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Comparing All Tanks in Final Fantasy XIV - Job Picking Guide

By Nightmare2022-03-18

If you are a beginner for Final Fantasy XIV or someone that wants to experiment by trying a tank role, you might be wondering which tank you should play. This article will compare the options and help you to pick.


There are four types of tanks in Final Fantasy XIV: Warrior, Dark Knight, Gunbreaker, and Paladin.


FFXIV Tank Job - Warrior

Warrior's base class is Marauder and uses a Two-handed Axe. According to an online vote, it's the most played tank in Final Fantasy XIV.



In battles, Warrior uses basic combo abilities to gain Beast Gauge. The Beast Gauge displays a warrior's current amount of wrath, which can spend on two heavy-hitting skills. One is a single target skill called Fell Cleave (Acquired at Lv. 54), and the other is an AOE (Area of Effect) skill called Decimate (Acquired at Lv. 60). FFXIV buy Power leveling is your best choice if you want to reach the max level quickly, and don't forget to practice the rotations later.


Warrior is a relatively quiet job because there are not many buttons to press. Its rotation is easy to master compared to other tanks.


Warrior also has self-healing abilities, which gives the Warrior a reactive playstyle. In dungeons, their abilities to heal can reduce the healer's burden.


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Learn more about the job Warrior.




FFXIV Tank Job - Dark Knight

Dark Knight uses a Two-handed Greatsword as a weapon. The job is introduced in Heavensward, and it's the least played tank in FFXIV.


Dark Knight has a Blood Gauge which works the same way as Warrior's Beast Gauge. It also uses MP for two abilities called Flood and Edge of Shadow, which apply a damage buff called Dark Sight that must maintain at all times.


Dark Knight deals more damage than other tanks, the job can be busy due to the extra cooldowns, but it becomes easy to execute after you get used to it.


As for defense, Dark Knight is a bit weaker than other tanks and lacks self-healing skills. The job feels bad to level up, but it is a fantastic off-tank for max-level trials and raids. If you want to play the job, but don't want to go through all the leveling, then MmoGah can meet your needs by providing cheap FFXIV Job Boost to the max level.


Unlock Dark Knight and learn more about the job.


Dark Knight


FFXIV Tank Job – Gunbreaker

Gunbreaker uses a Two-handed Gunblade. The job is introduced in Shadowbringers, and it's very popular in endgame content. It also deals good damage but is only inferior to Dark Knight.




As for defense, Gunbreaker has an extremely strong kit and also has self-healing abilities. Gunbreaker has to look ahead and plan out the fight to get the most of its abilities more than any other tank job.


This job is recommended for more experienced players or those looking for a real challenge. Playing it requires a lot more practice than other tanks, and you will also be pressing twice the buttons of other tanks for basically the same amount of damage.


Unlock Gunbreaker and learn more about the job.




FFXIV Tank Job – Paladin

Paladin's base class is Gladiator and uses a Sword and a Shield. Many people consider it a classic tank.


Paladins can tank bosses and heal themselves easily in low-level dungeons and trials even after both healers die, making it a good job for duty roulettes.


As for difficulty, Paladin is in the middle of all tanks, which is not as hard as Gunbreaker and not as easy as Warrior.


Learn more about the job Paladin.




That's all about each of the tanks, and if you like the playstyle of one of them in particular, you shouldn't hesitate to give it a try.


Thank you for reading, and enjoy playing Final Fantasy XIV.


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