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Final Fantasy XIV New PvP Crystalline Conflict Beginner Guide

By Nightmare2022-04-20

Crystalline Conflict is a new PvP mode added in patch 6.1 in Final Fantasy XIV, a 5v5, 5 minutes fight. This article will explain some basic rules, abilities, tips, and how to win.


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Crystalline Conflict


Now for the Crystalline Conflict, if you haven't unlocked it yet, you can read the following link to unlock Crystalline Conflict.


After unlocking the new PvP mode, you should do the pre-works below before queuing for the fight.


Set PvP Abilities

You need to reset all of your abilities for the new PvP mode. Open your main menu, go down to PvP Profile, job actions, and place all the PvP abilities on your Hotbar. There are fewer abilities in PvP than in PvE content.


PvP Abilities


How to Adjust HUD Layout for PvP

To adjust your HUD Layout for PvP, such as moving your party list or making it bigger, you need to go to your HUD Layout and then click Duty in the window that pops up, and this will allow you to change the UI around or adjust the size.


PvP HUD Layout


How to Make Portrait Show Up in PvP

To get your Portrait to show up in PvP matches, go to your Portraits menu, right-click, and choose Use as Instant Portrait.


Portrait in PvP


PvP Abilities and How to Use Them

Standard-issue Elixir

There are five PvP abilities that all jobs share. The Standard-issue Elixir will fully heal your HP and MP, but it takes four and a half seconds to cast, and you will be interrupted if you take any damage, so make sure to find cover before trying to use it.



Recuperate is a healing ability. It's on a one-second cooldown, and it heals for 15,000 HP, it's the only thing you use MP for, and it costs 2500 MP to cast. You get back 500 MP every three seconds, so it takes 15 seconds to recharge this.



Purify removes debuffs and gives immunity to debuffs for five seconds after removing one.



Guard reduces damage taken by 90 percent and grant immunity to debuffs, but you get a 50 percent movement debuff on yourself.



The last one is Sprint, and this is a different sprint than the one you are used to, so make sure you move this one from the menu rather than using the one from your normal action menu. This Sprint is a toggle effect, and you can have it on at all times. It only falls off after you use another ability.


You can practice on a dummy at the end of the pier, and once you are comfortable with your new actions, you can queue up for Crystalline Conflict. When queueing for it, you can do either casual or rank, don't be afraid of ranking because there are additional prizes from it.


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How To Win in Crystalline Conflict

The objective here is to push the crystal into the other team's base, like a reverse tug of war. You only need to stand in the circle around the crystal to get it to move on its own. More people standing there will not make it move faster. Having one person from the opposite team standing in the circle with you will stop it from moving, so make sure you are fighting over to move the crystal forward. You are not there to 1v1 off in the distance, so don't tunnel vision and chase someone halfway across the map.


You can see who has their LB (Limit Break) ready by the small gauge under the job symbol on the party list, it's the yellow bar, and in PvP, everyone has their LBs, not like in dungeons. LBs are very important in PvPs because they can and will sway the entire match.


PvP Limit Break


Trying to click opponents while everyone is running around can be pretty hard when in battle, so you can use the enemy party list to target players.


You can put quick chat phrases on your Hotbar to coordinate with your team because you have no time to type while in PvP.


Using the LB and quick-chat can make a huge difference in a match.


That's all the basic things you need to know for Crystalline Conflict. Thank you for reading, and have fun with the new PvP content.


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