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7 Things to Do in Lost Ark Before Glaivier and Destroyer Launch

Michel Z April 18th, 2022 Lost Ark    Lost Ark Gold    Lost Ark Gold Help   

Lost Ark is getting two new classes: Glaivier (April 21, 2022) and Destroyer (May 2022). With the release of the new classes, players will get one Powerpass for free by playing the game. After you get 960 Feiton Powerpass and use it on a new character, you will still need to reach Tier 3 from that point. In this guide, Society Of Gaming will list six things you need to do beforehand so that you have enough Lost Ark gold and honing materials after the release of new classes.

1. Finish Stronghold Research

Your Stronghold will be the first place where you need to visit to prepare for a list of new classes. You will want to finish two Researches in the Lab section of your Stronghold Management: Increase Tier 3 Honing Success Rate and Reduce Required XP for Tier 2 Honing. These two Researches will be very helpful for you. Even if you don't get new classes, they will still help you a lot in your advancement in the game. 


2. Get Lost Ark Gold

Make sure you get some Lost Ark Gold before the release of new classes: After Glaivier (aka. Lance Master) and Destroyer come, you will want to enjoy their gameplay and upgrade them to Tier 3. But during that time, you don't want to worry about Gold. 


To make some gold in Lost Ark, you can do Daily and Weekly Una's Tasks and exchange Una's Tokens for Gold. If you have some things in your inventory that can be sold for Gold, you can also sell them in the Market.


3. Have Tier 2 Honing Materials

This is a thing you can do on all of your characters. Visit the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange vendor and use your Sylmael Bloodstones to buy honing Materials. Doing this allows you to get some Tier 2 materials that you will need for your new characters. These materials are tradable, so you can put them in your account warehouse.


4. Run Additional Chaos Dungeon for More Tier 2 Materials

After your two normal Chaos Dungeon runs, move forward with additional runs. From the dungeon, you can get Contempt Crystals and Guardian Shards, with which you can buy more Tier 2 honing materials at the Chaos Dungeon Shard Exchange vendor.


5. Buy Upgrade Materials from Travelling Merchant Ship 

The Travelling Merchant Ship offers upgrade materials of Tier 1, 2, and 3, and you can buy the materials with your Pirate Coins. You can also do this on your Alts and put all the materials in your account warehouse. 


6. Check What Can Be Put in Your Account Warehouse

Open your account warehouse and check what you can put in your warehouse and use on the new characters later.


7. Buy Caldarr Fusion Materials Beforehand

Caldarr Fusion Material is used to hone your Tier 2 armor and weapons, and you will need about 150 of this material. Caldarr Fusion Materials can be crafted in the game, but the easier way to get them is by purchasing from the Market. Buying Caldarr Fusion Materials beforehand when they are cheap is a good idea because they will be very expensive after the new classes launch. For players who don't play the new classes, this is a good method to make a profit when the new classes are released.


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