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How to Get Honing Materials in Lost Ark

Michel Z April 14th, 2022 Lost Ark    Lost Ark Gold    Lost Ark Gold Help   

Honing materials are essential for upgrading item level in Lost Ark. If you are grinding upgrade materials, especially the Harmony Shards, or if you want to get gold in Lost Ark by trading materials, you are in the right place. In this guide, Hi_Im_Fox is giving you a list of all possible methods for farming honing materials in Lost Ark.



1. Daily Easy Material Resources

•    2 × Chaos Dungeon

•    2 × Guardian Raid

•    3 × Una's Task


To obtain materials every day, you can run the Chaos Dungeon twice, run the Guardian Raid twice, and do three Una's Tasks on all of your characters.


2. Tier 1 Islands and Random Quests

There are a lot of islands giving you materials that you can use to upgrade your item level. Meanwhile, there are random quests that you don't want to miss out on because some random yellow or purple quests grant you materials. 


3. Endless Chaos Dungeons

You can enter Chaos Dungeons more times after doing your two daily grinds. With the shards you obtained from the dungeon, you will get additional gear honing materials via the Exchange Chaos Dungeon Shard vendor, who is next to the Chaos Dungeon entry. 


4. Pirate Coins Exchange

You can exchange your Pirate Coins for honing materials, including Harmony Shards, via the Traveling Merchant Ship at the port of every big city. However, since the Pirate Coins are a kind of important currency for players in Lost Ark, it is up to you to decide whether to use them for materials or not. But if you are grinding item level, this is one of the methods you should use.


5. Mari's Secret Shop

Mari's Secret Shop is an efficient way to get honing materials: You can convert your Gold into Blue Crystals via the Currency Exchange and then use the Blue Crystals to buy honing materials in Mari's Secret Shop. 


6. Abyssal Dungeon

Abyssal Dungeons drop many rewards that are important to your character progression. Don't forget to take the chest that you can open with 30 gold or less at the end of the dungeon, for the chest will contain honing materials, along with many other different things. Moreover, you can also dismantle the gear you get from the dungeon for additional materials that can be used to hone your gear.


7. Welcome Challenge

A resource you might be ignoring right now is the Welcome Challenge. This system gives you a massive amount of valuable things, such as upgrade materials and Gold. Besides the rewards, the Welcome Challenge is also a general guideline on where to go in Arkesia.


8. Guild Vendor

Joining a Guild and having Guild currency is also important because every Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange vendor in each major city has upgrade materials. With the Sylmael Bloodstones you earned by helping your Guild, you can buy honing materials. Make sure to check out every tab because you can also purchase or gamble Cube or Boss Rush tickets.


9. Chaos Gate

Nearly every day, there will be a Chaos Gate rewarding Rift Pieces (aka. Rift Shards). With Rift Pieces, you can buy Secret Maps – a mini-dungeon that grants you upgrade materials and even sellable Harmony Shard packs. 


10. World Bosses

Some of the most notable drops from World Bosses are gear, cards, Secret Maps, Runes, Souls, Engraving books, honing material, and gems. One thing to note: make sure you have reached the item level required to do the World Boss that you want to defeat. The reason is that when you don't meet the ilvl requirement, you can neither deal any damage to the boss nor get any rewards when it's defeated.


11. Hard-Mode Story Dungeon

This is a method that most people forget about. Before you enter a dungeon, you can choose the dungeon's difficulty, and the hard mode would grant you some chests containing valuable honing materials, including Harmony Shards. This is a nice way of getting extra materials on every character, and you can do this with any dungeon in the storylines, such as Yorn and Rohendel. 


12. Tower

The Tower is a solo instance where you go up floor by floor, defeating monsters. Doing Tower nets you many rewards, but the first character you do the Tower on won't get the honing materials or shards. Instead, your second character who completes the Tower will get upgrade materials bound to the character when obtained. Therefore, to get upgrade materials for your main character, you will want to complete your first Tower on an alternate character. Then, use your main character to do the Tower again for honing materials.


13. Auction House/Market Board

You can buy materials with your Lost Ark gold via the Auction House or Market Board, and this is a quick and easy way to get materials, as long as you have a lot of Gold. When you need some Gold, don't forget MmoGah, an experienced seller offering MMO currency. With the seller's help, you'll be swimming in Gold in no time.


Those are all the ways you can get gear upgrade materials in Lost Ark. If you found this video helpful, be sure to subscribe to Hi_Im_Fox's channel or join his Twitch stream. To learn more about the game, you can also bookmark MmoGah's Lost Ark news page.


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