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Lost Ark Battle Pass: Release Date and Everything We Know About It

By Michel Z2022-04-15

One of the biggest trends in gaming is the addition of Battle Passes and seasons. As a popular free-to-play MMORPG, Lost Ark also has a Battle Pass in its Korean version – Ark Pass. Is Ark Pass coming to the Western version of Lost Ark? When will it come? You can find the answers on MmoGah, a place to buy cheap Lost Ark gold online.

Update: As part of the update of April 21, 2022, Lost Ark's rumoured Battle Pass, is now official and already available. Read this article for more details about the new feature.


Lost Ark Battle Pass Release Date

There is no official announcement about if Lost Ark NA/EU players will have a Battle Pass, but it appears Lost Ark NA/EU might get a Battle Pass in the future, as the Ark Pass has been spotted by eagle-eyed fans in the latest official video.

Lost Ark Battle Pass Release Date and Everything We Know About It Ark Pass icon in an official video

There is an "Ark Pass" icon on the top-right corner of the screen


Since many features in the Korean version eventually make their way to the Western version, fans assume that the developers are planning to introduce the feature to the Western version of the game.


What Is Ark Pass of Lost Ark?

The Ark Pass is a Battle Pass-style add-on that's been available in the Korean and Russian versions of the game. The Ark Pass comes in two tiers: a free path that gives you materials, and a paid path that gives you double materials and an additional pet or mount. As noted by players on Reddit, the paid tier costs the equivalent of $20, and you can upgrade to a $50 super-premium tier that includes additional cosmetics.


The passes last three months, and they are progressed through daily missions. You can find more details about the Korean version of Ark Pass in Sywo's video. Please remember that any of the details may be subject to change if Ark Pass comes to the Western version of the game. But for now, this video should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.


The Leaked Lost Ark Battle Pass and How It Works


That is everything we know about the Battle Pass of Lost Ark so far. Don't forget to check out MmoGah's Lost Ark news page for more helpful content in the future.


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