling support Jim and add-in Ice Spear. This makes it so that any time you start casting Winter Orb due to it being a channeling skill, it will activate the cast while channeling support Jim which then prongs Ice Spear automating the process for you.

Both Winter Orb and Ice Spear are considered projectile cold aligned spells enters the scale very similarly meaning that for the remaining support gems you can add to the setup. It is very likely you'll be able to scale both skills very effectively. This setup makes use of mind over matter for defense and features items, such as the law wave body armor, gases, and a dying sun flask for the extra projectiles.

My experience with this skill has thus far been absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend that you consider trying this build out or at least trying out Winter Orb. However it is important that before you do so if you are new to the game that you make sure to try and understand the duration projectile in cast speed mechanics and how they interact with Winter Orb.

As it is a skill that requires a bit of maintenance and fiddling around with to make it feel good at least in the beginning or early on the game. It is also the type of skill that greatly benefits from at least having a tabular laying around us each support gem has major impact on the performance of the skill unlike some other skills that does perfectly fine on a 5 link early on.


3. Storm Brand Elementalist

No.3 build features the new Storm Brand skill play the SD Elementalists. Yes, Elementalists are very popular these days which in do part can be explained by the fact that this ascendancy in general provide great league start utility unlike some of the other ascendancy sent benefit from our less restrictive budget so to speak. This particular Elementalist uses the new Storm Brand skill together with the utility skill brand recall.

With some brands you can by default cast three brands. Each of these brands can attach to one enemy. While attached, these Storm Brands will periodically activate and fire at nearby enemies and those around them. When the brand is attached to dice the enemy, the brand will detach and if there are other enemies nearby it will attach to one of those continuing to exert its effect on that target. To bring the brands with you, the brand recall scale is used. By using this, your currently active brands will get called to your destination allowing them to attach to enemies in this area.

If you have played the Summoners in the past, think of it as a slightly different convocation skill. The build spelled use both mind over matter and both acrobatic nodes for defense and picks broom binder to increase the default maximum amount of one brands attached to enemies to two instead for very significant damage boost. As far, notable gear using by Kraiwen is the newly buffed Carcass Jack for a massive increase to area of effects and damage.


Trickster ascendancy class


4. Armageddon Brand Trickster

NO.4 on the list is a build of Armageddon Brand Trickster. We don't need to go over how the brand skills work again, but you should know the thing that separates Armageddon Brand to Storm Brand is that while Armageddon Brand is attached instead of firing beams towards enemies, it instead calls down meteors from the sky.

Another slight difference is of course also that while Storm Brand deals lining damage Armageddon Brand you guessed it deals fire damage. This build focuses on creating big ignites and thus burning enemies to death. This is possible by having a high change to ignite in pairing Armageddon Brand with the ignite proliferation support gem which well basically proliferates ignites on through nearby enemies and thus making them burn to.

Pet with the Tricks their ascendancy, this allows for some significant damage over time bonuses not to mention many modifiers which goes to support mind over matter that this belt also utilize for defense. The belt even incorporates minion nodes but not for the reason you may think at first. With spiritual aid and spiritual command picked up, any of the skill nodes that Queen's minion damage end or its cast speed also applies to your character. This means that the minion clusters picked up here now goes buff your Armageddon Brand damage and provide you with some attack speed for your movement skill ability which in this case is shield charge.

Of notable items, it's worth mentioning that the build makes use of the Balefire unique Opal Sceptre which implicitly grants at level 25 scorching rate. This is then pant with the spell totem support gem and a couple of damage modifiers to provide some powerful squatting rate saloons which further goes to help with single target damage both directly but also indirectly by lowering enemy's fire resistances. This is definitely and interesting take on armor again and brand, also due to the fact that we very rarely see proper ignite builds anymore.


Tectonic Slam


5. Tectonic Slam Juggernaut

The fifth and final build on the list is a Tectonic Slam Juggernaut. Alongside a bunch of other skills Tectonic Slam also received some pretty significant buffs in this patch. Instead of consuming an endurance charge per tank as it did pre-patch, Tectonic Slam now has a 35% chance to consume an endurance charge and in doing so it will fuel a charge to slim which then deals 60% more damage and supposed to before weighed only dealt 18% more damage. Tectonic Slam by itself converts 60% of physical damage and works by unleashing fissures on the ground dealing damage to enemies in front of your character. When an endurance charge is consumed a charged flame and is unleashed trading fishes which covers a much larger area and dealing 60% more damage, it is supposed to the regular attacks.

This build is played as the Juggernaut for easy endurance charge generation to fuel the cost of Tectonic Slam and to greatly improve defensive capabilities while also granting big bonuses to the area of effect and damage. The build also incorporates the newly buff, the wrestles defiance armor for that heavy buff to onslaught, and for weapons the belt uses two racers of the seventh son swords. The swords also receive their buff in 3.5 and together with tectonics implicit firing conversion the belt ends up being able to convert 100% of the damage dealt into fire damage while also benefiting from the burn life recovery and melee physical damage bonuses that the swords also provide.

Those were the 5 belts I wanted to present today.



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